Top 10 Famous People Who Tragically Died While Performing

these people died doing what they loved

and were loved for welcome to and today we're counting

down our picks for the top 10 famous

people who tragically died while

performing 200 people saw willin to fall

many rushed to help but it was too late

for this list we've looked at well-known

personalities who unfortunately passed

away while doing what made them famous

or because of an accident or problem

suffered during their performance I

thought that stave would wouldn't wake

up I didn't expect him to die yeah just

keep on filming and I'll be alright

we'll be excluding famed escape ologist

Harry Houdini as his death has been

linked to a backstage assault with the

consequences only setting in once he was

onstage number 10 John Eric hexam will

be coming with us my driver thanks but I

already have a date well you don't

understand look John Eric hexam was just

26 when he died fooling around on the

set of the CBS TV series cover-up I

don't know I think I'd be interested in

being am I'm on an actor and model with

a promising career ahead Hexen decided

to play Russian roulette in between

takes with a gun used in a previous

scene which was loaded with blanks you

should know you could be in a little bit

of danger the actor was unaware that

firing blanks at close range could have

disastrous effects put the gun to his

temple pulled the trigger fractured his

skull and caused massive hemorrhaging

that one unless you are the murderer I'd

appreciate it if you'd uh put the gun

down he was declared brain dead after

six days of surgery and his mother gave

permission to switch off life support

and donated hexam's organs the series

paid tribute to the fallen actor in the

following episode John Eric Nixon died

in October of this year

but the lives he touches will continue

to be frightened by his light forever

number nine Karl Wallenda the idea was

to promote a circus act he was

performing with his granddaughter so a

high wire walk

across the street from one beachfront

hotel to another a high wire artist and

founder of the internationally acclaimed

daredevil group The Flying Wallendas

Karl Wallenda certainly lived life on

the edge the mind behind a hair-raising

human pyramid in which seven acrobats

formed three tiers and cycled across a

wire will end Amade one walk too many in

1978 the patriarch of the great

Wallendas was best known for the

creation of their three level human

pyramid it was also their most dangerous

act the then 73 year old fell ten

stories during a stunt between the two

towers of the condado Plaza Hotel in San

Juan Puerto Rico

while Linda had famously described being

on the wire as life and the rest is

waiting like Papa will end a said life

is on the wire the rest is just waiting

but it was a balancing act that

eventually horribly proved the death of

him because the rigging was rigged

improperly under his feet number 8 ji

Rodale Jerome

Irving ROH Dale's death came with

particularly dark irony the writer

magazine editor and health food guru for

America passed away on the Dick Cavett

show in 1971 there really ahead of this

a although technically not a performance

he had just finished his interview and

was sitting to one side while another

interviewee columnist Pete Hamill spoke

to the show's host during row Dale's

earlier section the health enthusiast

had been discussing the benefits of a

natural diet and lifestyle reportedly

equipping that he had quote decided to

live to a hundred and that he'd quote

never felt better just a few minutes

later he suffered a heart attack and was

dead at 72 in know things they said oh

your heart doesn't sound right they

didn't know number seven

Leslie les Harvey

as guitarist for the 70s blues rock

group stone the crows les Harvey's

career was just taking off when he died

on stage at a show in Swansea Wales

stone the crows who are managed by Led

Zeppelin's Peter Grant were fresh off of

their third album teenage licks when

Harvey was doing a sound check before a

gig in May 1972 on a rain-soaked stage

harvey touched what turned out to be an

ungrounded microphone and was

electrocuted on the spot the band never

truly recovered although a fourth album

was released and harvey is forever

listed as part of the famous 27 club

number six Victor Vic Morrow Lee help me


the American actor Vic Morrow was killed

with two child actors Micha denly and

Rene shin yi Chen while shooting a scene

for 1983's

Twilight Zone the movie the trio died

when pyrotechnics caused a low-flying

helicopter to crash on top of them and

Morrow was decapitated by the rotor the

incident brought unprecedented legal

action against the film crew as director

of the sequence John Landis and others

were tried on charges of manslaughter

but acquitted it also resulted in

stronger safer film safety standards

finally being introduced look Sarge and

I had stripes doing I didn't get him for

nothing but you didn't lose him for

nothing either

number five Brandon Lee as the son of

martial arts legend Bruce Lee Brandon

Lee was busy following in his father's

footsteps when a freak onset accident

took his life in 1993

victims while filming the last scenes of

the Alex Proyas movie The Crow Lee was

unintentionally shot by a faulty prop 44

Magnum after an improperly deactivated

cartridge became lodged in the barrel a

shot fanboy fellow actor michael massey

unknowingly fired the shot during a

scene in which Lee's character walks in

on his fiancee being beaten by thugs the

movie which was days from completion

when tragedy struck was finished with

the support of Lee's family and with

chats to hell ski stepping in as Lee's

double s it's not a good day to be a bad

guy skank number four Owen Hart came

down very quickly and and that's what

caught my eye professional wrestlers

face risks every time they enter the

ring Owen Hart was one of the WWF's top

talents heading into over the edge a

pay-per-view event on May 23rd 1999 yeah

we know what superhero heart performing

as the blue blazer at the time was being

lowered into the ring superhero style

when a quick release mechanism

malfunctioned and he fell 78 feet

landing chest first on the top rope

several attempts were made to revive him

but he was killed by blunt force trauma

controversially the show continued

although the actual incident was not

aired I actually know firsthand from the

wrestlers involved that they wield my

dead brother past great pass all the

wrestlers and actually pushed wrestlers

out the door and said go go go while

Owen received treatment it was

commentator Jim Ross who had the

unenviable task of assuring viewers at

home that Hart's incident was not an act

this was not a part of the storyline

this was a terribly terribly tragic

situation number three

Tommy Cooper I said to this Chinese

waitress I thought this check out I got

his code he's where soubise been dead

two weeks as one of Britain's best loved

and respected comedians and much

Asians Tommy Cooper was an icon of his

time you're thinking of crazier with an

eye you are known for his red Fez and

his just like that tagline he was a

gifted showman but just like that he was


millions of TV viewers watched in April

1984 when Cooper collapsed midway

through his act on the variety show live

from her majesty's given his penchant

for slapstick the audience roared with

laughter thinking Cooper's very real

heart attack was all part of the show

but as those backstage realized what had

happened the curtain was drawn on Tommy

one last time he really was one of the

funniest men in the business and to this

day we all still miss him very very much

number two Steve Irwin

an Australian treasure and an

international star Steve Irwin boldly

went where most wouldn't dare to bring

the world's most dangerous animals to

our TV screens known as the Crocodile


he got up close and personal with Crocs

dragons lizards snakes sharks pretty

much everything but Steve's last subject

was a six and a half foot stingray which

he was filming just off the coast of

Port Douglas Queensland this one was

extraordinary large it was 8 foot wide

massive bull ride the animal

unexpectedly turned on Irwin during the

shot and stabbed its barb wildly into

his chest

Irwin initially suspected a punctured

lung but the attack had pierced his

heart and he died of blood loss before

the crew could return to land with sang

doing things like think of you kids

Steve hang on hang on hang on he just

had a calmly looked up at me and said

I'm dying and that was before we unveil

our number one pick here are some

honorable mentions

my heart said

to keep love

is it a tight feeling across the chest

yeah pain in the back of left shoulder

yeah no dizziness kind of sick to your

stomach yes I guess you have a number 16

in come on number 1 Dimebag Darrell

we've seen sudden deaths accidental

deaths and accidental killings but

Dimebag Darrell was murdered while


Damageplan was just moments into their


when ex-marine Nathan Gale shot Darrell

Abbott three times in the head with a

nine-millimeter pistol before killing

four more people and taking a hostage

the carnage only ended when a police

officer came from backstage and shot

Gayle dead theories on Gail's motive

include anger at how dime bags former

band Pantera had broken up and claims

that Pantera had stolen some of Gail's

songs however police never officially

recognized a reason for dime bags

senseless killing do you agree with our

list whose death did we miss I know

since it happened I've there's never

been a day that I don't think about them

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