A Brief History Of The Dukes Of York - Celebrate Yorkshire Day

hello and welcome to another Royal

reviewer Channel episode on the 1st of

August 2018 the royal family wished

everyone a happy Yorkshire day this

brooch from the Royal Collection trust

features White Rose of Yorkshire and was

given to the bridesmaids at the wedding

of the Duke and Duchess of York in 1893

the White Rose was first associated with

Yorkshire in 1385 when the fourth

surviving son of Edward the third Edmund

Langley became the first Duke of York

the Duke whose descendants would go on

to take part in the Wars of the Roses

features heavily in shakespeare's

richard ii historically the Duke of York

has been the second son of the monarch

this started in 1474 with Prince Richard

one of the princes in the tower Richard

and his brother Edward v were taken to

the Tower of London in 1483 by their

uncle Richard the third and never seen

again did you know that Henry the eighth

was also the Duke of York his elder

brother Prince Arthur Prince of Wales

was heir to the throne but after his

death in 1502 Henry Duke of York became

the Prince of Wales and eventually King

in 1509 Charles the first and his son

James a second James a seventh in

Scotland were both the second sons of

monarchs and the Duke of York before

becoming King the next Duke of York

wasn't created until 1892 when Prince

George future Georgia fifth and second

son of Edward the seventh was given the

Dukedom by his grandmother Queen

Victoria this photograph shows Prince

George Duke of York with his wife Mary

and Queen Victoria in 1893

the Queen's father George the safe was

Duke of York until the abdication of his

brother Edward the eighth in 1936 and

then he became King the current Duke of

York Prince Andrew was created Duke of

York in 1986 and continues to support

Yorkshire His Royal Highness is

colonel-in-chief of the Yorkshire

Regiment patron of the Yorkshire air

ambulance and the York Minster fund and

Chancellor of Huddersfield University

happy York today


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