Wizards of Waverly Place "Who Will Be the Family Wizard?" Clip

business for sale dad what are you doing


what's happening selling the business

what why I've always loved the

substation because it was a family

business but we're not much of a family


good aren't you rushing into this what

Dad Oh what's gonna happen I don't know

but your father is heartbroken

well I am so disappointed in you me huh

I don't know how the whole mija thing


thanks going Alex look what you did to

dad well I didn't do it alone

but it doesn't matter because I'm not

gonna let dad throw everything away cuz

you're going to eat me Oh what so you're

gonna keep this place going no I don't

think so I am now that I don't have

magic this is all I got

no I've got this it's all I'm good at

and I've got to make sure you guys don't

mess this up if you'll excuse me I'm

going to go explain to Harper how this

whole meeting






here comas come back