Vic Fangio Introduced as Broncos' Head Coach

all set to go good afternoon everybody

today is a special and exciting day for

the Denver Broncos and on behalf of Pat

Bowlen our entire organization our fans

we'd like to welcome coach Vic Fangio to

the Denver Broncos and to our community

ten days ago John Elway began the very

important task of finding us the next

head coach to lead our team he

interviewed several candidates the

process was exhaustive thorough and very

very thoughtful and I really want to

commend John his staff the guys that

helped him mark who's Patrick Smyth and

Matt Russell but solely to John I just

thanked him for a really a thorough

understanding of how this needed to be

conducted and following through on it

with every detail in talking to John

Tuesday I could clearly see his

enthusiasm and excitement and conviction

that Vic was the right coach

to lead us into the future and yesterday

I met with Vic for about 30 minutes and

it's clear that his experience his

intelligence his attention to detail and

his ability to teach players and put

them in a position to be successful came

through in my conversation with him so

at this time I'm going to turn it over

to John and Vic welcome aboard

Thank You Jo and welcome everybody we're

thrilled to welcome Vic Fangio as our

next head coach of the Denver Broncos

I'd like to say thank you we interviewed

four other

tremendous candidates who all did a

tremendous job and I want to thank them

for the time and every other time that

they spent with us and they all did a

tremendous job and at some point time

they'll all be head coaches this thing

I'm sure and so I want to thank them

very much I'd like to say I know the

game within the NFL is is changing and

but I believe that things that still are

about what football is all about to me

is what Vic Fangio is all about and what

is that I believe that football is still

built from the ground up

and I think Vic is built from the ground

up now what do I mean by that discipline

accountability he holds his team to high

standards emphasis on teaching technique

fundamentals blocking tackling those are

all the basis of what the NFL still

about even though the games changing and

the thing adds when we had a chance to

sit down with Vic all those things I

just talked about were his emphasis and

how we under his team and how he gets

his team going in the right direction

and it starts from the mountain from the

ground up not only that then you get to

the board and you have the X's though on

the board and there's a tremendous a lot

of tremendous coaches it's sort of great

at X's knows but Vic's background on the

defensive side is is unmatched and the

success that he's had on the defensive

side is unmatched and so we're thrilled

I'm thrilled that Vic is our next head

coach I believe he is exactly what we

needed when it comes down to the things

I've talked about when it talks about

the attention to detail and the one

thing and I'm sure you're all here many

many times from here on out and the one

thing that stuck out from me in his

interview was he talked about death by

inches and that has always stood out it

will always stand up and I'm sure you're

gonna hear him say it many times but

death by inches is when you keep taking

an inch and you keep taking an inch and

you keep taking an inch those inches add

up and when those inches add up you're

in the losing program and he says I

promise you we will not kill ourselves

by inches and I thought that was the

best thing that he had said and in the

interview and so as I said I'm thrilled

that Vic Toews us and we chose Vic and

I'm glad to introduce our 17th head

coach of the Denver Broncos to you Vic



thank you everybody for being here today

I have a few things I need to get

through before I open it up to your

questions I want to thank John Joe and

the entire Denver organization for the

honor of being the head coach of the

Denver Broncos

it is a privilege first and foremost and

a responsibility that is going to get my

maximum effort 24/7 John has been great

through this process and I look forward

to us building that bond that will get

us through the adversities that we will

eventually come across that are not

inevitable in the NFL and eventually

getting us to the mountaintop I also

want to thank Pat Bowlen and his entire

family for making the Broncos one of the

flagship franchises in this league I've

been in the NFL since 1986 and I know

that the Broncos only one other

franchise in this league has been one

more Super Bowls and been to more Super

Bowls and I accept the responsibility of

leading us to more I have to give some

further thanks to some people that have

helped me throughout my career I first

want to thank the Chicago Bears Virginia

and George McCaskey for running a

honorable and first-class operation

there it was a great experience for me

there and I had nothing but good things

and good feelings from leaving there and

you can thank George I talked to George

yesterday and I said George can I do the

press conference tomorrow and my grey

sweats he calls it my great business

suit he said no you can't do that so he

gave me this tie to wear so this tie is

compliments of George McCaskey and the

Chicago Bears I want to thank Matt Nagy

and Ryan pace for all their support

through this process of the last few

days and their great leadership that

they've provided the Chicago Bears that

finally culminated in a good season this

year seeing Matt become a first time

head coach this year and also run the

offense besides being the head coach has

been a great resource for me for what

I'm about to undertake

and he did a tremendous job for the

Chicago Bears and the Bears are lucky to

have him I want to thank my parents for

doing something right and raising me to

get me to this point my father did pass

27 years ago but there's not a day go by

that I don't think of him at some point

then my 92 year old mother is back in

Pennsylvania and if it's snowing there

today she's out there shoveling the snow

I want to thank Jack Kansas my high

school coach for his passion and

excellence in football and in coaching

it is what motivated me and strived I

caught his passion for the game and I

decided from that point on that I wanted

to be a football coach

I want to thank Jim Moore who were who I

worked for for 14 years in pro football

he gave me my first opportunity at a

very young age because he saw something

in me and he believed in me and I want

to thank him for that I want to thank

Joe Marciano a fellow coach who looked

out for me before I was in pro football

and was helping me along the way in my

journey and introduced me to Jim Mora

without that relationship I had with Joe

and the introduction to Jim Moore maybe

I wouldn't be here today to all the head

coaches that I have worked for and all

the assistant coaches I have worked with

my sincere thanks you know it's never a

one man's job it's a lot of people

working together for one common goal

finally to all the players that I have

worked with this would have never been

possible without them buying into me and

ultimately their great play that they

put on the field for our team's special

thanks to the great group I just left in

Chicago it's a special group a group

that I thoroughly enjoyed coaching and

we'll miss coaching the great groups in

San Francisco right before that for all

their great play and what they have

meant for me all the way back to the

linebackers in New Orleans in 1986 when

I started coaching better known as the

dome Patrol what those guys did for me

I set the bar high and some you know

once the bar is set high then you don't

accept much less so when I'm looking at

players I know what a good player looks

like because these guys set the bar high

behind every successful coach are good

players who execute the plan and believe

in the team good teams have good players

but great teams have great teammates and

we will be obsessed with building that

here one of the coolest things that's

happened for me over the last week or so

up until be accepting this job here is

the amount of texts and calls that I

have received from former players I have

been with all the way back to 1986

through the current players with the

Bears great relationships last the

lifetime and I'm looking forward to

building some of those here and moving

forward with the Broncos rather than me

pontificating up here I would like to

open it up to your guys questions what

was what was the most enticing thing

about this job in this opportunity and

secondly what is your plan at

quarterback well it's hard to pick out

one thing that was most enticing so I'll

name a few one the tradition of this

franchise which I mentioned you know Pat

Bowlen and his family and the work that

he put in through uplifting this

franchise to the level it's at you know

is unmatched in the NFL and it's always

been looked upon that way me from the

other people in the NFL so to join this

organization the great fan base they

have they have a record number of

sellouts in all the sports something

along those lines in the tradition and

those are some of the things that

attracted me to this job and your second

question was well right now Case Keenum

is our quarterback and I've had the good

fortune or misfortune since I'm standing

here good fortune of seeing him at the

best in history

when he played for Minnesota last year

being in our division at the time so I

know what he's capable of and we're

gonna try and get that out of him Vic

what makes you ready now you've been

successful for three decades but you

hadn't interviewed for a while why do

you what makes this right why are you

ready and was it because you weren't a

self-promoter maybe you weren't in this

position years ago well that's a long

there's a long answer that but basically

I've always felt I've never fit the

match of the profile of what certain

teams were looking for or you know I was

with teams that weren't succeeding at

that time fortunately I matched the

profile of what John was looking for and

we formed a good marriage coach what

role will gary kubiak have in your

organization right here coach sorry what

what role will Gary Gary Kubiak have

none of the assistant coaching positions

have been determined yet and until

things are ironed out and ironclad I'd

prefer not to comment on that but Gary's

a hell of a coach he's a guy that I have

respected throughout my career in the

NFL having competing against him at

several stops and him at several stops

and if Gary's interested then I'm

interested Vic the the view and the

responsibilities are always different

when you move into the bigger office I'm

guessing through the years you've

envisioned what type of head coach you

will be can you share with us the

description of Vic Fangio head coach

well I mean you guys will be here daily

with us once we get back on the field

and you'll be able to figure that out

yourself but we're not going to cut any

corners okay we're gonna I'm a

fundamental coach I think the game of

the NFL everybody thinks has changed and

it's a high-scoring league etc etc etc

what fundamentals is still what wins

wins in this league and I'm gonna stress

those we're not going to cut any corners

there will be no death by inches

we're gonna stress fundamentals hey BEC

end of the game Sunday less than your

about 12 hours later you have the

interview at the Broncos how big of a

challenge was it that's a reset and and

get ready for that interview well you

know obviously there's the

disappointment and the sudden end of the

season and the shock of the game those

emotions you have to get through once

the game was over

I went back to my office after a few

hours of mourning and put together

something to present to John and his

guys and it was easy for me because I

didn't have to make a fancy presentation

I just took the stuff that I used daily

and yearly so I didn't have to work too

hard to do that but it's been a world

when and but it's had a happy ending

coach how would you determine success in

your first year here with the Broncos

that we might buy determination of

success ultimately everybody will look

to the win-loss record what is my goal

and purpose to make every individual

player improve and get better if we do

that within his position group that

position group will be better if we do

that that side of the ball whether it be

often special teams or defense will be

better and ultimately will have a better

team which will lead to a better record

okay so you got to start from the ground

up okay so we're trying to get better

every day Vic when John looked at you

and said what are your plans on offense

for example what what did you say or

what constitutes your philosophy on


what we talked about an offensive

philosophy and I believe in balance but

balance immediately comes to your mind

run pass there's other things that are

need to be balanced in offensive play

do you throw it short intermediate deep

do you run it inside outside have

deceptive do you run gap schemes zone

schemes are you play action movement

passing game so when I say balanced I'm

not necessarily talking about how many

runs how many passes you need to have

balance within your passing game and in

your running game ok I know that from

having to defend it so that's what we're

looking to do coach right here

congratulations on becoming the head

coach first and foremost in your

coaching experience what are keys to

developing young talent by doing a great

job of coaching them now what does that

mean first off you start from the ground

up you give them their assignments and

then once they've mastered their

assignments you now teaching the correct

techniques to execute those assignments

sounds simple sounds like a stock answer

but that's what it is if you do a great

job of coaching them and the players

will realize that they will buy in and

they will execute for you to the maximum

of their abilities yeah coach your

defense went to another level when you

got Khalil Mack and ro Quan Smith do you

see similarities here with Von Miller

and I know it's a different position but

Bradley Chubb and what this defense can

be well obviously we have starting off

two good players on the outside you know

Von Miller it can be one of the rare

players in this league much like Khalil

is that I'm looking forward to working

with both of them I Radleys a guy that

we had high grades on also in Chicago

last year and I'm aware that he had a

good season this year that's my position

of expertise when I'm coaching a

position and those guys are going to get

coached by their position coach but

they're gonna give it a little extra for

me too and we're going to try and take

them both

to bigger and better levels and I think

Vaughn Miller can play even better than

he's played in his career Vic what's

your 92 your mother's name and does she

let you wear your gray sweats to the

dinner table at her house her name is

Alice yeah once you hit a certain age

I've kind of when I go back to visitor

her iron hand she's lost her iron hand

over me but she's still very active

walks everywhere very active very sharp

and she's getting she's gonna outlive a

bunch of us in this room what's that

absolutely since my father has best he

might have lacked me if I did

Vic with NFL offense is kind of trending

towards a lot of college trends and

things like that how have you sort of

changed the way that you've coached and

the way you schemed how much have you

even late kind of in your coaching

tenure it's you know we have to evolve

on defense to defend what the offenses

are doing so there has been evolution I

don't want to get into the exact X and

hoe details because you probably

wouldn't understand them anyway and I

don't want to give an opponent and any

insight into my thinking but it has

involved in evolution and the biggest

evolution in football that's happened in

the last few years is you don't see full

backs on the field much which I'm not

saying is right or wrong you're seeing

three wide receivers on the field most

of the time I believe in Chicago this

past year we defended 82 or 3% of the

plays we were on defense there was three

wide receivers on offense so that to me

is the biggest change in football so

you've substituted a either a fullback

or a second tight end with a third wide

receiver so the games

trended towards the speed of the wide

receivers and spread in and out coaches

being an NFL head coach something you've

dreamed about for a while and what might

make this a dream job I don't want to

use the word dream it's obviously

something I thought about throughout my

career at various times but I was

comfortable enough from my own skin that

it didn't have to happen I was happy

with being a defensive coordinator in

the NFL for close to 20 years if they

such a good situation ever arise and I

matched what a certain team was looking


I'd be all-in and I believe I found that

here and I'm all-in coach obviously lots

of Broncos fans are excited you're here

but it's my understanding that

everywhere you've been the baseball team

in that city has done fairly well the

Cubs win the World Series the Giants the

Astros go to the World Series you're a

Phillies fans here at big baseball guys

that good news for the Rockies it should

be I'd be happy if I were them I mean

the Cubs broke a hundred and some year

jinx when I got the town the Giants in

San Francisco never want anything and

then they won three out of the five

years I was there they won three World


Houston never won anything went to their

only World Series up until that point so

things might be looking up for the


hey Vic you talked about death by

anxious so what are the things that you

believe in doing on everyday basis you

talked about fundamentals building

attention of detail doing on the

practice field and in meetings to

prevent that death by anxious when you

see a small misdemeanor crime that's an

inch crime you correct it here's what

death by inches means okay if you're

running a meeting whether it be a team


defense defense meeting a new position

coach meeting and a player walks in say

thirty seconds late forty-five seconds

late in that act in and of itself really

has no impact on whether you're gonna

win or lose that week but if you let it


you know the next day there's two or

three guys late or it went from 30

seconds to two minutes and it be causes

an avalanche of problems and that's

death by inches coach as far as becoming

a head coach you mentioned that you had

thought about if it didn't have to


when it did happen what were your

emotions and was your mom one of the

first people you reached out to who did

you reach out to when you officially

became a head coach she was definitely

one of the first I don't remember the

first what was the second part the

emotions the same same emotions that I

had when just amped up you know when I

became a defensive coordinator in 1995

you know your position coach for nine

years in the NFL and now I'm all of a

sudden the defensive coordinator you

always know you can do it or believe you

can do it and it's easy to believe you

can do it when you're not doing it

and then now of a sudden you get the

responsibility and the position it's

like okay you wanted it you got it you

better succeed okay so that that's my

first feeling you know okay I got it

let's go prove it go cha viously for

years you've been calling the defensive

signals as a defensive coordinator if

you continue to do that as a head coach

why in your mind would it be important

for you to continue to call the

defensive signals as the head coach

several reasons one being you know they

hired me because of my work on the

defensive side of the ball and I'm going

to give them my work on the defensive

side of the ball I believe for the most

part I'm pretty good at it

so I'm gonna do it you know there's

several offensive head coaches that

still call plays not all of them but I

will have a staff that I will work close

with they will understand everything we

want to do and are doing and I think

it's important that I do it and I want

to do it and look forward to it Vic if

or when Gary Kubiak is officially named

the offensive coordinator how much do

you think you will lean on him because

of his experience as a head coach

specifically here well you're trying to

you're jumping the gun here a little bit

yeah I think you're just trying to

sideways you know give me

give me a low blow there you know though

I'll answer that when we know more but

I'll answer the thought behind your

question you know Matt naggy first time

head coach in Chicago this year and

everybody thought and even Matt said it

when we first met him I'm gonna lean on

you and all your experiences to help get

me through this if I need to well he

leaned on me two or three times you know

so whoever we have on the staff and

their experiences if I have to lean on

them more than a few times then I'm in


coach when you began your coaching

career in 1979 what were your career

goals and aspirations at that time good

question when I started coaching all I

wanted to do was be a teacher a high

school coach and be a head high school

coach eventually that's all I wanted to

do at that time things happen you know

people notice that you're pretty good at

something they tell you you should go

try and do this and so you put yourself

out there take a job at a you know lower

level college go to another higher and

you know and the ball starts happening

but and the rest is history but I got

into coaching to be a head high school

coach and people noticed me told me I

should do more I tried it and so far

it's been good coach you've been lauded

for attention to detail for making a

team much more discipline what goes into

that how can you make this Broncos team

more discipline than they were last

season well we were you know we had a

lot of great statistical numbers this

past year in Chicago and but one that

gets overlooked by most but not my B is

we were the second least penalized

defense in the NFL this past year and I

I believe I was told today that three

out of the last four years we were in

the top five and least penalized and

there are ways to coach being and what

we're really talking about is execution

you know disciplines of broad term that

people use to loosely we just want to if

you play with good technique you will

avoid being a penalized too many times

okay some penalties are just going to

happen they happen in the competition of

the game some are more avoidable and

we're gonna work hard to avoid those and

there are ways to teach that and

emphasize that and we are going to do

that Vig Khalil Mack I apparently

doesn't talk a lot the meeting about

stuff but he described you in terms of

as an honor to play for you been

described you as an evil genius what did

you think he meant by that I don't know

conflicting words there right evil and

genius I think he meant it as a


obviously I think it's more of a young

person's term these days to combine

those two words but I think Khalil when

he got to us didn't know what to expect

obviously it was under unusual

circumstances you know a week before the

regular season starts and I think what

he was alluding to in a little way was

how quickly he was able to learn our

system and be able to play immediately

and play effectively and not hurt the

team because of his lack of exposure to

training camp etc so I think not to put

words in his mouth was how easy it was

for him to transition in to our system

that we believe is easy to learn is I

believe what he's talking about

Vick how much input do you believe

you'll have in personnel how much would

you like to have in personnel and what

if you and Jon worked out in that regard

well we're gonna work together on all

that stuff I know that's a stock answer

but we're just going to work together on

it Jon out you know when it comes draft

date and when it comes time to pick the

final 53 of the team if there's

arguments or disputes that we can't

settle through thorough discussion its

John's baby