The Room VS The Disaster Artist - Let Me Explain

in 2003 a movie came out that impacted

millions swept up the awards and to this

day is a cultural movement that spreads

from conventions to private gatherings

that movie is of course the room not

that student film of a drama that tried

to ride off of sir widows vision but the

most authentic drama of all time very

view people can produce write direct and

star in their own masterpieces but Tommy

Oh Tommy ain't normal people literally I

think is an alien in it he plays Johnny

who's a banker and also just Johnny Lisa

is this girl and also just Lisa Greg is

Johnny's best friend as well as Greg and

then Danny is the creepiest version of

Roger from Sister Sister mixed with

Kimmy Gibbler and a Johnny Wonka haircut

thing is with the movie that Johnny is

that straight dude who tries to help

everyone else but they just keep

screwing him over he pays for Denny's

tuition thanks for paying my tuition and

yet Danielle's drug money where's my

money mark is his best friend

I'm so happy I have you as my best

friend and he takes his girl who he

would do anything for anything for my

princess but yet she betrays him and

starts spreading all of these lies and

he hit me now as compelling as all of

that is the real mysteries come with all

the side plot lines like well the

grandmas breast cancer go away first or

attitude do these to sneak and freak in

other people's houses to will Peter ever

give football another chance will doggy

get his own spin-off movie well Johnny

shoots himself so we'll never find out

but maybe just maybe the disaster artist

can add a little to the legacy

besides being Franco's attempt to go

back to the Oscars after posting it on

Molly it's also a love letter to the

phenomenon that is the room for those

who have never gone to the midnight

screenings where they throw spoons at

the screen every time you see the frame

spoons in the backgrounds or those who

are just watching this video because

they don't get the cult status this

movie pretty much covers what made it so

bad that it's good that it's a story

about two friends who had something to

prove that started to drift and Johnny

felt betrayed because of that a story

about a dude who wanted to prove to the


and he can make his own movie and follow

his dream even if they doubted him a

dude who put himself out there and even

though they laughed at his vision he had

the final laugh and laughed with them no

one knows where he got his money

no one knows where he was incepted what

year he was created or how he plans to

take over the world but all of those are

irrelevant questions compared to the

true life defining ones that only a

being like Tommy Rizzo is willing to ask

anyway how is your sex life thank you

guys for checking out this video I know

a lot of people talk about the room but

honestly it's one of those things where

if you've seen and maybe you didn't like

it I saw it like once maybe twice by the

third time I thought that thing was a

masterpiece and the disaster artist I

think is a movie that I think a lot of

people should be checking out I think

the message in it is really good I don't

think that your boy deserves to get an

Oscar nomination like a lot of people

are saying because Tommy was those

impersonation Tommy who's those acts and

time ago serves vibe and something that

you just can't replicate other than that

don't forget to let me know your

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