Who is DC Comics Wonder Woman? Powerful Daughter of Zeus!


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talking about Wonder Woman now Wonder

Woman made her debut in all star comics

issue number 8 that was delivered

December 1941 through January 1942 but

her current version was actually debuted

in Wonder Woman volume four issue number

one in November of 2011

now her real name is Diana Prince and

she stands six feet tall and weighs 165

pounds she has blue eyes and black hair

now Wonder Woman has divinely bestowed

strength and durability matching all of

the Olympian gods she also has expertise

in all forms of armed and unarmed combat

Batman actually calling her and I quote

the best melee fighter in the world and

that's quite a compliment coming from

Batman she also has the ability of

flight and she possesses an array of

Amazonian technology now in her

classical form and appearances she used

to display more Amazonian technology

than she does nowadays but she still

always has the lasso of truth which

compels those that are in its coils to

tell the truth she also possesses the

bracelets of victory which actually

helped contain and channel her powers

now of course Wonder Woman became the

queen of the Amazons and the Amazons of

the mascara were created thousands of

years ago by a group of Greek goddesses

who combined their powers to give new

life to the spirits of women that were

killed by men after their first home was

destroyed by Hercules they retreated to

a hidden island where they were charged

with guarding Pandora's box

now Wonder Woman's bracelets are

actually interesting because they were

forged from fragments of Athena's shield

Aegis they're both an indestructible

defense and source of power

now Danna can use them to create weapons

and to channel Zeus's lightning

now Wonder Woman's true powers are equal

to those of Zeus but as I mentioned

earlier her Aegis bracelets actually

keep those in check now Wonder Woman's

lasso of truth

is made from the girdle of the

primordial earth goddess gaya and as its

regularly showned whoever's caught in

the lasso is compelled to tell the truth

the whole truth and nothing but the

truth it's also virtually unbreakable

now Wonder Woman is vies as Athena

stronger than Hercules fast as Hermes

and it's beautiful as Aphrodite she is

the daughter of Zeus she's also a

goddess of war queen of the Amazons and

a founding member of the Justice League

after a childhood learning the arts of

war on the island of dermis gear she

ventured into the world of mortals as

the Amazons ambassador of peace and

became a powerful ally of Superman Diana

also abides by strict ethical code that

forbids the killing of other human

beings now it should be noted that

although she refuses to kill humans

she's more than willing and able to

bloody her sword against supernatural

armies but ultimately her goal is to

protect the earth and to have peace and

harmony between all nations men and


now although Diana was the daughter of

Zeus and Queen Hippolyta her original

origins were hidden for decades to

protect her from the wrath of Zeus his

wife Hera who was well known for hunting

down and killing her husband's

illegitimate children this gave rise to

the legend that he pallida had sculpted

Diana from clay the Amazons believe this

to be true and to the facts were

revealed by strife sister of the God of

War Ares after Diana had grown to

womanhood as a child she was tutored by

Ares in the art of war but her training

was cut short when she was deemed a

failure because of her belief in mercy

and compassion this would become a

cornerstone of her principles when she

reached adulthood and ventured out into

the world Wonder Woman's exploits are

well known throughout the decades too

many comic book fans especially her

being a founding member of Justice

League it's also noteworthy that she

began a relationship with Superman and

when the woman's relationship to him

actually caused tension in the original

Justice League and that indirectly led

to the creation of Amanda Waller's

competing Justice League of America

now due to Wonder Woman's powers and

abilities in her influence on the DC


I'll give her a 1 to 10 rating of 10

which is a legendary rating I hope

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