The fastest kid on earth | Oh My Goal


that kid makes messy look like a snail

he may even be faster than a mopping

Svensson on a Fuji to play this kid is

named blaze and he is the fastest kid in

the world

Rudolf Ingram is only eight years old

and he goes by the nickname blaze any

guesses why this fast blaze is a young

influencer from Tampa Florida and he's

caught the world's attention with his

incredible speed and work ethic every

day look at him run he's so fast that he

could do something no one has done

before am Ferris flattened so you mean I

have to prove something here sure is

Latin will you race plates that will

never turn down a challenge cool but our

buddy is odd blaze blaze is so fast that

he's been compared with one of the

fastest people on earth a little bit you

been to me missis huh PK no we meant the

fastest man in the world at such a young

age his speed is already drawing him

comparisons with whose same bolt we've

even heard hussein's been watching our

videos because blazes speed makes him


I'm not worried I'm always gonna be

prepared at eight blaze already runs the

100-meter in only thirteen point eight

six seconds with 500,000 Instagram

followers blaze is already catching up

to the pros on social media he

self-doubt by the fact he's got abs that

would make Ronaldo cry on three soon for

another but there's another thing blaze

has in common with Cristiano his work


Blaz is always training hard

his videos often show him doing training

drills with his dad or his little

brother for now

Ronaldo can rest easy place is still a

young kid and none of our other favorite

footballers have to worry about Blaise

either because until now he's applied

his skills to a different game American


and that's good for footballers because

they've already got a deal with this guy

I'm confident

remember when Holland read 65 yards in

6.6 4 seconds that was crazy

well blaze isn't quite there yet but

just wait because he's already

destroying his own age bracket blaze ran

the same distance in just eight point

nine six seconds oh my if blaze ever

takes his talents to the football pitch

we'd love to see him develop his skills

maybe he could be the next him Bop a

karma thief

maybe one day blaze his speed could help

him dribble past the world's best

defenders what do you say Virgil you

scared yeah

in the meantime wait settle for him

Racing's Latin no blaze might even team

up with another of our favorite young

stars products this youngster is the

most technical kid we've seen he also

trains hard with his dad he might even

be the next Messi and then of course

there is Christian Eno who hopes to

follow in his father's footsteps


the 2030 Bell on door run should be