Malala Speaks with The Duke and Duchess of Sussex on Day of the Girl

could you hear me as well oh yeah can

you are you just fine

okay great can we start wow

hi everyone today is international day

of the girl

a day where we celebrate what girls can


today i have some very special guests

the duke and duchess of sussex hi

prince harry and megan i am so excited

and honored to have you today with me

and today we'll talk about education and

how we can empower all girls to have


to quality and safe education i was

lucky that i had a father who

believed in me and who allowed me to

have my own voice and to be able to go

to school

and continue learning how was your

childhood and what

role did education play in the growth

and in the learning of both of your


well malala firstly just thank you so

much for having us it's such an

important day

i would say for of course girls all over

the world but for everyone all over the

world because

as you know and as we believe as well

when young girls have

access to education everyone wins and

everyone succeeds it just

opens the door for societal success at

the highest level so we're really happy

to join you today

in terms of education i'm certainly very

grateful that not only did i have the

ability to go to school

at a young age but also to continue in


it's hard to follow that um but i it

we do take it for granted um and it is a

it is a privilege but

every single person every single child

every single young person across the


needs an education to know that there's

over 130

million uh girls out of education

right now before the pandemic and i've

enduring as well i mean numbers are only

going to go up

it worries me it probably worries all of

us the

the effect that that is going to have

not just on the individual but on the


on the community on the country and on

the world at large to be able to raise

our son in a way where

everything about his nourishment is in

terms of

educational substance and how you can

learn and how you can grow

you know having the privilege of being

able to go to school

is something that i think oftentimes is

taken for granted

it's very difficult for a lot of people

to recognize that just the ability to

have a school book

is a luxury for so many people and to

have grown up

where books were plentiful and i could

wet my appetite and continue to learn

when i was within the grounds of the

school or when i was back home

then i'm hugely grateful for the

education that i was lucky enough to


at the time i certainly probably wasn't

as grateful

but looking back on it now i'm very very


with with having such an amazing

opportunity 100

i think it takes boys slightly longer to

understand how important education is


they get there in the end uh and uh you


you're blessed that you have such a

great companion megan uh

megan you have been an advocate for

girls education and women's rights

around the world you have worked with

the association of commonwealth

universities and you have also been

focused on

sanitation in countries like india and

rwanda of all the issues that you could


why did you choose girls education you

know similar to you i think you

see something that is so

critical to be addressed and it's so

critical to be fixed and that by fixing

that one thing you end up

fixing multiple problems and so

you know what i had realized very early

on was that when women have a seat at

the table

conversations in terms of policy change

conversations in terms of

legislation certainly in terms of just

the dynamics of the community are all

shifted and typically when a woman is

present at the table

she's going to be advocating for an

entire family as opposed to a

patriarchal presence

and so when you have to see how do you

get a woman to embrace her voice

well you have to start with where she is

as a young girl part of the reason that

i did the work in

india and also um some work in rwanda as


was to look at learning and education

for young women

and then separately to look at the

hindrances that women in india were


with menstrual health management and the

stigmatization of that

really inhibiting them from being able

to go to school and that alone creates a

ripple effect for your entire life

and prince harry i would like to know

from you as well your focus has been

on the climate change in our environment

do you see the role of education and

especially girls education

in that and how we can use that to

ensure that we tackle the issue of

climate change

the importance of girls education to


climate change is absolutely good and

again with an education provides

provides money provides an income which

makes you

less susceptible to disaster less


so all of these things are so deeply

connected to one another

i think that education at a young age

opens up so many doors and so many

opportunities and so many possibilities

and whether it's whether it's within

science whether it's within government

women are needed more and more to be

able to

fill those gaps because the opportunity


is vast and i think what we know that

the world will benefit

um exponentially from it you know malala

actually it's really interesting we were

thinking about it too in the landscape

of covet

how it's affecting so many people but

you recently graduated from oxford and

that was within the

climate of covid how has that felt for

you in terms of transitioning out of

what was such a

i can only imagine incredibly special

pivotal chapter of your life

and to do it in in this bubble

that we all are living in at the moment

i must say it was a very difficult time

i graduated at home i was taking my

exams at home

and it was it was very difficult not to

be in college anymore not to be with


not to have those traditional ceremonies

and you know in oxford

uh you go to the exam schools and you

take your exams wearing a gown and then

you celebrate it with this thing called

trashing whether it's through shaving

foam and different holy powder and

colors on you

it's all just part of that university

life that you know we all missed uh

but i was still i was blessed that i had

the opportunity to still learn from

home you know right now there are

already 130 million girls out of school


an additional 20 million more girls are

at risk of dropping out

of school because of this pandemic they

are at risk of

never being able to return to their

schools uh because they are

likely to be pushed into early child

marriages or they might become the

breadwinners or financial supporters of

their families

uh so i am more worried about those

girls right now i think this pandemic

is is a crisis uh in in the sector of

education and we need

to focus on investment in education

right now it is needed more than ever

what you say is still important for

people to remember because

it's not just robbing a society

of the cultural richness that comes with

educating young girls and allowing them

the opportunity to develop into strong

educated women it's also robbing these

young girls of a childhood

100 agree and uh you know right now

we're working

in more than eight countries through

malala fund uh where

girls education is needed uh you know


because these countries have the highest

number of girls out of school and

there's also the gender gap when it

comes to

girls education uh and what i have

learned from my own experience you know

speaking as an activist and my dad being

an activist is that

supporting local educators and activists

has a huge role

in transforming societies and

communities so we are working with girls

education activists in these eight

countries including

nigeria brazil pakistan afghanistan and


they are identifying the issues that

girls are facing locally because the

issues vary when it comes to

lack of access to education in some

places it is transport issues in other


it is lack of infrastructure in other

places it is the cultural norms and

in traditions uh but these low

collectivists are now

adapting to the covert changes


uh because girls are back home they are

they are not able to access their school

so they are finding new ways in which

they can

ensure that girls do not miss out on

their education in nigeria or activists


using the radio there in which they are

doing daily

lessons and uh and courses in education

so children do not miss out

and you know globally we have recognized

that how important it is that children

continue learning when children are not

in school

the economies the society they're losing

so much

this is a loss in mind and in intellect


invention and in innovation so much as


like when you don't give a young woman

the opportunity to learn

and to get an education and i think

there's no greater time for all of

us to acknowledge that with everything

else happening with the covid

on international day of the girl for

each of us to make a commitment that

yes the layers upon layers that are

happening in this context of covet 19

are immense but always done is

add on top of the problems that were

already existing

specifically in the sector of young

girls so you know i think from our

standpoint we wonder

how can we and all of the rest of us

here help you

continue with this incredible work that

you're doing what are the tangible

things that we could do to assist and

support right now

for me i have been in that fight for a

long time now uh since i was 11.

it started with with me my cell phone

and now you know there are millions of


that need our voice and you know that

need us to

to work for their future uh kovit has

made things worse

we cannot ignore this uh this is an

emergency right now

uh and this is a crisis right now we

need to ensure that

in this time we uh do not uh

ignore the issue of girls education even

in these global gatherings and meetings

the issue of girls education is hardly

mentioned uh people are not talking

about women's safety and protection


and there's no actual commitment towards

uh girls education

uh and women protection and empowerment

it's really important that we

keep on pushing for this that we ensure

that girls do not miss out their

education they do not drop out that they

are able to return safely to school

and we also need to find new ways in

which uh we ensure that we can have a

world where all girls can

go to school and everybody can can do

their help in that you know push your

government push your local leaders write

to them

go to malala funds website uh and and

you can find all the ways in which you

can help i really want to thank you

um prince harry and megan for your time

today but i have one final

sort of last question for you and that

is how are you spending your time in


oh my goodness

but outside of that with our little one

we were both there for his first steps

his first run his first always first

everything else

and it's just fantastic because i think

in in so many ways we are very fortunate

to be able to have this time to watch

him grow and in the absence of copeland

we would be traveling and working more


and would miss a lot of those moments so

i think um

you know it's been a lot of a lot of

really good family time there's really

special moments but at the same time

it says we've been working really really

hard because we completely

understand and get how challenging this


absolutely everybody i think the longer

it goes on for the more it's going to

more it's going to go obviously

especially from the mental and mental

health aspects so

this is a really it's a unifying moment

to bring everybody together and

just acknowledge what everyone has been

through this is this traumatic

experience wherever you are in the world

for us the work continues and i'm sure

for you it's exactly the same so we

can do to throw away behind those things

that's great and so nice to hear about

archie that archie is

you know safe and you are together as

family and thank you so so much for your

time and your support

and uh i remember meeting you prince

harry when

i think was back in 2014 so it's been a

long time since then

very nice to see you again and megan

thank you for all the amazing work that

you do you are a role model to so many

young girls

uh it is it was an honor to talk to you


uh you know to everyone who's watching

us right now you can learn more about

girls education and the work we're doing

on our website and you can support us on the

same page

donate thank you so much for your time

thank you so much for listening

um i'm short-sighted so i can't see the

screen like

clearly so i might i'm gonna wear my

glasses so he can say final bye

and say hi to well i don't know how she

can talk yet but

you know all my best wishes kisses love

you too and stay safe and healthy and

well and please let us know if there's

anything additionally we can do to help

support you and all

thank you that that would mean so much

and just congratulations on all the

amazing things you do we see you on the

news so

i'm really excited for your work looking

forward to all the amazing things you


create and do and very nice to see you

thank you so much

take good care malala