Meet Ronald Wayne, The Forgotten Third Co-Founder Of Apple

nobody could rein in Steve Jobs I woulda

wound up the richest man in the cemetery

my name is Ronald G Wayne I imagine I'm

most known by most people as the

co-founder of the Apple computer company

April 1st 1976 got on my machine and I

typed up the contract and we signed the

three copies and the next day it was on

the Santa Clara County registrar's

office and founded the Apple computer

company two old days later I had my name

taken off the contract

I bought this car in Florida in 2001

I've got 110,000 miles on it though he

has another 110 on it somebody suggested

go why don't you find a headhunter get

you a job first try it out of the box I

hit the jackpot I wound up in the

offices of Atari Steve Jobs at that time

was a consultant I worked with jobs

because I worked with all the engineers

on new products he worked on games that

they were developing or he developed his

own game sometimes in conjunction with

Wozniak and we got pretty chummy

I think Jobs was a little fascinated

with me at the beginning because I was

in my 40s he was in his 20s I had some

background some experience jobs come

into my office one day and this isn't

I'm looking at this possibility of a

company with Wozniak we're having a

minor dispute could you please help us

resolve it the problem was that Wozniak

was very parental about the circuits

that he had developed and he wanted to

reserve the right to use those circuits

and other applications and jobs he says

you can't do this I was finally able to

get wise to understand the concept of

proprietary circuitry and the problem

was resolved as one book disappeared and

at that moment in time judge came back

and said that's it we're going to form a

company jobs and woz with that 45% each

and I asked the tiebreaker would have



the title is the sitting duck the duck

didn't have anything to worry about the

guy was such a lousy shot to even put

one in the frame 1992 I think of that I

think the last painting I did was about

15 years ago I give the first low gold

design and it came out of the Newton

design Steve Jobs immediately went out

and did exactly what he was supposed to

do gets a hold of a retail outlet called

the bike shop and he sells them 50 or

100 computers and then he goes out and

he borrows $15,000 to buy all the

materials necessary to build these

computers the bike shop at a terrible

reputation from not paying their bills

if we didn't get paid how are we going

to pay back $15,000 jobs and woz didn't

have two nickels to rub together I on

the other hand had a house and a car and

a bank account which meant that I was on

the hook if that thing blew up but that

was not the main reason that I took my

name off the contract I knew that I was

standing in the shadow of giants and

that I would never have a project of my

own I would wind up in the documentation

department shuffling papers for the next

40 years of my life and that was not the

future that I saw for myself before you

even ask the question no I never

regretted taking my name off the


not once I'm kind of scratching now to

be candid with you I have rented the

back house I rented here and I have my

social security which covers the cost of

running this place I've heard a couple

of people expressed views that are quite

inaccurate nobody ever diddled me out of


I was ever

deprived of anything at all I can say

this however I've never been rich I've

never been hungry either

I've had a substantial amount of good

fortune not the least of which is how

lucky I drew on the genetic pool Here I

am 82 years old and a lot of people

can't believe I'm 82 years old but it's