English dub Attack on titan: Reveal of the Armored titan and Colossal titan

you're just tired let's see if rice tell

me out here bears hold your nerves are

shot you don't know what you're saying

yeah it's the battle fatigue talking

it's okay you're okay

if you really wore the armored Titan

what's the endgame here we wouldn't be

having this conversation in the first


would you expect me to do say yes let

myself be kidnapped just because you ask


right not thinking straight am i they

really know what I'm saying he must got

off the deep end

come on let's go that's the problem

that's adventure to learn from my own

hood three years of this madness

surrounded by issues we were kids

wouldn't we know about anything


why should there have to be people like

Pete what traits isomers don't evolve

and disturb that people [ __ ] just too

late now

damned if I know what's right anymore

okay and it what it is well choice look

at faith what I've done but the warrior

no road left but the one that leads to

the end


Reiner right now here we're doing this

just right here right now because this

wasn't wrong









I'm going to return as a whole new

station company I will do it no matter





thank you