The Masked Singer Season 2: The Eagle Reveal

the masked singer season 2 has already

eliminated four masked celebrities or

whatever you want to call them the ice

cream the egg the Panda and most

recently the eagle the eagle reminds me

a lot like my comedy he's trying too


speaking of which here's who was hiding

behind the rock-and-roll bird costume

and how all the clues added up before we

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you don't want to miss it we want a good

clean but slightly still nasty fight so

after losing the Smackdown sorry let me

try that again

after losing the Smackdown - the

twerking penguin the eagle was revealed

to be none other than dr. Drew Pinsky

you probably know him as the host of the

radio talk show Loveline and a number of

TV shows like Celebrity Rehab with dr.

Drew before he was revealed the judges

were thinking Howard Stern I'm getting

some radio vibes here it kind of thought

you had the lake's of Howard Stern which

isn't a bad guess other names thrown out

there were the likes of Craig Ferguson

Bret Michaels and Jeff Foxworthy for

some reason but the closest guests had

to be Jenny's which was none other than

Adam Carolla who was dr. Drew's longtime

Loveline co-host

but alas nobody hit the market here's

what the judges missed from the Eagle

that pointed right to dr. drew back from

the sneak peak episode the Eagles clue

package said if you know an Eagles body

temperature you may be hot on my tail

some quick googling and you can see that

an Eagles body temperature is 106


106.7 is k rocks channel in Los Angeles

which was love lines flagship station

very sneaky

then there's the full-on clue package

dr. drew mentions a serious health scare

and the loss of a parent

Pinsky had a run-in with prostate cancer

back in 2013 and his mother passed away

in 2017 then we see a radio tuning to

that 106.7 number which again references

love line Wow their guesses really

should have been closer after that the

Eagle also says I have soared to great

heights as the face of my field this

makes sense as dr. Drew is a celebrity

medical doctor finally the Eagle

mentioned he spends so much time

listening to other people's stories he's

neglected writing his own here's where

the judges picked up on the fact that he

probably interviews people for a living

Robin Thicke throws out Jimmy Fallon

which we can all agree was a huge

reach well that's it man hopefully the

reveal makes more sense to you now and

you're beating yourself up for not

getting there sooner I sure AM did you

pick off on these clues or were you as

lost as these judges let us know in the

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