Is Terry Crews a C.O.O.N.?


what's good everybody

it's your boy step back with another

episode of the black shirt chronicles

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now to the story

terry crews we all know ted cruz he's

been in a lot of movies he's been on

tv shows um you know he's kind of known

for being the muscle guy with a straight

off and

providing that uh you know that type of

comedy and he's had

you know a pretty successful career he's

on brooklyn not nine right now

um yeah so but lately uh

terry cruz if not i mean i don't know

what's going on with him but he's been

very controversial lately

and today he tweeted that he he has now

found a way to use the word [ __ ]

in a sentence and he has come up with uh

an acronym for the word [ __ ] and the

acronym he's come up with

is conquering our own negativity

[ __ ] so now you can walk

around and you know he's saying that you

can now use [ __ ]

and everything will be all right you

know if you guys don't know

cool short for raccoon is one of the

oldest racial epithets you know that

that is in existence um you know it's

it's it's up there as far as some of the

worst things you can use to call


of african-american descent or just

black in general so

you know it goes back to slavery times

and you know

the black eyes and the hands and you


i don't need to explain any further than

that in the black community

you know we have some acronyms you know

that have really stood out

like cream cash rules everything around

me that's a big one

um pharrell did a song called snitch

sorry [ __ ] i'm trying to come home

that's pretty dope

even if you go back to like the 80s they

had some dope ones called you know

adidas all day i dream about sex and we

should say that all the time

and if you're really from the hood you

know reebok you know what reebok stands


roach is eating everything but our

kitchen you know i mean and terry crews

you know

not too far ago he had an exchange on


with don lemon which we can make another

video about don lemon by himself

about you know him tweeting about um he


doesn't like he supports black lives

matter and he was kind of tweeting that

black lives matter shouldn't turn into

black lives better he didn't really give

a good explanation of what that was

supposed to mean

um if anything else it was the tweet was

bad timing

for what he was trying to say or what he

was trying to explain so

i mean terry crews he's starting to get


racial draft uh you know territory here


like he's like one or two tweets away

and we have to think about trading them

out you know and and trying to get

somebody in who

who's a little bit more uh supportive of

what we try to accomplish here man

i don't know in the comments what do you

think about using [ __ ] are you gonna use


conquering our own negativity uh

yeah let me know i'll see you in the

next video i'm out