How Ian Fleming created James Bond

mr. Flemming how does an author tackle

the problem of selecting a name for the

hero of his stories well it's an under

the hero I mean I generally pick up

names just driving through the

countryside I show villages and so on

you'll see an interesting name uh over a

tobacconists or chemist or something

that sort in any country in the world

but when I started to write these books

1952 I wanted to find um a name which

wouldn't have any of this a romantic uh

over towns like Peregrine Carruthers

order it might be I wanted a really flat

quiet name and one of my Bibles out here

is James Bond's birds at West Indies

which is a very famous ornithological

book indeed and I thought both our James

Bond is a pity croc named and so I

simply stood it amused it