10 Cute Kids Who Aged Badly


Macaulay Culkin's stole America's heart

in roles like home alone and Richie Rich

in the mid-90s the guy was so popular he

even hung out with Michael Jackson from

time to time at the height of his fame

he was regarded as the most successful

child actor in generations

but then drugs and alcohol started to

play a major role in his life in 2004 he

was arrested for possession of

controlled substances including

marijuana and xanax now at the age of 35

after years of drug abuse

he makes us want to smack the sides of

our face and scream lark Voorhies whose

real name is lark all away started

acting at the age of two she landed her

breakout role playing Lisa turtle the

teenage fashionista from Saved by the


for he's was such a hottie that she

appeared in multiple R&B music videos

playing the love interest of boys to men

Montell Jordan and drew Hill but she is

almost unrecognizable today the 42 year

old has undergone an unfortunate

transformation over the years despite

reports in the tabloids she is not

suffering from lupus and she never said

she wasn't black

but her caked on makeup is cosmetically

questionable and her atrocious wigs put

her in the category of unbecoming Haley

Joel Osment was the adorable kid who saw

dead people in the sixth sense and the

Android child of Steven Spielberg's AI

back in the early 2000s it seemed like

he had the world in his hands but then

the child actor syndrome started to kick

in in 2006 he flipped his car after

hitting a mailbox resulting in a broken

rib and a fractured shoulder blade Osman

pleaded no contest to misdemeanor

driving under the influence of alcohol

and misdemeanor drug possession that

earned him three years probation and a

Hokie looking mugshot that went viral on

the Internet Haley's a big boy now still

playing roles for TV video games and

movies Taran Noah Smith was the youngest

brother on the hit show home-improvement

starring Tim Allen although Jonathan

Taylor Thomas was the teenage heartthrob

Taran was the darling little brother

that made America go ahh

but then he grew up in 2012 Smith was

charged with DUI and

session of hash he pled guilty to the

drug possession charge and pled no

contest to the DUI charge although he

was the cute kid on a sitcom his failed

marriages in drunk driving are the only

things that get him attention anymore

Edward Furlong was a former child star

that landed his breakout role as John

Connor in the blockbuster Terminator 2

Judgment Day he turned out fine right

wrong in 2001 he was hospitalized for a

suspected drug overdose in 2004 he was

arrested for public intoxication and

stealing lobsters he still gets acting

jobs from time to time but his physique

took a nosedive now after years of drug

abuse jail sentences and a bad diet he

looks like a chubby cracked-out truck

driver Erik per Sullivan played Dewey on

the hit show Malcolm in the Middle

despite Frankie Muniz being the star

Dewey was pretty much everyone's

favorite character the show ended in

2006 and Eric started doing a few acting

gigs here and there but since 2010 he's

all but disappeared from the public eye

for being a millennial he's alarmingly

absent from any kind of social media

which may explain the reason why Google

search results of his name are often

accompanied with dead that makes it

extremely difficult to get a current

picture of him but the ones we do see

aren't flattering in the least Jeremy

Miller was the kid who played Ben Seaver

on the late 80s Early 90s sitcom growing

pains the show catapulted the careers of

Kirk Cameron and Alan Thicke but

Miller's life took a turn for the worse

although he looked like an innocent cute

kid he had a mean streak and apparently

an early age drinking problem

Miller claims that he was drinking at

four years old and got hammered at the

age of 12

soon after the show ended he became a

binge drinker and often recalls nights

where he would blackout he said that

he's thankful he never owned a gun

because he often thought of suicide now

the 39 year old father of three is clean

and sober but one could say that the

years haven't been too kind to him

moisΓ©s alius is a Disney Channel star

best known for playing the cute little

trickster Rico suave on Hannah Montana

since then he's earned a bunch of acting

gigs most notably Bonzo on the film

Ender's Game since his days of youth

he's undergone the complete

transformation his cute factor didn't

really translate well into adulthood and

it doesn't help that he prefers the just

got out of bed

he's now 21 and a little confused about

what to do with his hair need a cute kid

in a movie called Charlie Coors mow he's

best known for his role as the son of

Peter Pan in the Robin Williams movie

hook he also played the rambunctious kid

in the film Dick Tracy for some reason

after only seven films he decided he

didn't want to do it anymore either VAT

or his phone stopped ringing although we

may not be a hit with the ladies as far

as looks are concerned but guy is super

smart he earned a degree in physics at

MIT in 2000 and a law degree from Yale

in 2006

now the 37 year old is a law professor

at a university in Cleveland talk about

brains over beauty Steven Anthony

Lawrence was beens The Annoying

bacon-loving next-door neighbor on

Disney's even Stephens the show ended

after three seasons and Lawrence went on

to have roles in the 2003 movie The Cat

in the Hat and 2005 s kicking and

screaming but recently the five-foot-one

balding 25 year old was cited in a

shopping mall in Northern California

dressed up as one of Santa's helpers

fans of the show knew who he was as soon

as they saw him and Instagram selfies

with him were being taken left and right

he says it's really weird I feel like

I've changed so much when I look in the

mirror I don't know how people even

barely recognize me

come on beans no one can forget that

face even if we wanted to