Current "Doctor Who" is a Joke!

so it's been a while since I last made a

Doctor Who video because like most

former fans I just don't care anymore I

no longer have any investment in the

show it's over and done with all we can

really do now is just make fun of it and

laugh at the degenerates that have taken

control when we all said that the cannon

destroying the timeless children was the

final nail for the show we meant it

everything has a point of no return and

not only did Chibs the idiot and Friends

cross that line they torched everything

behind them there's no one doing what

they've done and I hate to be a jerk and

say I told you so but I told you so

almost three years ago the only thing I

got wrong was that I completely

underestimated just how damaging these

degenerates were going to be I figured

worst case scenario that we might get

lectured at for a few years and then

maybe things would return to normal well

that was wishful thinking for one thing

this is the modern BBC so return to

former glory was never going to happen

there were rumors circulating about

Chibs the idiots cannon destruction for

weeks but I largely put them off as

rumors I wasn't going to believe it

until I actually saw it myself firsthand

well then we all saw it it's now several

months later and nobody cares about

Doctor Who anymore at least knew who

classic who seems to have had a

renaissance to fill the void left behind

by this current abortion that dares to

call itself Doctor Who in recent months

what's left of new who quote fandom is

quite sad here I'll invent the term

poser ideologue pretending that you

support won't talking points without

actually understanding them so you can

fit in with your sad poser ideologue

friends they are quite vocal on that

toxic waste dump known as Twitter at

least they provide us with plenty of

entertainment but these are the fans

that the show and the BBC wanted and

these are the quote fans they can have

all the real fans have walked away there

was a glimmer of hope for fandom however

with the recent lockdown tweet alongs

that centered on new who - doctor nasty

for a few brief weeks

it seemed that fandom might be returning

to normal outside of the current

dumpster fire we debated the episodes

without focusing on wellness and it was

almost fun being a Doctor Who fan again

that was until a certain writer decided

to chain blocking one he disagrees with

and it should be noted that most of

these people have never enter

acted with this writer all we know is

thousands of people were blocked from

the tweet along and this little act is

what finally killed off Doctor Who

fandom for good at least as far as new

who goes in short the show was done and

now it's fans had had enough

this writer also went out of his way to

say that this was for the whole

community meaning that anyone that was

blocked was obviously no longer a part

of the community well we aren't then he

went on to praise the current regime

well no surprise there then of course

this little nugget of news came out

former doctor who showrunner changes

regeneration rules

I guess RTD decided to join in on the

party I must say I'm quite disappointed

man former doctor who's showrunner

Russell T Davies has extended the

doctors regeneration powers again a more

dramatic change than the timeless child

well since it's already destroyed I

guess you couldn't do much more to it at

this point former doctor who's

showrunner Russell T Davies has changed

the show's regeneration rules again and

this time it's an even bigger change

than the timeless child as everybody now

just decided that Canon means nothing


current Doctor Who showrunner chibs the

idiot had promised Doctor Who season 12

would make drastic and lasting changes

to the show's lore and he was right as

the season finale revealed the doctor is

no Time Lord at all

shut up Chibs you witless hack a billion

years ago a Gallifrey an explorer named

tech toy youn also known as cannon

destroyer discovered an abandoned child

on a distant world near a mysterious

boundary to another universe or

dimension I'm guessing this dimension is

pretty woke she adopted the young girl

of course she did because the BBC

wouldn't allow white male but some time

later tragedy struck

yeah the show died the child fell from a

great height a fall that should have

killed her instead she regenerated the

first regeneration on Gallifrey it's

like it was written by a five-year-old

called the timeless child which can a

destroyer kills over and over again this

is what happens when a show was taken

over by degenerates this being became

the base genetic code for the entire

Time Lord race get lost Chibs

unlike the Time Lords however the

timeless child has an unlimited number

of regenerations too bad nobody let Matt

Smith know it's a massive retcon

rewriting and destroying everything

viewers knew about the doctors history

and identity and it was as much of a

surprise for the doctor as for a

long-term Doctor Who fans not so much a

surprise kind of well that's it this is

the worst case scenario it was nice

knowing you Doctor Who the doctor's

memory has been erased

kind of like what Doctor Who fans have

done to new who but the master

discovered the truth while raiding the

matrix and delighted in taunting the

doctor with this revelation to which she

gave her trademark [ __ ] face now

former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T

Davies has retcon the doctors

regenerative powers once again and a new

animated short featuring David Tennant

well we'll always have the classic

series folks the video stars and a hope

reprising her role as novice hame one of

the cat nurses who appeared during the

Tennant era

novice hame is dying of old age

expecting one last visit from the doctor

who she appears to have studied get

ready for a lot folks or at least have

your vomit bags ready I have heard so

many stories about him oh dear

wrong pronoun well that's gonna cost you

over the years his hundreds of faces and

forms she observes the men and women of

course and animals what the hell so the

doctors been animals now to whatever

current eerie oh I guess this makes

perfect sense who have taken the name

and yet the one who comes for me is so

familiar this one is mine well you are a

cat maybe it's mating season

no of a sames comment would make no

sense before Doctor Who season 12 well

that's true after all there had been

previously well established limits to a

Time Lords ability to regenerate until

the degenerates got a hold of the show

those limits have now been stripped away

from the doctor meaning she has an

unlimited number of lives as I said all

we can do is laugh now nice save with

the pronoun by the way

thus when Haim says she knows hundreds

of different doctors there's no reason

to assume she's wrong in fact it fits in

with an amusing gag from Davies the

Sarah Jane Adventures which is a

kid-friendly Doctor Who spin-off on that

show Matt Smith's doctor claimed to have

507 regeneration 'he's it was a joke

but these people don't understand humor

novice hame also suggests the doctor can

change her form as well as her face she

refers to men women and

perhaps they're just trolling us you

just can't tell anymore

but too late nobody cares it appears

that the doctor can actually change her

species when she regenerates this power

is presumably not shared by the Time

Lords who have never been seen in exotic

forms thus Davies is implicitly

suggesting the doctors regenerative

ability outstrips the Time Lords in

every possible way it's safe to assume

that they're still limit to the doctors

regenerative ability though she most

likely has to stick to humanoid warm

bodied species and will also retain

those two hearts problem seeing as the

current incarnation seems to have no

heart empathy ability to act and so

forth the chibs era has expanded Doctor

Who's mythology in unexpected ways not

really we should have seen this coming

chibs the idiot has retcon the doctors

regenerative abilities and he's

introduced Jodie Whittaker as the first

female doctor and Joe Martin as the

first black doctor the show should be

called dr. lecture session because it

sure as hell isn't Doctor Who anymore

amusingly though Russell T Davies has

gone one step further revealing the

doctor doesn't even have to look like a

human it almost feels like a competition

to come up with the most regenerative

cannon or cannon destruction but nobody

cares and Chibnall Doctor Who season 13

may offer the next one it probably will

too bad nobody will be watching Jesus

RTD you're better than this but whatever

Doctor Who is dead and that's it for

today don't forget to subscribe and

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everyone thanks for watching and have a

great day