Who Is The Real Creator Of The Heavens And The Earth? - Let's Test The Claim!

all praise is due to allah the creator

of the heavens and the earth



so this is a is well enzyme al-hadid so

to adidas or number 57 of the Quran and

Allah uses the word we sent down iron we

sent down iron now the thing of it is

Allah speaks about creating lots of

different things in the Quran but for

all of them uses a verb called halakha

or to create he created the heavens and

the earth he created life and death he

created he created he created but when

he speaks of iron

he didn't say he created it he said he

sent it down he sent it down and

scholars of the past were grappling with

this issue why because you know the

words of God are very precise this is

our belief so when someone will argue

what he sent he sent it down he meant he

created it know if he meant he created

it he would have said he created he

didn't mean that he meant specifically

that he sent it down right and so you

find in this in the last century in the

twentieth century geologists coming to

certain agreements about the beginnings

of the earth one of them being that iron

is not part of the original earth it

actually came to the earth in the form

of meteors and was very deep into the

core of the earth at the Earth's center

is a massive ball of iron known as the

core an outer core of molten iron swirls

around it

next is the mantle slow-moving

hot rock eighteen hundred miles thick in

contrast the crust the part we live on

is thin

in fact it's broken into pieces called


4.6 billion years ago a continual rain

of meteorites pounded the molten earth

each strike brought with it more Rock

making our planet bigger and scattering

metals over the surface

then a giant asteroid struck

it's massive iron core didn't stop on

the surface it's sank towards the center

and it attracted all the Earth's metals

to it as it went

the asteroids lighter rocky debris when

spinning around the earth the fragments

were drawn together by gravity within a

year they formed our Moon

that's why the moon has no metal at its

core and it's why metal is rare in the

Earth's crust it arrived much later in

meteorites from outer space right

so the word used are we sent down iron

becomes a very accurate depiction of the

reality of iron because it was set down

a long field of boredom LT had ordered a

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