Slow down! Who is the claimant? Alleged traffic stop.

I'm a healthy yeah good good yeah did

you notice the speed limit change what

speed limit the whole thing true here's

all 45 they had you at 54

you had me in 54 one person I was you

know that hardened 1% oz deal of that 54

miles an hour speed limit through here

is only 45 who's claiming that who shine

know who's who's claiming this who's

claiming that it's why we said 45 or

something yeah

okay so who's making this claim are you

making this claim yeah okay so do I have

a contract with you you don't need a

contract that's what the speed limit is

true here is 45 he was doing 54 54 and a

who's quick told you that I got it on

radar and kind of radar did percent

testimony for what so you're claiming

that I'm doing them going over some you

need to slow down okay I mean okay so

that's pretty simple you're over the

speed limit you can't just do what you

want to do speed limits are here for a


well who's cope with them they're

they're state does the state did you

ever speak to the state I don't need to

speak to the state whoa they're up all

over the place okay so you have to

adhere to it you have speed limit signs

in Washington correct in Washington

that's where your cars from well the

hotel cheats my car I didn't say it was

your car I said that's where the car is

from oh he also has speed limits there

correct so how do those speed limits

apply to me because you're driving the

vehicle that's why like when you say

driving they mean by commercial or

traveling does it make any difference

you're driving this vehicle you have to

adhere to the speed limits blow it down

thank you

this applies to you too whoa