Defense lawyer Worrick Robinson delivers closing arguments in Vandy rape case

when I first got this case started

looking at it and I saw these videos and

I saw these pictures

I could imagine

what happened how could this have

happened how did this kid get caught up

in this and I figured out that what I

was doing was I was looking at this case

through 51 year old lenses a 51 year old

brain 51 year old eyes 51 year old life

experiences but that's not how we can

look at this case we have to I had to

look at this case like a 19 year old

college kid at Vanderbilt University

every one before you got on this juries

agreed that our culture shapes our

decisions it's part of our environment

it drives us in what we do it's all

around us every day and my culture is

not the Vanderbilt college culture it's

different but our culture defines what

is acceptable and not acceptable what

might be moral in my culture or immoral

in my culture might be very moral very

standard in a college kid culture what's

what's a culture that we're all involved

in daily the speed of the traffic coming

in if you take the interstate it's

generally 55 miles an hour a lot of

times the traffic flow is 60 to 65 I see

the sign it's 55 but I'll stay in the

flow of the traffic at 62 65 is it wrong

is it against the law yeah but it's the

culture that I'm driving in just driving

in on my way to work

so what is the culture the culture we

see for these kids it affects them

absolutely it's a different culture than

I understand where it's like friends

with benefits or it's like smashing

words like well no it's just argument I

must be saying the right things because

they keep getting objections but the

culture we see and the culture these

kids have and what they do the language

where they're going what they do it's

all part of their culture it's not part

of our culture but that's the way I had

to look at this with not the 51 year old

eyes and brains I have I had to see what

they understand and what they're doing

our culture is shaped by many different

things I talked about this in my opening

it's not only music country music rap

music R&B it shakes our culture our kids

grow up because and they want to be like

the people they see on TV they want to

be like the artists that are our singing

they want to be like the people on TV

they see shows like Jersey Shore they

see shows like redneck ah it's on CMT

you can't think of the name

they say see these shows and they think

it's funny and these shows glorified

drinking they glorified sex they

glorified promiscuous sex they glorify

acting out they glorify multiple

partners smashing hooking up and that's

why the kids want to grow up so what was

the culture for Cory Beatty culture

encouraged underage drinking drinking in

your room then going to a party and then

going to another party you stay out late

you get drunk you have sex it's not

important if you remember it it actually

seems to be funnier or more

light-hearted or laughable if you don't

remember we saw in the video this

surveillance video from Vanderbilt

University we saw signs of excessive the

excessive consumption of alcohol which

is exactly what Cory matey did