Who Is the Church?

a lot of times I'm speaking to people

and we're talking through who we are as

God's people and they'll ask the

question well what's the church and I

often ask what instead of who which I

think is really interesting because I

think the definition the church should

be defined by the biblical definition

which is it's a people when when Peter

gives definition to the church he says

you're the you're the you're the people

of God you're a holy nation a royal

priesthood and so I've tried to make it

simple and say we are the regenerate

people of God saved by the power of God

for the purposes of God in this world

now that can be expanded in a lot of

ways but I think one of the

misunderstandings often about church is

that we take the word church which is

ekklesia which means gathered or

gathering and we say well the church is

gotta then therefore be a gathering and

we equate an event to the church but the

Scriptures talk about ekklesia as the

gathered ones the ones gathered to Jesus

Christ so the ones who built their whole

life around him as king and Lord him as

Savior and he has the one who builds his

church and so in a sense the church is

not an event

in that sense it's centered on the event

of Christ saving a people to himself and

therefore there are gathered people to

Jesus in all of life and so it radically

changed I think our perspective we buy

into that because what it means now is

Jesus building his church every single

moment of every day through his people

in the world and therefore all that we

do counts because it's not just a couple

hours that we are Church it's all of

life where we live as his church as his

people in the world bringing glory to

God in all things and that's actually

how we came up with a name for our

church Paul in Ephesians 1 said Christ

is the head of his church which is his

body that's the greek word soma in which

he fills all in all and paul's picture

that he's trying to paint to the church

at that point is christ wants to

saturate the entire world

with his presence through his people as

he has had building out his church in

every place so that changes a lot in

terms of how ya then see yourself

because if you are rajendra

by the power of God which is the work of

God in salvation through Jesus Christ

then you are now the church you don't go

to it

you are it