Brooklyn mobster reportedly becomes new boss of Gambino crime family !

you know what time it is another mob

story two in one day

must be a good day Brooklyn mobster

reportedly becomes new boss of Gambino

crime family the Gambino crime family

has a new boss as first reported by

Jerry capisci in his gang man column

Lorenzo Menino has now reportedly become

the new leader of the nation's

best-known Mafia family Menino who has

been living in Bensonhurst section of

Brooklyn since his release from prison

in 2004 replaces Francisco Frankie boy

Cali who was fatally shot outside his

home in March according to the feds

Menino is a powerful figure in the

family Sicilian faction and has been

part of the top administration for past

several years some say them Dominika

italian dom cefalu is still the boss

Bubba Nino is the real leader even if he

doesn't have the official title Michael

Mikey boy Paradiso who spent about 25

years behind bars during a crime spree

that lasted 55 plus years is serving as

the family's consigliere or a number

three man in the family hierarchy I want

to thank my friend also let's just say

his name is mr. B spoke he sent me some

information he's the one that put me on

to the article so salute to you mr. B

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