Meet the New President of UN General Assembly, Tijjani Mohammad-Bande


my Freeman product is poverty

eradication quality education and



there are urgent concerns and what is

over say climate and our slowness in

addressing they need to reduce emissions

when we quibble over over some of the

things worsens our dependent I think

these are things we remind others and

then in terms of the whole notion that

as a representative of member states we

should show respect to others because

they are here because they are also

numbers and they have avoided they have

things to say which we must listen to

and it is only through this approach

that were able to achieve results low

performance in achieving some results

has created a lot of tension and I think

this is what we need to every -

small steps that add up if we do them in

a consistent way where we have better

coordination among say the agency's

organs caucus are generous and it's good

to counsel other bodies as well I think

this is a medicine and again as I repeat

is not something completely new these

are things that are around but let us

now go beyond simply restating them to

intact positive steps to implement so

that let us see that in the net five

years is a different kind of

conversation we should be having

concerning synergy concerning ability to

join efforts to achieve results

so it is an important moment and it

should remind us of as to the purpose it


if limitations on its view and its

promise and this promise is what we

should always keep in mind