Who is CrafsMan Steady Craftin

hey I'm Tara and today I'm talking about

my favorite youtuber the craftsman

steady craft here's all most of his

videos start hello and welcome to the

craft man show my name is your host the

craft man as you can see he uses a

puppet as his persona he never calls

himself anything but craftsman looks

like even his wife calls him that I

talked about why if I said baby boy if I

could do more with a brave man what it

did could become a job she always is

supportive of me she said you should do

it craft me craftsman is 75,000

subscribers depending on how well as

videos do he makes between a hundred and

twenty dollars and 1.9 thousand dollars

a month this allows him to make weekly

videos and do more with his channel he

also doesn't just talk about crafts here

are more things he makes videos about

DIY reading relaxations video a lot of

y'all have encouraged me to do yeah also

I'm working on some Panem Asians took me

a long time to find out where craftsmen

lives but finally I figured out that he

mentioned it in this video about getting

rust off of metal I live in South

Mississippi sometimes I wake up in the

morning thirsty and I go outside and I

breathe the air and I'm not thirsty no

more a lot of people just like

craftsmen's videos for his calming voice

they say you sound like Bob Roth you

sound like mr. Raj you sound like Bobby

Boucher from waterboy you sound like

this cartoon character from this family

movie thing yeah I don't think young

guys none of them sound like each other

I think it's all about what you perceive

in addition to his weird beautiful mix

of humor DIY ASMR and vlogging he talks

about everything from his vintage toy

collection to UFO sightings telling you

I saw

a movie star that could be indecisive

star like you don't know we're supposed

to be national craftsmen's videos to

people they usually think he's putting

on a voice for playing a character but

tomorrow watch his videos the more I

start to believe that he's just a normal

guy with a puppet having like childish

fun doing crafts and being goofy and

genuine but look at this look at where

I'll bring you back there

hello it's hard to capture

craftsman-style blazing little video

clips because one of the greatest things

about his videos is that they make you

slow down they're long and calm and

goofy which is pretty much the best way

to be he's also an expert on different

craft techniques even though he can be

modest about that I ain't a scientist

but what I do know it does something to

it and uh you can look at the back of

this walk boy and then look at the front

of it you can't tell me see that's

different that's that weather to fear

y'all notice how the end videos better

than crafts man so I'm gonna let him

take it from here thank you for watching

hope you enjoyed the CrashPlan please

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for in Kaunas I read the comments every

time I can't get on the computer slow

but that's okay y'all have a blessed day

have a cup of this a blessed day yeah