Pat McAfee & Dallas Clark Talk Pat Being The Colts Backup QB

have you talked about your being


a backup quarterback for the colts has

that that's been addressed right a

couple times dude

yeah couple times this week right yeah

come on

come on so so can i can i tell my my

perception of it yeah absolutely go


so uh third friday was it friday or


pat friday you would pick friday right

yeah so friday in the nfl is like the

work's done like it's it is

like wednesday thursday are our work

days we call them and then fridays just

kind of clean it up

fast friday fast friday pray that's a

good one because if it's not

then everyone's on edge until game day

it's just miserable so you just gotta

have a fast

quick sharp be good but what's crazy you

know you go off the field

usually we have a little crossbar

challenge with uh with the guys uh per


um and then we come off and then all

sudden in the corner

you know there's you know a a practice

squad center

and then there's pat and you know pat

mayer may not have packer marlboros

wrapped up in this

bloodshot eye you know just really like

does not

look like he's really into whatever's

going on over there i walk over there

like what's going on he's like well we

do we do this every week i'm like do

what he's like oh i just work on

enhancing those work on some snaps

uh in case peyton goes down and

and i'm and and come again

speaking of my goodyear painting goes

down like this

you know it's kind of like armageddon

you know like you're nasa for crying out


like you guys have people backing up

people yeah like this is our

this is our plan this you you're gonna

save our season pat

this guy yeah like and looking around

like is anyone else concerned about what

i mean

we could have a drawing at kroger and

get a kid come down to

100th drawing you know 100th customer

through the door hey you're our backup


i'll tell you what dallas there were

zero balls going to the tight end when i

got in

exactly exactly that's why why i think

the kroger kid i think he's a fan of

and mine so yeah so that was that was

really concerning

and that that is what we that's what we

were coming up with i'm like hey i have

i have some good high school i played

quarterback in high school

pat went to west virginia community

college junior college

like like come on like do we ever have

any film but they didn't have a film

no but you have to remember dallas you

have to remember i used to throw on the

defensive side of the practice field

down there

and i used to light up our defense learn

how to throw interceptions

no no no i would light up our defense we

played the saints one time

we played the saints down in new orleans

and uh curtis painter was playing

quarterback at that point so that was

the year

uh the two and fourteen year or whatever

that was that was doomsday

hey by the way we lost like 50 something

to six

i will let you know that through that

week i threw for like 3 000 yards that

week in practice

it was the same exact thing because they

hold up the card you know they hold up

the card and they're like uh here's

where you look here's one

okay here's two and then here's three

and we're running that tampa two defense

and i guess the seams were really a

problem in that particular deal

so i would take the snap right and it

was seven on seven so there's no

offensive line or anything

i would take like a little shotgun step

or whatever and i would look at the one

which is the tie down over here

and then i would just turn right to

tight end two and they'll just drop and

it was just

i think i threw for ten touchdowns

so we get on the plane to go two down to

new orleans

and i'm talking vinatari i'm like we are

gonna get boat race and he's like

he's like what do you say now my dude i

threw for five thousand euros let's


that drew brees is gonna have a pretty

good we had a fumble on the first play

with a fumble in the first

play they scored a touchdown on the

second play and then it was just

boom boom boom and that place did not

empty out once

the entire night it was so loud so loud

yeah so loud and

that is a place where i mean a lot a lot

of a lot of stadiums can smell blood

oh yeah but they don't feast off it like

like uh

like new orleans i mean it was just a


bath and they were just their backs

stroking in it i mean like you know

i mean it was just whatever you want

like hey

you know i mean i think drew one time

did this

and i mean it scored a touchdown i mean

it was i didn't know i think i did too

why why do we bring out like we had a

lot of good games pat why did you bring

up that one

because you were mocking my ability to

throw balls but me and drew brees

accounted for

97 points against that colts defense in

one week okay

so that is why we talked about it but

point taken well

well well yeah good good point good

point i would i didn't even think though

about you guys who

you know winning this decade in nfl

history you guys are kind of going off

or whatever

and i'm over there in the corner going


that's a single all right here we go the

whole thing

and by the way some of those centers

were getting yelled at

okay some of those senators would get

yelled at because they're practice squad

guys and we'd be going on like one okay

we have to

adjust the cadence or whatever this

one's on two and they'd snap it wrong

and then i'm immediately like oh i think

i was wrong there and clyde would be

like and frank wright would be like hey

listen right like

hey we need you to get it right here so

we only have to do like right right like

four reps here let's get this as quick

as possible

i had like 12 plays i had six plays

right that i could have flipped to the


so i had like 12 plays if i get in there

dallas i don't let you know you wouldn't

have seen a ball but

reggie would have been oh yeah over


i am play action homer i'm going along

with that thing