Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg answers questions, addresses possibility of regulation

our users actually safe the space book

being safe senator I think Facebook is

safe I use it and my family use it and

all the people I love and care about use

it all the time why should we trust

Facebook to make the necessary changes

we have made a lot of mistakes in

running the company do you think the

average consumer understands what

they're signing up for I don't think

that the average person likely reads

that whole document the Facebook founder

and CEO taking the hot seat for the

first time facing tough questions from

over 40 US senators one of the primary

concerns Facebook's growing role in our

elections what is Facebook doing to

prevent foreign actors from interfering

in u.s. elections one of my top

priorities in 2018 I was to get this

right one of my greatest regrets in

running the company is that we were slow

in identifying the Russian information

operations in 2016 we expected them to

do a number of more traditional cyber

attacks which we did identify and notify

the campaign's that they were trying to

hack into them but we were slowed

identifying the type of new information

operations swapping out his signature

gray t-shirt and jeans for a suit

Zuckerberg remained stoic sitting calmly

for nearly five hours we've seen the

apology tours before your User Agreement

sucks the two days of congressional

hearings called as a result of that

controversial Cambridge analytic a data

breach is Facebook keeping track of your

phone calls and your text messages many

now questioning whether their

information is truly safe on the social

networks Cambridge analytics

reportedly breached the profiles of tens

of millions of users the Millennial

billionaire first arrived in Washington

on Monday meeting privately with

lawmakers then dodging questions from

reporters mr. Zuckerberg are you doing

enough to protect your users this week

87 million Facebook users are receiving

a notice on their feeds informing them

their personal data was shared with the

political consulting firm during the

hearings Ucker Berg took personal

responsibility for the social networks

failure to safeguard users privacy that

was a big mistake and it was my mistake

and I'm sorry I started Facebook I

and I'm responsible for what happens

here I think Mark Zuckerberg is gonna

sleep a lot better tonight than he did

last night he came in sounding

well-prepared knowledgeable he certainly

owned up to his mistakes which is an

important thing to do

Zuckerberg admitting Facebook has been

used to spread fake news in hate speech

it's clear now that we didn't do enough

to prevent these tools from being used

for harm as well there are a great many

Americans who I think are deeply

concerned that Facebook and other tech

companies are engaged in a pervasive

pattern of bias and political censorship

there have been numerous instances with

Facebook in May of 2016 Gizmodo reported

that Facebook had purposely and

routinely suppressed conservative

stories from trending news including

stories about CPAC including stories

about Mitt Romney including stories

about Glenn Beck to a great many

Americans that appears to be a pervasive

pattern of political bias do you agree

with that assessment senator let me say

a few things about this first I

understand where that concern is coming

from because Facebook in the tech

industry or located in Silicon Valley

which is an extremely left-leaning place

all right this is actually a concern

that I have and that I try to root out

in the company is making sure that we

don't have any bias in the work that we

do and I think it is a fair concern

there are people in Russia whose job it

is is to try to exploit our systems and

other internet systems and other systems

as well so this is an arms race I mean

they're gonna keep on getting better at

this and we need to invest in keeping on

getting better at this - last year

Facebook estimated that 146 million

Americans saw Russian linked content

during the election lawmakers blasted

the company for not doing more to stop


saying that companies like his have been

given too much Liberty and need to be

regulated I come in peace I don't want

to vote to have to regulate facebook but

my god I will lot of that depends on you

Zuckerberg also admits that starting the

company at such a young age may have led

to its imperfections it's pretty much

impossible I believe to start a company

in your dorm room and then grow it to be

at the scale that we're at now

about making some mistakes the

entrepreneur was just 20 years old when

he and some college friends built the

first Facebook your actions could have

permanently destroyed everything I've

been working on the drama behind

Facebook's development highlighted in

the Academy award-winning film The

Social Network I'm not talking about a

dating site I'm talking about taking the

entire social experience of college and

putting it online

Facebook is now ubiquitous worldwide

with more than 2 billion users logging

on each month sharing everything from

photos to status updates where they work

even their religious and political

beliefs but with that growing number

there are increasing concerns about who

has access to a user's personal

information one of the threats with your

data on Facebook is your phone number it

might have been scraped by scammers or

other malicious actors who want to use

your information to spam you or to steal

your identity part of the problem may be

built into Facebook how do you sustain a

business model in which users don't pay

for your service senator we run ads

Facebook makes billions by selling ads

based on all the data they're collecting

in 2017 the company boasted revenues of

a whopping forty point seven billion

dollars earlier this month Facebook's

chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg

was information people had already

listed on Facebook publicly now that

doesn't make it okay she pointed out

that Facebook is free and suggested

users may need to pay to stop Facebook

from collecting and using their data to

sell ads are you actually considering

having facebook users pay for you not to

use that information

senator people have a control over how

their information is used in ads in the

product today I think what Sheryl was

saying was that in order to not run ads

at all we would still need some sort of

business model I actually might be

willing to pay I would like to snow is

there a number that you will totally

protect my privacy not use my

information for any advertising any

personalized targeted stuff at all

what's the price I'd like to know that

price concerned about his own privacy

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak announced

that he's deactivating his Facebook


joining the delete Facebook movement it

just sort of hit a breaking point for me

just last month it was Facebook in the

crosshairs of its own data breach if you

are looking at trying to create

information weapons you're the the

battlespace that you operate in is

social media that's that that is where

the fight happens Chris Wylie worked at

Cambridge analytic a consulting firm

which helps political candidates better

target voters online Wylie claims that

in the summer of 2014

Cambridge analytic I used a third party

to take data from the Facebook accounts

of roughly 87 million Americans

weaponizing the internet weaponizing the

Internet absolutely

two years later Cambridge analytic Oh

went on to work for the Trump campaign

but says it never used that data in

question the campaign itself denies

using Cambridge analytic it saying it

relied on information from the RNC

Cambridge analytic AHA's denied any


why didn't Facebook ban Cambridge in

2015 why'd you wait so this is this is

clearly one of the questions that I

asked our team as soon as I learned

about this is why did we wait until we

found out about the reports last month

to to ban them but for those whose data

has already been compromised

the breach may have far-reaching

consequences right before Zuckerberg

appeared on Capitol Hill Facebook in

Cambridge analytic were hit with a

class-action lawsuit accusing the

company of misusing personal information

it's unlikely that people will stop

using Facebook the social network has

essentially become a utility it not only

owns Facebook but it owns Instagram and

whatsapp and a number of other companies

the social media site says it's doubling

down on security increasing the number

of employees working on security from

10,000 to 20,000 Zuckerberg calm careful

and contrite demeanor played well

Facebook stock increased four and a half

percent I think Mark Zuckerberg is

comfortable being Mark Zuckerberg I

believe Facebook is the canary in the

coalmine they're the biggest so they're

obviously going to get the most scrutiny


is adjourned for nightline I'm Mary

Bruce in Washington

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