✭Dallas Cowboys add NEW DB Coach || Who is Joe Whitt Jr? || His history in the NFL

after locking in their defensive

coordinator and dan quinn

the cowboys went back to the well and

have hired joe witt

jr as a secondary coach and defensive

pass game coordinator

whit has a long history as a db coach in

the nfl

starting off ironically in atlanta

before moving on to green bay

where he really sunk his teeth in the

profession the packers is where he would

develop a long respected relationship

with mike mccarthy

and also help coach up some pro bowlers

along the way here's what witt had to

say about coaching said players in green

bay well tremont and sam shields

they both were you know free agents that


pro bowl players but working with wood

and those guys early on

they let me know that great players want

to be coached

and and and that's one thing that i

learned very i learned it here with with

laurie malloy you know

great players want to be coached so i

coach a certain way i'm very demanding

but uh i want to make sure that when we

go out there we're giving ourselves the

best chance to win

we don't need communication errors we

don't need anything this is too hard to

win in this

this league all right so we don't want

to beat ourselves so that's

that's the thing i learned about those

guys they want to be coached they want

to be great

and if you can help them they'll listen

interestingly enough to point out during

his time with the packers the team

ranked in the top ten in interceptions

eight times the top five four times

following a long tenure in green bay

whitt would move on to the browns

organization in 2019 where he helped the

team finish as the number seven pass


allowing just 216 passing yards per game

and an interception rate of 2.7

which was six in the league we're going

to get them here and they're going to do

it our way

or they won't be out there doing it and

so i'm not just talking about greedy

talking about the whole

secondary as a group we have a standard

of play physicality and effort is our

number one motto in our dna

if a guy is unwilling to do that they

won't play

after a year in cleveland the falcons

would come calling again

this time to bring him on as a secondary

coach and passing game coordinator under

head coach

dan quinn the falcons defense in 2020

was not one to write home about

and the past defense was one of the

worst in the league

so whit jr will be coming to dallas with

something to prove

reunited with mike mccarthy and dan

quinn what does joe whit jr look to get

out of the secondary we all have great

ideas but we got to make sure the great

ideas are

spoken in the same language because if

it's not that's where gray area comes

for the players and i always tell my


i want to remove gray if i take doubt

out of the equation you're going to go

play fast

and that's what we're going to have

these guys doing is playing fast thank

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