Elections Explained: What does the lieutenant governor do?

Minnesota has five constitutional

offices there's statewide officials who

serve four-year terms and they're all on

the ballot this fall but other than the

governor do you know much about what

they do we're going to explain each of

those other constitutional offices in 60

seconds or less the lieutenant governor

is second in command to the governor and

usually they're a close pair the

lieutenant governor and governor are

most often from the same party and they

run alongside each other on the ballot

once they're in office the duties of the

lieutenant governor are a bit more

open-ended in the Constitution the main

role of the lieutenant governor is

taking over for the governor if they die

fall ill or incapacitated in some

serious way and can't execute the duties

of their office while the lieutenant

governor has few specific official

duties prescribed in law the governor

can appoint them to lead a state agency

they can also serve on several state

boards and commissions and many

lieutenant governor's cover their own

policy initiatives to work on while

they're in office lieutenant governor's

can also participate in negotiations

with the legislature and serve as a

surrogate for the governor traveling

across the state to promote their agenda