The Colts are the perfect situation for Jacob Eason – Louis Riddick | 2020 NFL Draft

one of the big quarterbacks is finally

off the board the Indianapolis Colts who

have Phillip Rivers as the starter now

coming over from the Chargers Jacob

Eason of course is now the fourth round

pick of the Indianapolis Colts and Jacob

Eason well he's been back and forth

again Jacob Eason was the Gatorade

national football player of the year

coming out of Lake Stevens high school

in the state of Washington and then went

to the University of Georgia

he started 12 games as a true freshman

at Georgia but in his sophomore season

got hurt in the first game and in came

Jake from and Jake Brom just basically

took that position led them to the

national championship game transferred

to Washington had to sit out a year so

really only one full year of tape

Daniel Jeremiah those 13 games at

Washington what do we make of what we

think we know of Jacob Eason well it

makes sense because we look at Chris

Powell the general manager of the

Indianapolis Colts chris loves traits

and you talk about traits the size and

the arm strength of Jacob Eason those

are at an elite level you could put his

top 15 throws from his college career

and put him up against anybody because

he can reach any blade of grass on the

field with his arm strength the problem

is he's still learning the position he

needs some of that experience needs to

be able to get a little more comfortable

moving around in the pocket has a bad

habit of trying to spin out of fresher

those are things he's gonna get a chance

to sit behind and learn from Phillip

Rivers a melt I don't know if there's a

better person for Jacob Eason to study

and to learn under than Phillip Rivers

there with Indianapolis Colts no

question Daniel and I think that

inconsistency 73 percent in the first

quarter 58 percent in the fourth quarter

was the big issue I think you look at

being precise when those underneath

Rhodes he's got to improve back to that

receiver a better opportunity

default to long sometimes in that pocket

but these are things like say watching

Philip Rivers Lela your to to the watch

and learn the rocket arm Lewis and the

size you can't coach your teeth you just

got a girl you understand the finer

points there's nuances of playing the

quarterback position

that's what Jake the beast and has to

work on well listen it was kind of all

done with this make sure you look about

this now what is in store

no go ahead Louis I'm sorry think about

is what's in store for Jacoby percent

now does Joe be Kobe percent become

trade bait through the New England

Patriots start calling the Indianapolis

Colts and saying hey look is there any

way maybe we can get to Jacoby percent

from you and add him to our quarterback

room back here in New England I mean

that has to be something that naturally

would follow from a discussion

standpoint although you can never have

enough good quarterbacks but if you if

you're drafting Jacob Eason in the

fourth round with the traits that he has

is DJ alluded to this is this is a good

situation for them and it's also a good

situations for teams that may be looking

for a guy like Jacoby percent to come in

and see if he can help their


well Louis you've talked about this on

several occasions where you go as a

quarterback matter specifically the fact

that he's going where Frank Reich is the

head coach where he can learn from

Phillip Rivers how much do you think

that gives Jacob Eason a better chance

heading on somewhere else I think it

makes all the difference in the world

tre and you and I have talked about it

on set and off set numerous different

times there are certain situations when

quarterbacks get drafted into they

should not only be cheering for the fact

that they got drafted they should be

cheering for the fact that they got

drafted to the teams that they went to

the same as the situation that Jalen

Hertz is looking at going to

Philadelphia it's the same thing when

Pat mahomes was drafted by Andy Reid in

Kansas City it's the same thing here

with Jacob Eason going the coach rather

going to play under coach Frank Reich

these are ideal situations getting

around the right culture around the

right general manager who knows that he

has to do everything he can to provide a

situation for you to thrive in and you

and the Indianapolis Colts are doing

that with the drafting of Michael

Pittman and the drafting of Jonathan

Taylor that's all designed to help

quarterback play out as well

this is a perfect situation for him they

can be a patient situation they can sit

and wait for him to develop see if

Phillip Rivers

have one of those great years once again

in a new environment it's a win-win for

everybody all right for more on this

let's bring in one of our great insiders

Chris Mortensen more what more can you

tell us here

well guys make all good points he has

the physical attributes Jacob Eason does

of being a first round player so why the

fourth round well as teams peel back the

onion on Jacob Eason they found

evaluations and information that he's a

work ethic is an issue accountability is

an issue is it list of about four or

five character flaws but here you are

Philip Rivers and I don't think Jacoby

perset gets gets traded I think that

that's those are the type of guys that

chris ballard the general manager of the

Indianapolis Colts would like Eason to

be around because he as you mentioned he

has those receivers with with T Y Hilton

and and Michael pittin and also

hopefully Parris Campbell who they was

injured a lot last year but the bottom

line is Easton and we'll have a chance

to learn around true professionals and

what it's like to be one and if he's not

the guy

Chris Ballard will move on and find the

guy eventually because Rivers is

basically on a one-year contract once to

play two years and Bessette only has one

year left on his contract play NFL draft

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