Harry Styles Becomes New FACE Of Gucci & Fans React

we finally know why Harry Styles was

spotted on the street holding a chicken

he's the brand-new face of Gucci it's

safe to say fans are not ready for

Harry's new Gucci campaign Harry Styles

has always done things his own way from

his debut album his acting career to his

vibrant fashion sense Harry has been

wearing Gucci's elaborate suits for

years so it makes sense the label would

finally ask him to be the face of Gucci

the Italian brand announced the

partnership in an Instagram photo on

Sunday showing Harry's tattooed hand

petting a furry dog the caption

announced hand and Hound peaking on set

with Harry Styles for the new hashtag

Gucci tailoring campaign Gucci posted

two more sneak peek pics of Harry's

debut campaign in one Shaw Harry is

standing in a plaid robe outside a fish

and chip shop and in another his head is

peeking into a tight shot of the store

sign is a sign of the times but we're

not done yet that very Street in st.

Albans England happens to be the same

spot the fans caught Harry holding a

live chicken

naturally the photos circulated on

Twitter and typical meme fashion we're

not sure how a chicken plays a role in a

photo shoot at a fish shop but we can't

wait to find out and no surprise fans

can't wait either one fan tweeted quote

at Harry Styles is doing a Gucci

campaign my heart and eyes are not ready

for this this ban shared a similar

reaction writing quote my man is gonna

be Gucci model Harry Styles I nearly

survived another man photoshoot how am I

going to survive

hashtag Gucci tailoring campaign you

know what's gonna happen next right we

wouldn't be surprised if Harry started

collaborating with Gucci to design his

own line his last name is Styles after

all so are you surprised that Harry is

finally being tapped for high fashion

modeling tell us your reaction to the

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celebs at the Oscars as always I'm your

host Renee Arielle and I'll see you next