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the newly appointed postmaster general

louis de joy has found himself at the

center of a political firestorm

one with far-reaching election


stepping into the role back in june he

implemented a series of controversial

changes that has many wondering whether

he's part of a deliberate attempt to

disrupt mail in voting during a pandemic

a charge he denies so who is louis de


he was born and raised in brooklyn and

after graduating from stetson university

with a business degree

he planned to work as a cpa instead he

took over his father's small and failing

truck business and turned it into a

multi-million dollar logistics company

as ceo and chairman of new breed


dejoy spent decades working with the u.s

postal service and companies like

verizon and boeing

in 2014 he sold the company to xpo

logistics for 615 million dollars

where he served as ceo for another year

in change and on the board of directors

until 2018.

he and his wife have significant

financial ties to companies that

contract with or compete with the u.s

postal service

such as the shipping company ups and the

trucking company jb

hunt according to filings with the

office of government ethics

and while federal records show de joy

divested his stock in ups

before becoming postmaster general he

still owns a large equity stake in his

old employer xpo logistics

also a postal service contractor de joy

also donated more than 1.2 million

dollars to the trump victory fund and

roughly 360 000

of those dollars were donated in january

and february of this year alone

just months before his appointment his

dollars have also found their way into

the halls of congress

contributing generously to the campaigns

of republicans in both chambers

including missouri senator josh hawley

who sits on the senate committee that

has jurisdiction

over usps and prior to becoming

postmaster general

dejoy was overseeing fundraising for the

republican national convention

supporters of dejoy say his business

experience is what the usps needs to

become financially stable

the institution loses billions of

dollars every year

since taking over dejoy has eliminated


and instructed mail carriers to leave

behind late mail

and avoid making extra trips the changes


unprecedented delays and the usps warns

the majority of states that the agency

will not be able to fulfill

mail-in ballot requests before november

3rd the day of the presidential election

but on tuesday he announced he'd suspend

the new initiatives until

after the election including reinstating

overtime on an as needed basis

even so on wednesday exclusive new

images obtained by nbc

news appear to show high volume mail

sorting machines cast aside in iowa

they appeared to be out of service and

dismantled despite assurances from usps

that the machines were being reallocated

dejoy will likely have to answer for

such revelations when he faces congress

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