I-Team: Company Owners Devastated by What They Say is Insurance Commissioner Jim Beck's "Betrayal"

now a story we broke on fox 5 atlanta

dot-com an i-team investigation of

Insurance Commissioner Jim Beck's

indictment lays out in an alleged theft

scheme involving family friends and a

radio station owner a senior i-team

reporter Dale Russell has a breakdown of

the new developments grand jury alleges

that the individual with the initials MB

and company a would submit an invoice to

Georgia underwriting Association for

payment the Fox 5 i-team has learned

company a was Green technology services

a company once located at this house in

Temple Georgia Matt Barfield admitted it

was his company and he since moved

Barfield says he is Jim Beck's cousin

Marvel told me the company was Beck's

idea according to the indictment Beck

told him he had a new way to do home

inspections and wanted Barfield to

handle the books marvel created invoices

like this one obtained by the Fox 5

i-team and submitted bills to Georgia

underwriting Association who would then

make these payments 10 percent of the

funds being kept by company a and

remaining 90 percent of the funds

flowing to creative consultants which

again the grand jury alleges was

controlled by Jim back mark Fennell told

me that he thought everything was on the

up and up and he trusted his cousin he

pointed out that he got this business

license when he started and later

incorporated his company in Florida when

he moved if I thought I was doing

something wrong do you think I'd open up

a checking account

the FBI has every bit of it he added I

really thought a lot of Jim it's all

allegations and I hope he can prove his


Company B was looky-loo set up and run

by Sonia McCaig a longtime family friend

of Beck and his wife this is her with

the Becks on a trip to Italy

Sonia McKay actually did work examining

home inspections to determine if

premiums on G you as customers home

insurance should be raised US attorney

BJ Pak says G you a paid Luc Alou a

total of nine hundred and eight thousand

dollars and miss McCaig kept a portion

for her legitimate work

and then paid Barfield company the rest

thinking it was bar fields company that

did the home inspections the operator of

Company B believe based on

representations by mr. Beck that company

a was actually providing the inspections

company C mitigation services operated

by Sonia McKay's husband Steve mikeg

believed he was doing legitimate work

helping homeowners who had potential

water damage claims Georgia underwriting

paid McKay's company approximately three

hundred seventy thousand dollars he

would take his portion then send the

rest to Barr fields company known as

Company A in the indictment the company

ain't kept ten percent of that and

remaining portions would go to creative

consultants which of course Granger

alleges that mr. Beck had control over

the McCabe's issued this statement

saying they did substantial legitimate

work entrusted Beck who took elaborate

measures to conceal from us his illegal

scheme they add his malicious and

predatory actions have inflicted

tremendous emotional pain on our family

Beks lawyer responded that Beck and his

wife are deeply saddened that the

McCabe's have been dragged into this

unfortunate situation and that they've

only heard the government side of the

story and could be convinced they were

betrayed by a friend but that's not the

truth here

so who operated the final company

Company D in the indictment according to

the Secretary of State's office in

January of 2013 a company called

paperless solutions was incorporated at

this address here in Bowden Georgia the

registered agent of the company Steven

graddic hi I'm Steve Craddock graddic is

shown in this video promoting the radio

stations he owns in Carrollton he would

not return our calls or respond to an

email the Fox 5 i-team has seen a copy

of a federal grand jury subpoena that

shows the grand jury wanted all records

between various companies alleged in the

scheme including paperless solutions the

indictment alleges Beck told company d

owner that's Steve graddic he could keep

10% of every payment that Georgia

underwriting made to his company in

total the grand jury has alleged that


February 2013 and August of 2018 mr.

Baek defrauded the GU a out of more than

two million dollars Dale Russell Fox 5