Is Britain's Real Monarch Living in Australia?

today I'm going to discuss a theory that

was made popular in the 2004 documentary

Britain's real monarch you can view that

documentary right here on youtube by

following the link in the description

britain's real monarch was hosted by

actor Tony Robinson who is best known

for playing Baldrick in the show Black

Adder in the documentary he argues that

the current queen is not the legitimate

monarch and that the rightful monarch is

actually a rather ordinary guy living in

Australia so I'm going to show you some

family trees in order to explain the

theory and then at the end I'm going to

give you my opinion on it


let's start off with a quick recap of

the Wars of the Roses in the late

medieval period England had a king named

Edward the third from the House of

Plantagenet he had a nice long reign of

fifty years he had five sons but because

of his long life he actually outlived

his first two sons now you might think

that the throne would therefore pass to

his third son

however most European monarchies follow

a system known as primogeniture which

means that whenever possible titles get

passed down from firstborn to firstborn

and so on so the firstborn son of a

firstborn son actually takes precedence

over all of his uncles so when Edward

the third died the throne passed

directly to his grandson richard ii but

richard ii ended up being quite a nasty

king so in 1399 many of the nobles

rallied together and had him deposed now

richard ii did not have any children and

by then

john Duke of Lancaster had died so the

next most senior male in the line of

succession was Henry Bolingbroke who

therefore became King Henry the fourth

and this is where the roots of the Wars

of the Roses began you see at this point

it hadn't yet been firmly established

whether England should follow male-only

primogeniture or whether it should

follow male-preference primogeniture

male-only of course means that only

males can inherit and this is what Henry

the fourth based his claim on being that

he was the next most senior male however

if male-preference had been followed it

would have meant that the line could

pass through a female so long as that

female did not have any brothers so

being that Philippa here was

an only child under the male-preference

system the throne should have passed

through her now she was actually dead by

$13.99 and so was her firstborn son


but Roger had a son named Edmund who was

living at the time

so really the throne should have gone

straight from Richard ii to Edmund but

it didn't it went to Henry the fourth

and then it went to Henry the fifth and

then it passed on to Henry the sixth but

by this point the situation had changed

first of all Edmund died childless

however he had an older sister who had a

son named Richard

so when Edmund died Richard became the

most senior person in this line and not

only could Richard claim that he was the

legitimate King of England based on the

male preference rules he also happened

to be a direct male only line descendent

of Edward the third through his father

so based on these facts the Wars of the

Roses began the Yorkists represented by

the white rose argued that Richard was

the true king the Lancastrians

represented by the red rose defended

King Henry the sixth now if you were to

just look up here at the sons of Edward

the third you might think that well

Lancaster comes before York and

therefore the Lancaster's were more

senior however the Yorkists did not

stake their claim based on their York

roots they based it instead on this

female line here initially the

Lancastrians held on to power and

Richard of York and his second son

Edmund were killed but the eldest son

continued to fight and eventually scored

a big victory he became king in 1461

Henry the sixth managed to take back the

throne briefly but then Edward the

fourth won again so with the Yorkist win

it looked like things were back on track

but when Edward the fourth

dined things got complicated yet again

his son Edward v was only 12 at the time

so basically his uncle Richard over here

was left in charge and before the young

boy was crowned uncle Richard dropped a


he claimed the Edward the fourth had had

a secret first marriage and that

therefore Edward v and his siblings were

all illegitimate being that their

parents marriage was illegal

suddenly young Edward and his brother

Richard went missing never to be seen


and Richard the third was named King now

you might ask why did the throne pass to

Richard when there was a more senior

line here well you see George had fought

alongside the Lancastrians and although

he was later forgiven for this he later

became involved in a plot against his

older brother and was executed for

treason at the same time he was stripped

of all his titles which meant that his

descendants became illegitimate as well

so this left Richard as the only

remaining heir which brings us to Henry

the seventh and the tutors Henry had

several ties to the Lancastrians

his father was the half-brother of Henry

the sixth and through his mother he was

actually a descendant of John Duke of

Lancaster albeit through a non royal

line originally John Beaufort was

considered illegitimate because his

mother was a mistress of the Duke of

Lancaster when he was born however John

was later declared legitimate bona

Richard the second and then later Henry

the fourth said yeah he's legitimate but

he and his descendants are never allowed

to be in the line of succession

so Henry's case for becoming King was

not really based on his descent from

Edward the third instead it was based on

two other things first it was based on

the right of conquest which means that

he and his are

fought Richard the third and his armies

and Henry won therefore just like

William the Conqueror he became king by

force but second in order to cement his

claim even further he married Elizabeth

of York daughter of Edward the fourth he

convinced people that this marriage had

in fact been legal and that the whole

story of the first wife had been made up

by Richard the third in order to seize

the throne this made Elizabeth

the most senior heir according to the

male preference rules and it also meant

that all of their future descendants

would have a better claim to the throne

than anyone else so this marriage was

seen as the end of the Wars of the Roses

a unification of the Yorkist side with

the Lancastrian side and this was

symbolized by the tudor rose which

combined the white rose with the red

rose so again things were back on track

from this point we get the rest of the

Tudor monarchs before the throne then

passes to the Stuart's this was the

point in which England and Scotland

began to share a monarch but remember

the Stewart's did not take the throne of

England by force they were actually the

most senior descendants of Henry the

seventh after Henry the eighth's line

died out the later hanover monarchs

which include queen victoria were all

direct descendants of this line although

there's the whole Jacobite debate and if

you're interested in that I've got a

separate video on that topic which I'll

link to in the description after the

Hanover's you get the house of

saxe-coburg and Gotha which ended up

changing its name to windsor and the

current monarch of the United Kingdom

queen elizabeth ii is the current head

of that house and the most senior

descendant of the hanover line according

to the rules of male-preference

primogeniture so Queen Elizabeth sits on

the throne today because she's a direct

descendant of this guy and of this guy

and of this guy and of course this guy

and if we were to go back even further

we could also trace things back to

William the Conqueror Alfred the Great

and even Charlemagne okay with that

background we're now ready to talk about

the documentary Britain's greatest

monarch Tony Robinson's theory is based

not on the claim that Edward the fourths

children were illegitimate but that

Edward the fourth himself was

illegitimate and all of it is based on

the timing of Edward the fourths

birth Edward the fourth was born on

April 28th 14:42 in France while his

father was there fighting in the Hundred

Years War but according to some records

from the time Edwards father was off

fighting at a location about 100 miles

from where his mother was living for

about a five-week period around the time

in which Edward the fourth was likely

conceived the conclusion is that his

mother must have had an affair and that

Edwards father was there for someone

else if this was true Edward would

indeed be illegitimate and if he was his

children would also be illegitimate

including Elizabeth of York and that

means that everyone else from this point

forward would also be illegitimate or at

least not as senior because on his own

Henry the seventh could only claim the

throne based on conquest not on

genealogy so we would have no tutors no

Stewart's no Hanover's no Windsor's no

Queen Elizabeth the second so if this

theory were true who would be the

rightful monarch well that's the

question that the documentary Britain's

real monarch answers and it starts with

George Duke of Clarence who as I

mentioned earlier was executed and

stripped of all his titles by Edward the

fourth but if Edward the fourth was an


then George really didn't commit treason

did he and if Edward the fourth was an

illegitimate King he didn't really have

the right to strip anyone of his titles

did he so if we put George Duke of

Clarence back in the line of succession

his line suddenly becomes the most

senior one George had a son Edward who

died childless as the last male only

line member of the Plantagenet dynasty

and how did he die he was executed by

none other than Henry the seventh who

worked hard to get rid of any possible

rivals for the throne

Edward did have a younger sister though

and through her the line continued

eventually the line married into the

Hastings family and therefore they

inherited the earldom of Huntington in

fact when Elizabeth the first was queen

and the nobles were wondering who her

successor should be Henry Hastings was

actually one of the people considered he

of course wasn't chosen though and he

actually died childless so the line then

continued through his younger brother

George eventually we get to the point

where there wasn't a son to inherit so

the line continued through the rod and

Hastings family John Rawdon having been

an Irish nobleman from there we come to

Edith rod and Hastings who inherited the

earldom of Loudoun in Scotland

she married Charles Abney Hastings and

had a son named pollen and now we're

getting fairly close to the present

pollen was followed by his daughter

Edith Edith only son died in world war

two so the line continued through her

daughter Barbara instead Barbara was a

member of the House of Lords until 1999

and passed away in 2002 her eldest son

was named Michael and it is Michael who

appears in the documentary Britain's

real monarch Michael moved to Australia

when he was a

tene and ended up living as a farmer

there for the rest of his life in the

documentary Tony Robinson tracks down

Michael in Australia walks up to his

front door and gives him the news

Michael finds the whole thing very

interesting but doesn't sail off to

London with an army to claim his

supposed throne the documentary was

filmed in 2004 and Michael passed away

in 2012 his eldest son Simon is

therefore the current Earl of Loudon and

the most senior living heir of George

Duke of Clarence so if one accepts that

Edward the fourth was illegitimate then

the argument is that Simon Abney

Hastings is therefore britain's real

monarch okay so what do I think of all

of this well first of all let me say

that for any country at any given time

the real monarch is always the one who

is actually sitting on the throne

genealogy is of course important but

what is even more important for a

monarch is the support of the people in

the past this mostly meant the support

of the nobles if the nobles were happy

the armies were happy and if the armies

were happy you got to stay on the throne

nowadays it's a bit more complex so long

as the population of a country is happy

with its monarchy the monarchy is likely

to continue and it's actually the

Parliament that gives legitimacy to the

monarch not having the perfect bloodline

that all being said were Edward the

fourth and his children legitimate or

not well we'll never be 100% certain but

my opinion is that he was in fact the

true son of Richard of York and that his

marriage to Elizabeth Woodville was in

fact legal several historians have

looked into the claims made in the

documentary Britain's real monarch and

have countered that based on travel

speeds length of gestation cord politics

and so forth it is actually more likely

that Edward was legitimate

it is that he was not claims of

illegitimate she did surface at the time

likely due to all of this family rivalry

but if those claims were true they

likely would have been fairly easy to

prove at the time and therefore Edward

the fourth would never have become King

but he did and again I'm not saying that

we can know all of this for sure but I

think it's safer to assume that he was

legitimate than to assume that he was

not and even if he was not there's still

the fact that Henry the seventh claimed

the throne based on conquest and that he

was accepted by the people at the time

just like every other monarch after him

well except for Charles the first and

there's also the fact that we have over

500 more years of British monarchs from

1485 to today and that the current queen

is certainly more connected to all of

those famous monarchs than simon avenue

hastings is and who's to say that

there's not some break in the chain

somewhere in this line that we don't

know about so sorry Simon I've got

nothing against you you're a handsome

guy but I'm gonna stick with Queen

Elizabeth for now thanks for watching