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new jersey i guess it's 25 5 or 20

of the vote is tainted uh you can't have

that you can't have that

so it's it's okay absentee voting

great but there's mail-in voting where

they've mailed

indiscriminately millions and millions

of ballots to people

you're never going to know who won the

election you can't have that and

nevada is a big state it's an important


it's a very political state and the

governor happens to be a democrat

and i don't believe the post office can

be set up they were given no notice i

mean you're talking about millions of


no it'll be a it's it's a catastrophe

waiting to happen

again all you have to do is look at the

vote that took place on a simple

congressional district in an area that

should be able to do it very easily

in manhattan it's a total it's a total

what's happened it's a nightmare

nobody's ever seen anything like it

look at patterson new jersey and look at

other locations

we can't have that you'll never know who

the winner is

but the winner is going to be me so

we'll see you at 5 30

and we can talk about it a little bit

more i just want to finish by saying

we're very proud of the governor and we

are very proud of arizona because in


the people had to help you and they did

they really good

questions you vote mostly by mail in

your state

are you proud of your mailing system in

the state in arizona we're going to do

it right

it will be free and fair it will be


if not impossible to cheat and it will

be easy to vote 78

of the citizens already vote by mail in

arizona but we've been doing this since


so over the course of decades we've


a system that works and can be trusted

we're 90 days before the election

in arizona early ballots are going to be

mailed in 60 days

this is no time to experiment this is a

time to go with the tried and true and

in arizona

our system works very well are you

sharing with the president what are some

of the best practices in your space so

that he can apply to

he can look at it in terms of other

states well our state has been a model

for this type of voting for providing

options and choice to our citizens we're

not going to disenfranchise

anyone we've actually allocated an

additional nine million dollars

to make certain that election day voters

can go safely in proper sanitized places

that are well staffed on election day we

want to make sure that everyone

that wants to vote can vote and they

will in arizona

and don't forget if you look at what

they're doing in nevada

no signatory you take a look at the


and there's no verification of signature

letter i don't know if you do that but

there's no

verification of signatures so they don't

even know who's going to sign this

they have literally a clause that you

don't have to verify the signature that

they don't have to do

so right there it's no good it's


uh two two votes in an envelope in a

single envelope

if this is a thing that will be a

disaster like never before so

uh we'll see what the court has to say

about it arizona's

been doing this for a long time and it's

been refined uh

even if if nevada wanted to do it well

they wouldn't have enough time

i'm sure the post office doesn't have

enough time millions of ballots all of a

sudden coming out of nowhere

you know voting starts in a very short

period of time

so in florida they've done a good job in

arizona they've done a good job but

they've been doing this thing and

refining it for years

this is something that's putting but

think of this no verification of the


well who's going to sign it they don't

even verify who's going to sign it

so it's uh i'm sure the courts will uh

treat it very fairly let's see what

happens thank you over

thank you sir here you very much