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Took an Express Subway train from times square to Chambers [street] which is to stop just before the world trade Center

the first thing I saw was the two world trade centers both of them had smoke and fire coming from

I just started making my pictures

I was photographing the burning building when Emt says oh my gosh. Look at that, and we started seeing people coming down at the building

I instinctively picked up my camera and started photographing them following him as they came down

Until I photographed what must become known as the falling man

It's a very quiet photograph

It's not like a lot of other violent photographs from other disasters

There's no blood. There's [no] guts. There's nobody getting shot, but people react to it in a way that

They feel that they can relate to this photograph

That they might have been in the same situation, and they might have had to make whatever choice the man in the photograph made

You have to be very aware of your surroundings when you're in a situation like this you

[have] to be careful that you don't become [a] victim

journalists don't run away from falling building

We don't run away from the fire we run to it because it's our job to record history [I]

Didn't know I [had] that photograph of that man in that position

Until I actually saw it on my computer when I got back to [the] office I

Called one of our photo editors, and I showed him the picture

I said I [this] is it this has got to be the picture this man was like an arrow

bisecting the two world trade centers


Woke up the next morning, and I opened up the paper, and there was my photograph of following that

It was a very brave thing for them to use that picture

it was the only picture that was like that of anybody falling from the building [the] only picture that showed any kind of

human interaction [like] that a

paper in Allentown

Pennsylvania used the picture they put it on their whole back page in the newspaper

And then the editor said that it was that important to photograph

And he got a lot of mail letters the editor saying he shouldn't have run this this is not something

I want my children to see

Tom [Juneau] the author of the esquire article. He's the one who came up with the name the falling man

That was the name of the article

And it sort of stuck

I've never regretted taking that photograph at all. It's probably one of the only photographs that actually shows someone dying that [day]

We have a terrorist attack on our own soil

And we still don't see pictures of our people dying and this is a photograph of someone dying