Danny Gonzalez: The Greg Army is Out of Control

what's up Greg it's Chris come back with another episode of oh my god why do

people have such short attention spans

everybody this is Chris from the rewired soul where we talk about the problem

focus on the solution do hear from the YouTube community and trying to teach

you how to improve your mental and emotional well-being and one of those

things is not skimming and increasing your attention span but anyways that

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notification bounce back story few weeks ago to announce the hashtag rewired

soldier Facebook group I made a video about how Danny Gonzalez is a liar and

oh the Greg Army the Greg Army you you beautiful you're beautiful army they

came at me hard stay tuned to the end of this video which some of you Greg's will

not do anyway stay tuned because I am gonna talk about some very important

mental health stuff but first are what are we act to some of the Greg's

comments Andy Gonzalez is not a liar you are and I will never subsist you brie to

you well I will never see soup this V be to you neither ok listen dude let myself

you can't just go and diss him like that he's a fast-growing channel because have

you noticed how many followers he got within a short amount of time no you

don't because I bet your head is stuck up your axe to realize that he's better

than you'll ever be well I do know that Danny Gonzalez will

be better than I will ever be but I don't know my head's

my head's not stuck up there yes this is one of my favorite ones like this this

Amanda this Amanda Greg woohoo she rapid fired these like all within a minute

alright so the first one says okay he's not lying about anything he's just

kidding okay cool it dude next don't ever quote Greg okay I'm not

even sure what a man does referencing right there he has more substance

so you could stop he's trying to be funny so don't take it too seriously and

you are you have less substance in I'm not even gonna reply to that one I'm

gonna bring in my buddy Danny Gonzalez to talk to you about that I'm trying to

get subscribers that's what you do on YouTube everybody on YouTube is just

trying to get subscribers this was another good one because there's like

different shapes look at all these middle fingers you see that this says

not all the he say don't look that up okay but then comment again

so now now here's the best one because there were so many edited comments on

this video so this Greg says one this isn't funny

unlike Daddy's videos very true - awful and not funny - why is a 40 year old man

like you care I'm 33 thank you very much sleep nobody watches your videos and

you're getting views off his popularity trying to get some views by reacting to

the most popping person on YouTube for the past 2 months you yeah obviously

that's what I'm doing I wouldn't be making a video about this

guy if he wasn't so popular yep okay so I learned a valuable lesson today the

rewiring soul is a badass and don't disrespect him yeah damn right there's

another good one dude get a real job moments later sorry I'm gonna watch the

whole video my dad you always got apologized and last but not least my

favorite comment of them all celebrex please stop embarrassing the rest of us

in front of Chris y'all are acting like Craig's there I said it

what's funny is - what's really funny is I know for a fact if you guys wanna have

fun with me look down in the comments and let's see how many more Greg's did

not make it to this point in the video - see what I'm talking about they just

looked at the title and freaked out down in the comments below so anyways I did

want to talk about attention spans and skimming and causing our own problems

right so fun fact about me in Tristan the beautiful Tristan sitting right over

there and she gonna test this I am a skimmer I am a skimmer and let me tell

you I skim things and it could make me look stupid

and I have nobody else to blame but me I have nobody else to play but me and this

can be an issue this can be an issue when we're talking about signing

contracts or making arrangements or doing things that work when we skim

things we miss things right and this is something that I'm constantly working on

this is something where mindfulness really comes in and I have to slow down

I cannot tell you I cannot tell you how many times I'm reading a comment or

something like that they're watching a video on YouTube and I'm about to leave

a comment and Tristan has to stop me it says did you finish the whole thing read

the entire thing before you comment because I'm about to turn into one of

these people who replies before I even see what this entire thing is about so

she does a great job so I guess what I'm saying is that all of you meet at

Tristan in your life you're taking pictures of the cat it's really

interesting to me too because personally when I was working on a lot of my anger

issues and I was kind of like taking inventory of everything going on with me

biggest issues that I had with people was people talking down to me like in a

condescending way or people treating me like I'm stupid

so like by the way that's all me that's all in my head and a lot of times like

people were just talking to me normally and I took it the wrong way so by the

way do you have an issue with that because we need to start working on your

mental filter but anyways if that's like an issue I have but that's a problem I

have I need to slow down and not put myself in a position to look dumb right

because here's the thing I hate apologizing I absolutely hate

apologizing so one thing that I try to do is I try to do less dumb things so I

don't gotta apologize for them you know what I mean but anyway it's like this is

something that I've talked to you guys about quite a bit and it's about these

snap judgments right judging things based on thumbnails judging things based

on titles I had so many people my old subscribers or people I don't know just

coming by my channel and they like just assume they assume things based on my

title based on my thumbnail right and it's crazy because they will leave

it will tell me something about about me right but it's crazy they will try to

tell me they'll try to tell me their full opinion about me and they haven't

even watched the video to see what it's about I actually had a comment the other

day on my Eugenia Cooney video and this young woman posted life like a block of

text and I'm like woah I'm like I actually discussed this in the video

anybody who makes a video like don't copy attacks copy and paste like it

helps messages and things like that like I know that sometimes when I reply

to comments like I say similar things but that is me that is 100% me I never

want to do that automated thing because stuff like that happens I will be honest

with you sometimes if you guys have a really long comment I do skim it a

little it's something I'm trying to work on but but you guys are so amazing and

you want comment so much it's hard to keep up with all of them so bear with me

a little bit alright just bear with me just a little bit but anyways anyways

Danny Gonzales here's an amazing man but Danny if you're watching this you got to

get those Greg's and check baby you got to get them in check all right let me

hear from all of you let me hear from all of you got in the comments are you

like me do you struggle with skimming things do you make these snap judgments

and then kind of feel a little silly half the words like some of our some of

our Gregg friends let me know down in the comments below alright but anyways

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