SING | Tori Kelly is Meenah the Elephant in the animated family movie

really yeah I mean no I mean yes yeah I

can sing but no I get I get so nervous

and I can do it no I mean I would do it

but no I just know when I found out they

wanted me to sing hallelujah in the

movie I was I think I was just

pleasantly surprised because I I really

had no idea what sort of route they're

going to take musically so when that was

the song I was like oh wow and it's such

an awesome moment in the movie as well

when everything's are sort of at a low

and I'm able to mean is able to sing

this beautiful song hallelujah so that

was the honor to be able to sing that

the reason why I connect to Mina so much

as I saw myself in her and how she tries

to sort of figure out what that fear is

why am I so afraid of being on stage and

and you know once she is on stage and

finally just lets herself go

you know she's able to realize that the

music is a lot bigger than her fear so I

think that's why I was able to connect

with her so much because I still feel

that all the time

it's so important I think for people to

know that you can do what you love to do

and be happy in it and whatever your

passion is you know it's something you

should definitely go after and hmm and I

think what's interesting too about the

film is how she Mina gives that advice

right back to mr. moon and he it's

almost like he has to be reminded I

think we all have to be reminded of that

just make sure what you're doing you

just you really love it and you can find

joy in it

I want to say it was when mr. moon heard

her sing hallelujah and I think those

the first time that she felt like oh I

can I can do this then if if someone

sometimes all it takes is that one

person really to to believe in you too

and that kind of gave her I think that

extra push because also it was in it was

a sort of moment where there wasn't a

big audience there wasn't you know all

these people and all this pressure was

just her in this really pure moment when

everything had literally fallen apart

and and I think that was that's one of

my favorite parts of the film's it's so

touching and so moving and I think she's

able to finally connect like okay I can

I can get out there and do this now

I'm so excited I I kind of want to sneak

into like every theater and just watch

people watch the movie because um yeah

people just get so happy it's like

you're rooting for these these

characters and you know you're singing

along and you're clapping along and yeah

just from what I've noticed people just

can't help it they can't help but just

smile and definitely makes you walk out

of the room just feeling really happy

one of the cool parts of the movie that

stuck out to me was the fact that there

there is a lot of failure in the movie I

think you see you know you see people

hit a low you see mr. moon his whole

thing just kind of collapses everything

he's worked for and I think it's it's so

beautiful to see not only the fact that

he gets up and and tries again and all

these characters in the other it's like

Kay let's try again but it's they're not

alone in it's like they have each other

and they have this support group sort of

thing to kind of encourage and lift up I

think that in itself is such a great

message as well for people to know that

you don't have to do that alone you know

when you do hit a rock bottom and you

know just to have people around you your

family people that love you is really a

really beautiful thing and a really

powerful thing I Lisa here I just love

animated movies what about you 2016 has

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