KFC Commercials: 9 Fun Colonel Sanders Actors

dinner's ready when you are good chicken

Colonel Sanders has lived on through

many actors at KFC there's now been nine

comedic kernels just since 2015 howdy

folks it's me Carl Sanders and the

newest addition to the colonel family

Ray Liotta

from the movie Goodfellas to become a

member of a crew you've got to be 100%

Italian so they can trace all your

relatives back to the old country and

now he's part of the KFC crew he

recently hit the screen with his split

feelings on KFC's new chicken choices

seems like the best ideas if we just try

both let's take a look back at some of

the kernels starting with comedian

Darrell Hammond Hammond played the

colonel til fellow SNL alum nor McDonald

jumped in his shoes just three months

later I'm the real Colonel Sanders then

in 2016 out of nowhere Jim Gaffigan

swooped in we live no more Nashville hot

chicken no more front I mean what are

you gonna do is that like you can find

another Colonel right it was easy

actually that summer they hit the beach

and found legendary actor George

Hamilton I'm feeling a little crispy

that fall Rob Riggle jumped into the

bucket of kernels but it was game over

only a month later when Mad Men's

Vincent Kartheiser crooned his way onto

the scene at the beginning of 2017

KFC went back in time casting Billy Zane

one of his sidekicks from Back to the

Future new KFC Georgia Gold honey

mustard barbecue has the gold Colonel

it's finger lickin gold finally we've

hit the bottom of the bucket with the

latest take on the late great chicken

icon Rob Lowe's astronaut Colonel is

hoping to keep KFC's marketing scheme

flying sky high from the ball field and

Beach to zero geez crispy

space that's a bucket full of KFC

kernels on the lowdown