It Chapter 2: Pennywise’s Origin Explained

whether you rush to the theater to see

it chapter 2 the day it came out or have

been a little more weary about going to

see a giant clown on a huge screen do

scary clown stuff for three hours you

might still have the same question where

does Pennywise really come from well

we're here to answer that question once

and for all or at least present some

pretty compelling theories about the

whole thing we'd like to start things

off by saying that we know that Stephen

King source material has a whole lot of

detailed info about the wins and whys of

Pennywise but since this is a movie

channel and not Oprah's nightmare book

club we're going to stick to what we

know best the movies which have of

course diverted in their own ways from

the original novel for worse or for

better and in the case of one infamous

seriously cringe inducing friendship

boundary-pushing group scene that we

can't really talk about here for the way

way better so while we will go into some

details from the books this video is

going to talk about some of what we know

we know and some of the most exciting

theories out there that try to provide

some insight into the ever mysterious

Pennywise the clown so like little

Georgie in that sewer drain let's dive

right in what do we know for sure about

penny watts

well nothing exactly because he or

whatever you call an entity such as it

has been around for far too long for an

exact account it isn't even really a

clown or a human for that matter it is

actually something of an otherworldly

creature who has been around for

thousands if not millions if not

billions of years while we might not get

all the info about where exactly it

comes from what is pretty widely

accepted is that it arrived on earth

from somewhere in the universe for

another some thousands of years ago and

has said about terrorizing humans ever


specifically the humans of Derry Maine

where it pops up to feed on them every

27 years because everybody's got to have

a hobby I guess long before the losers

Club we know and love showed up in Derry

it was inhabited by First Nations people

known as the Shakopee WA we learned from

Mike and it chapter two that it is

it's encounter with these people that

really jump-started to his whole every

27 year binge and purge cycle and that

after things got ugly more than enough

times the Shakopee WA migrated to the

outskirts of town in order to get some

much-needed space from the murderous

entity here's a hot tip if an entire

towns worth of people literally pack

their bags and move to get away from you

maybe you're coming on just a little bit

too strong try rethinking your approach

be smooth devour their children a little

less if they don't swipe right on you

don't find them on Facebook or DM them

on Instagram let it breathe a little if

it's meant to be they'll come back or

you know not probably because of all

that child chomping we mentioned earlier

and that whole conjuring up your worst

nightmare and presenting it to you thing

it seems to enjoy so much you see it

doesn't just like to feed on people

who've been happily holed up in the

comfort of their own home watching

property brothers for the last three

consecutive days while wearing a Snuggie

and eating a bag of pretzels oh ho ho no

he likes his dinner frightened the clown

claims that beer acts as something of a

seasoning for his dinner and so he uses

his ability to shape-shift into just

about anything in order to turn into his

subjects worst nightmare before he

devours them but since it's pretty safe

to say that there probably weren't any

circus clowns wandering around town back

in the days of the Shakopee WA people

for a supernatural torture demon to draw

inspiration from where and when did he

develop his iconic look well when

trailers for it Chapter two were first

released fans everywhere started buzzing

about a few different possible

explanations for this it all started

with that scene in which we see the

grown-up Beverly revisiting her old home

now occupied by the immediately

unsettling elderly mrs. Kirsch Beverly

who has apparently never seen a horror

movie before decides to stick around for

a while while Kirsch insists on serving

cookies and talking about her father in

a truly excellent New England accent

mrs. Kirsch tells Beverly that when she

was young her father just happened to

make his living as a circus clown right

as Beverly spots a framed photo of an

older man with an all-too-familiar smile

the man who was immediately recognized

by fans everywhere as Bill skarsgård

without his clown makeup on is standing

right next to a wagon with the words

penny wise the dancing clown painted on

the sides

the end of the trailer we also caught a

glimpse of a very scary and gross

looking Pennywise in an old-timey outfit

clawing himself in the face well it

chapter 2 ties those moments together

and seems to offer some explanation of

what really is going on here as and this

was in the trailer so we aren't really

spoiling anything mrs. Kirsch reveals

herself to be penny wise in disguise

causing Beverly to run for the door at

the last second she looks back and sees

the human version of penny wise from the

picture actually applying his clown

makeup and then doing that oh so

charming face Klong thing that we talked

about just a second ago creating his

trademark appearance so what does all of

this mean well as most theories about

this moment go this was the moment that

the entity known as it discovered his

favorite and most frightening alter-ego

penny wise whether he inhabited the body

of Papa Khurshid became penny wise that


or simply copped his look we don't

really know but either way ever since

becoming the clown he has taken a real

shine to the look according to the book

it prefers children because they are

easier to catch and to frighten and he

knows that clowns are what children are

the most afraid of and he just seems to

be having a genuinely great time dancing

around his penny wise so what's the harm

oh yeah everything that he does right on

but it's almost impossible to know if

any of that is exactly true as he really

isn't that forthcoming with the

exposition that penny wise there are

some out there who wonder if appearing

as mrs. curses father was just more

nightmare fuel for Beverly in particular

as we all know Beverly's father was a

particularly terrible person who treated

his daughter and perhaps the worst

possible way it would make sense that

penny wise would exploit that trauma

using a father figure as a way to hit

Bev where it hurts the most

and conjure as much of that tasty fear

from her as he possibly could if he

knows anything penny wise knows how to

get right to the heart of his victims

deepest fears and a terrifying father

would be just about the scariest thing

he could do to Bev do some fans it still

seems odd that a seemingly ancient

all-powerful demon thing whose friendly

nickname is the eater of worlds would

stick around a town like Derry only to

wake up every 27 years to chow down on a

couple of kids before going back to

sleep there's just too much power there

for that to make sense

why wouldn't it rampage all over the

world do a little more eating maybe see

Hawaii what is this connection to the

town of Derry all about anyways well

some believe that there's a very

specific reason for that they actually

think that Derry is what is keeping it

alive for all this time as the town in

the clown sorry are linked you see the

idea is that Derry is actually a

reflection of its soul or whatever the

monster is being equivalent is that when

it or rather its body was almost

defeated the first time the town of

Derry was seriously damaged in the

process but as the town healed it also

simultaneously rebuilt it as well

unknowingly providing it with sanctuary

and food in order to recuperate and come

back for more 27 years later to be

precise if the town had been abandoned

by people and turned to rubble some

think it would have actually lost all of

his strength and eventually been

defeated by time and neglect so the

reason it stays in this tiny seemingly

uninteresting town is that it has to to

survive there is another question about

Pennywise that still has audiences and

fans scratching their heads after

viewing both chapter 1 and chapter 2 and

that is this if it is already thousands

of years old and doesn't seem to abide

by any constraints then how is it that a

group of human children have been able

to take him down sure

maybe they didn't defeat him entirely

but they did some serious damage well

there is actually a very interesting

idea that might just explain all of that

first of all because it resides in a

physical body on this earthly plane that

body can be wounded it seems as though

it has to play by the rules of whatever

form it is currently inhabiting so if it

was let's say a goldfish one good toss

out of his bowl and onto the ground

would be enough to incapacitate him

which means that he is actually

vulnerable to beliefs for example if he

was a vampire he would be vulnerable to

sunlight because that is what we believe

about vampires likewise he is vulnerable

to the losers Club because they come to

believe that their friendship is strong

enough to destroy him and if you don't

think that the collective will of a

group of preteens is a good enough

weapon to be used against someone no

matter how ancient they may be well then

you probably never went to middle school

did you you're telling us that a

group of kids all yelling insults at you

at full volume isn't enough to make you

want to go underground for 27 years only

to eventually resurfaced with a mindful

of vengeance kids are mean on their own

and a super confident group of them

forget about it this might be one moment

that we actually sympathize with the

disgusting demon gym class was rough

okay and we will not be made to feel

weird about that

anyways so there's a lot of ideas out

there about the true origins of

Pennywise whether or not you believe all

of them or not the truth is we may never

get the satisfying simple answer that we

crave that's the thing about

supernatural beings they are not so easy

to pin down the things that we know for

sure are that Pennywise has spent some

thousands of years or so terrorizing

Derry and its inhabitants that it feeds

on fear and has some serious boundary

issues and the thing that we understand

the most about Pennywise the dancing

clown is that we might not ever totally

understand him is he simply a vicious

predator who finds joy and satisfaction

in his brutal business of devouring the

use of the day and then requires

something like a 27-year hibernation

period to sleep it off like a demented

post Christmas dinner nap or is he more

complicated than that

more dare we say vulnerable lucky for us

dairy doesn't exist and you still have

to go out of your way to find a clown

these days so unless you really want one

for the most part you can spend your

days happy and clown free now throw on

your Snuggie open a bag of pretzels turn

on whatever home renovation channel puts

you the most at ease and rest easy

knowing that Pennywise isn't coming

after you until they re adapt the story

in about another decade what do you

think about these penny wise back

stories have you seen in chapter 2 yet

do you have any more ideas about its

origins that we totally missed let us

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