What is Gucci? A Brief History of the Fashion Brand

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Gucci's an Italian fashion house and

luxury retailer founded by Gucci Oh

Gucci in 1921 and now stands at a brand

value estimate of twelve point four

billion dollars

Gucci grew up in a very humble family as

a son of a leather goods maker in

Florence Italy at the time Gucci Oh had

no interest in a family trade and

instead as a team he travelled to London

in Paris taking odd jobs as a waiter or

concierge among these jobs was lift

attendant at the London Savoy Hotel

due to its prestigious standing many of

its patrons were both rich and powerful

thus subjecting Gucci owed to the

elegant and luxurious style they had in

particular their luggage upon returning

to Florence at the age of 40 gucci Oh

was greatly inspired by the fashion he

had experienced that he decided to

follow his father's footsteps and

leather goods opening his first Gucci

shop in 1921 in Florence the recognition

Gucci received was greatly attributed to

his extraordinary level of craftsmanship

and his intriguing designs inspired by

horse racing most notably the horse bit

loafers that Gucci still releases and

riffs on today in 1935 the League of

Nations embargo made it very difficult

for Italy and thus Italian designers

access to leather products forcing gucci

to turn to cloth based products of

canapa hemp on which a tan fabric was

covered with a criss-cross diamond shape

of darker brown this was clearly the

first iteration of the famous gucci

design use today on top of the lack of

leather resources world war ii and it's

heavy rationing requirements that were

abundant in europe forced the brand to

get creative resulting in the iconic

bamboo handle to be released around 1947

these interesting and scrappy choices

helped to establish the brand more fully

in the luxury space shortly after in

1953 gucci Oh Gucci passed away at the

age of 72 a mere 15 days after his son

aldo opened the first Gucci store in the


thus establishing the brand in that

market 1961 marked the inclusion of the

G G monogram into the already

established designs the Gucci brand

establishes a storyline of luxury that

was built from the ground up times of

struggle and hardship that were outside

of their control blossomed into some of

the most well known pieces in the

brand's history and remain relevant in

the world of fashion today as Gucci

stands right now it has emerged as a

juggernaut of the luxury brand world

Alessandra Michele the creative director

of the brand has taken a very

non-traditional angle giving the luxury

space some more Street inspired

items that reach a much broader audience

whoever this has recently had a negative

impact on the brand with a turtleneck

that was released the two consumers very

much resembled black base Gucci has

addressed this issue as an honest

mistake however critics are more

concerned with the lack of diversity

within the company the design like this

was able to make it all the way to

production without any red flags

all in all gucci is a brand that prides

itself on the quality of its products

and the exclusivity of its items the

brand has made a lot of progress in the

merging of traditional luxury and a more

current take on luxury that has made its

brand reach much farther than many

brands that are sticking to their

traditional ways at its heart this is a

story about a young man who was lost and

found inspiration to let him back to the

very craft he had rejected so many years

prior I think the situation is one that

can really resonate with the younger

audience who is just coming to terms

with their calling in life and Gucci in

my opinion is the perfect albeit

expensive reminder of the journey that

we all go through

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