MLB's Fastest Players! (The players who can fly around the diamond)

tinning success drive to center dear

buyer with a great arm but if it was

running in Buxton I don't

first pitch sacrifice fly buxton flies

home it's due to nothing of speedy

Buxton race out here mayor Phil Alaska

PR here couple days ago that

that guy Bayern Buxton scores the second

runner in the inning and there he goes

the throw by Ramos not in time

Hamilton stayed on the bag and now he's

a third base with one out said Billy

Hamilton doing exactly what the Braves

brought him in to do that's the

difference makers you bunt him over and

he can steal third so now in a perfect

situation with your 21 year old hitter

of breaks line drive centerfield got

backup scored standing got Mary's lead

one-nothing RBI for Tennessee own its

25th many other baserunners will be able

to do this going back and he slips and

falls down the plenty of speed pops up

right away to score there goes Turner

pitch away Ramos throw a good one but

trade beat it went flashing by the

exempted tag by the G or me that's

number 31 and for the Nets number 100 a

pretty good jump see the lien degrom

quick to the plate

the throw is pretty good by Wilson did

they tagged him on the knee before Zant

got there and the Mets are saying play

on take it major league record shed long

that goes Malik's the throw is wide

Malik slides in he is safe the head of

the throne

steal number 42 on the campaign from

Alex Smith and no surprise to see

Malik's running early in the count

first pitch after picking up his base

hit another steal and continues to add

on to his career total he leads the

majors last three swiped 40 bags

and a meeting they looked on the left

great speed at third Road blaze on his

way home

no chance of throwing him out the nets

are on top as Adam Eaton delivers his



that bat with two strikes nicely done

and they've got him picked off the throw

by Dozier is not in time

both runners in advance and Baltimore

now aged 9 to 2 they are man yeah this

was he's smart he's a smart baserunner

he has good instincts and he was able to

get a good initial lead now watch it now

he's he sees that coming home he's gonna

steal home so he's gonna do I mean you

know that kind of speed and you have

that kind of courage he gets that hand

right in there just in time that was a

correct call by hopefully I don't fire

Jeff Nelson okay that that's gutsy but

they've been much more competitive but

they're still learning they're still

trying to figure things out munos long

run O'Neal is able to get there on the

warning track so we'll see how this

continues to go I think maybe just had a

chance to fall on the warning track

JP Crawford has been one of the hot


that's right in front of the fence on

the track

almost drop back to work to second

inning Pierre Myers after this what

catch a diving grab out there by

kiermaier on the lighter hit by rain

yeah Wow did not think even with kir

Myers closing speed that he was going to

be able to get to this one and how about

it he angles himself perfectly and he

not only makes a diving catch but to the

backhand side those are the toughest to

make and that's why that is easily our

Bonefish Grill fresh catch of the game


vintage kiermaier right there straight

line and a dive and a grab I mean really

that the efficient who's gonna get a

center fielder nice sliding catch by

DeShields he had a long way to go but he

had time to get there and really put it

away yeah he's got some serious speed

see off off center a little bit second

base side look at those legs go man old

man that's the close of ground right

there it looks like it Mike found some

on fair grass but shields easily get

that our safe

punches this one along the line long run

for everybody over there

what a play Tim Lee Castro and is he


with Castro we've seen him all year long

sacrifice his body for the good of this

ballclub and he makes a tremendous

diving tension final ground rising I

mean he's going full speed and we know

full speed for him is a lot faster than

most guys a headfirst dive drives that

right shoulder into the padded wall down

there in foul territory what an amazing

play and showing the replay on the board

here and he's getting a standing ovation

arch as Robert Lampert to teeth you got

to give a pump fake like you're going

back towards third because he was so far

off as soon as Peter turned around he

knew tatis was going to make something

happen he did he needed to run at him

for as you said a couple of hearts stay

here to run at him because you're still

gonna have time to get Hosmer you run a

step out of you pump fake maybe get him

going diving back to third and then you

can wheel a photo first

got a double written all over it there

goes a Cunha the throw by Ramos is high

a Kootenai has a stolen base and he is a

member of the thirty thirty Club the

second youngest player ever to hit 30

home runs and steal 30 bases in his

season at age 21 ronald the Cunha only

the fourth brave a murdered enter the

thirty thirty Club and this is the right

call right here

the Mets are going to then intentionally

walk Freeman today a sophomore year

against LSU


to tell here comes to try to smoke has a

bad day Gary Henson up the back hat in

his body I'm gonna try to score on this

slowly hit baseball

how many guys could do that ground ball

to second he scored from second and

since atelic it's his first RBI of the

season he's thinking I hit a ground ball

to second I'm not going to get an RBI

alabanza Dietrich momentarily thinking

about men Garrett not Ronnie Garrett's

running a whole the whole way I like it

but this is what you can do in your app


ERD up by three runs in this inning I

love that play you loving goal coming


straw is there I dive mile straw for out

number one nice play well that was just

an outstanding effort you thought for a

moment it was Marisnick still in

centerfield as mile straw got a good

break on this ball that's goal bidding

for his second hit but straw has other

ideas they off pitch two eaten since

this one to deep right-center catch is

made by Quinton to end the inning

standard on the warning track to rob out

and eaten of an extra-base hit what a

play by the centerfielder

I'll see if Montes II can break through

against Lopez he's going to bunt and

it's off the plate and there will be no

play on to see struck out in his first

two at-bats against Lopez so he tried

something different

nicely done and that ball bounced off

the plate that's all it took this once

that ball comes down there's no chance

that hits off home plate watch it even

plugged even hood it bounced up straight

to him wouldn't a got him as he leave

speed is too much to handle

be surprised that's like 3.5 seconds

down the line that's way above average