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Microsoft was on a hunt for the

replacement for its longtime CEO Steve

Ballmer it was a crucial time for the

company as the sales were on the slab

the five-month long hunt ended with all

of the board members agreeing on such

another to take over as the next CEO of

the first may guess tech company

Satya Nadella was a calm focused and

intelligent executive vice president of

the cloud and enterprise group in

Microsoft at the times when the company

was facing severe competition from Apple

and Samsung it was a Herculean task to

keep the sales of Microsoft from going

down and let alone take it hi today we

tell you the rise and rise of Satya

Nadella from a flamboyant young boy from

India to becoming the CEO of Microsoft

Satya Nadella was born to the is

administrative nada La Gioconda and

Andhra Pradesh and was brought up in

Hyderabad right from the yungay Satya

Nadella showed great interest in

building tanks and enhancing the lives

of people through technological develop

he completed his bachelor's from the

monocle Institute of Technology India

and like most young Indian engineers

Satya left for the United States to

complete his immerse from the University

of Wisconsin he also studied MBA from

the University of Chicago later after

briefly working with the Sun

Microsystems for a while he finally

joined Microsoft in the year 1992 when

he began working with Microsoft

he led many important projects that were

related to cloud computing much later he

became the vice president of the

research and development for their

online services division and eventually

the vice president of the Microsoft

business division Satya was responsible

for the change in the technology from

the client services to the cloud

infrastructure and services soon after

he was made the executive vice president

of the cloud and enterprise group he

instrumentally led the way for

increasing revenues of the cloud

services from sixteen point six billion

dollars to twenty point three billion

dollars well it was only natural that he

was the chosen one to be the next CEO on

Feb 4 2014 Satya Nadella became the

third CEO of Microsoft who's becoming

the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella has

led the company from all front and he

isn't sure to take the such as part of

Microsoft up and hi exponentially Satya


is a die-hard cricket lover like the

rest of the million Indians he had grown

a playing cricket for a school team I'd

say is that all the leadership and team

management skills that he now possesses

are a result of being a part of the

school cricket a

Satya Nadella advises young

entrepreneurs to keep blood and strongly

believes that people stop growing once

they stop learning

Satya Nadella has been working in

Microsoft for the last 22 years and

during his tenure Microsoft rose to

great heights right Satya Nadella was

the driving force behind Microsoft's

moved to cloud computing as he was

involved in the development of one of

the largest crowd infrastructures and

the world Satya Nadella managed to grow

in his career because of his sheer

dedication and hard work Satya Nadella

is a role model to billions of people

across the world because he has excelled

in all areas of life including education

and career his life story is an

inspiration to all budding entrepreneurs

across the world an editor that every

country produces individuals like Satya

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