Five Nights at Freddy's: The Entire Voice Cast

Oh Oh welcome to your new summer job at

the new and improved Freddy fazbear's


hey hey glad you came back for another

die I promise it'll be a lot more

interesting this time the show will

begin momentarily everyone please stay

in your seats I don't recognize you

you are new I remember this scenario

however it's a strange thing to want to

do to come here did you really think

that this job just fell out of the sky

for you

no this was a gift for us thanks for

letting me join the party I'll try not

to disappoint it seems you had some

trouble with the keypad I see what you

were trying to type and I will

autocorrect it for you thank you for

selecting exotic butters don't forget

Saturday you want them all to be in one


daddy just once let me go play with her

she's so pretty and shiny didn't you

make her just for me wasn't fully

appreciated in my last outfit and now

I'm back to saw your mark hey Bawa she

can dance she can sing she's equipped

with a built-in helium tank for

inflating balloons right at her


she can take song requests she can even

dispense ice cream father it's me

Michael I did it I found it it was right

where you said it would be I knew it was

a lie

the moment I heard it obviously but it

isn't drinking nonetheless what a

deceptive calling motion trigger injured

wave end motion trigger circus gallery

event Boulevard gallery maintenance vent

opened Oh welcome to my happy fun

rainbow land let's start with something

simple oops huh simple for most people I


and you will find the key we can see how

much there's a space shooter holy crap

is that my voice voice acting no it's

gone too far this time you need to shut

this game down upright or upside down I

am an old man Clara I can't be a father

Sol dozer I should have known it was you

you're not even in the right game the

elevator stopped you know the routine

you can get out now or whatever stay

here if you want

sorry I'm late to the party fashionably

late of course let's kick this party

into high gear they had to knock him out

of the air with a broom you worked the

graveyard shift at the fry me taco don't

lie to me

will Vlad and his distressed mistress

find common ground tune in next time

it's only now that I understand the

depth of the depravity of this creature

this monster that I unwillingly helped

to create as if what he had already done

wasn't enough we found a new way to

desecrate to humiliate to destroy okay

bring a roller forward more MORE okay


set it down watch the step what happened

do it this time

it just seems like these things can't go

a day without breaking down

there's no doubting what you've achieved

on a technical level these are clearly

state of the art there are just certain

design choices that were made for these

robots that we don't fully understand

I own the candy cadet come get your

candy here I have candy all day every

day candy candy candy