The Doctor of War | Twice Upon A Time | Doctor Who | BBC

Here's what's going to happen. First, I'm going to escape!

You, with me!

-Where are we going? -Escape is not possible.

It is possible

and it is happening and I'm taking Bill and the Captain with me.

Why are you advertising your intentions? Can't you stop boasting for a moment?

-Mr Pastry, too, I could do with a laugh. -Escape is not possible.

Oh, I'm going to do way more than escape.

I'm going to find out who you are and what you're doing.

And if I don't like it, I will come back and I will stop you.

I will stop all of you!

Who the hell do you think you are?

The Doctor.

I am the Doctor. Who you are, I cannot begin to imagine.

Then let us show you, Doctor. See who you will become.



You will be assimilated.

No. No, that's not a good idea!

They all died.

The Doctor has walked in blood through all of time and space.

The Doctor has many names.

Destroyer of the world!

The Imp of the Pandorica, the Shadow of the Valeyard,

the Beast of Trenzalore, the Butcher of Skull Moon,

the Last Tree of Garsennon,

the Destroyer of Skaro.

He is the Doctor of War.

What... What was that?

To be fair, they cut out all the jokes.

Do what I do when I do it!


They are not escaping.


-What do we do now? -Run!

Where? They've got the TARDIS.

Yes, that's exactly what they're supposed to think.

But they do, though, look!

They've got my TARDIS.

-Over to you, Mary Berry. -Come on.

Doctor, is that...

another TARDIS?


No. It's another of the same TARDIS.

-Hang on, the windows are the wrong size! -Inside, quickly!

Take off now!

Deep space, anywhere!

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