human body is a very capable thing

people have achieved such hide in sports

it's difficult to believe it can be true

but what does it take to be the fastest

person in the world how speed is

measured in today's video we're gonna

talk about some of the fastest people in

the world you'll be surprised how swift

and rapid people can be alright let's

have a look at ten fastest people the

world has ever seen I think it's fair to

say that you same ball is something of a

golden standard when it comes to running

he was born in 98 e6 in Jamaica and

always dreamed about becoming a

professional footballer but when he

crossed the finish line of a hundred

meter dash at the age of twelve it was

clear that the boy should be focusing on

running coaches dwayne jarrett and pablo

McNeil made sure that the boys main

objective was sprint in 2001 Balt won

his first medal since then he broke a

number of records in the hundred meters

nine point 58 seconds 200 meters

nineteen point nineteen I was in the

fourth 500 meters relay team that broke

37 seconds 36 point 84 as the current

hundred meters record holder after 2017

championship ball decided that it was

time to quit

in 2009 he reached an impossible speed

of 45 km/h the fastest foot speed in

history the next man in our list is

Tyreke Hale he is considered to be the

fastest footballer and you know what

it's not easy running when those

football pads are dragging you down so

this one time he'll manage to head 37

km/h while simultaneously returning a


for an 86 yard touchdown it broke his

own record which was 35.5 km/h hail is

also known for beating Jacksonville

Jaguars Leonard fournette who reached 35

kilometers in the last season for Ned

made it in our list because of his

weight he said his record which his men

should add a hundred and eight kilos

here's what for that said his guys who

ran for point floors or whatever else

and the getting caught from behind

football speed and track speed is a big

difference man in a way it means that

being the fastest person in the world

bald at 93 kilos would not be faster

than Fernet if he was 15 kilos heavier

furnad claims that he used to be much

faster it's all about getting my legs

back on the beat I ran like 23 mph in

college so I'm just trying to get my ol

speed back it is not a secret that not

all the fastest people in the world are


despite that ball thinks that his record

can stand for another 15 to 20 years

griffith joiners record of 10 point 49

seconds in the hundred meter dash hanged

out there for over 30 years after that

famous 90 88 run in indianapolis

Griffith Joyner a K flo-jo is the

fastest woman on earth she won three

gold medals in the 90 88 Olympics in

South Korea and won the silver medal in

1984 Olympics she then said that she was

done with running but in 1988 at the

tender age of 29 Florence Griffith took

part and the 90 88 Olympics where she

set her current 100 meter record a lot

of people accuse her of taking steroids

so her situation is kind of

controversial anyway her record stands

to this day y'all know Cristiano Ronaldo

one of the greatest footballers of the

modern days without a doubt and as his

incredible speed that makes this guy so

good at what it does during the World

Cup 2018 and Russia in a match against

Spain this man reached some pretty

impressive speed of 30 8.6 kmph it's

important to mention that the man was

trying to align with a pass from his

teammate also he didn't run as the crow

flies which is a very important aspect

Cristiano was 33 at the time so that's

also quite remarkable

Leonel Messi for example never reached

such speed his record is 32.5 km/h

that's a lot of work to be done leo

right now the world's fastest footballer

is undoubtedly a 20 year old French

genius Kilian bhava in recent match

against Monaco which by the way PSG 1 3

2 1 and Amman did a pretty astonishing

hat-trick The Daily Mail reports the

caelian was able to make 38.5 kmph in

the first Gulf situation by the way it's

more than an average speed of the

Jamaican master Usain ball

considering the fact that Killian is so

young we can hope that the guy will set

another personal record some time in the

near future maybe Mickey Mantle did die

more than 20 years ago

living MBL back in 1968 but the man will

remain one of the greatest baseball

players in history and perhaps the

fastest baseball player in the world has

got the record for highest career o-p-s

Mantle's incredible results are mostly

due to was marvelous speed there is a

twenty seven and a half meters distance

between home and first base which makes

mental spread one of the fastest in the

history of professional sports there's a

rumor going on around that Mickey could

run from home to first base in mere

three seconds now let's talk about

longer distances Moroccan Hakim L Guruji

as a middle distance runner and a

current record holder and the 1500

meters and 2,000 meters outdoor here

this guy's best results 326 343 444

remarkable isn't it before it was almost

unthinkable to run a mile in less than

four minutes but al gurus busted this

myth his incredible ability to set

records here and there makes him one of

the fastest humans on the planet

this guy is an ultimate runner over the

course of his brilliant career of this

guy competed in races from 800 to 5,000

meters his first major win happened in

1992 pacano gurus retired in 2006 so

this man was women for 14 years in a row

his incredible speed and remarkable and

Gemma T will undoubtedly be remembered

for rammer now let's have a look at some

very long distances some climbing and

descending the perhaps you heard about

the Berkeley marathons those were

originally created by Gary Cantrell the

Berkeley course was an inspiration of

the 1977 escape of James Earl Ray the

guy who managed to escape from the brush

Mountain State for its entry after

killing Martin Luther King jr. so what

happened was that for 55 hours ray

disappeared somewhere in the woods not

far from the prison but somehow was

found eight hours away after Cantrell

heard the story he thought he could do

miles in the same amount of time and so

that's how the Berkeley marathons first

appeared in 1986 and is a hundred mile

run all through the bushes Hills rivers

ballers and whatnot

only 15 people managed to complete the

race in 2011 an unknown distance runner

Bret Monde finished the race for the

very first time it was 57 minutes 30

seconds next year he came back and set

the new record which was 52 minutes 30

seconds all right so who exactly is the

fastest man in the world right now as

we've discussed there are many ways to

measure speed however American sprinter

Noah Wyle seems like it could be the

next record holder at any given time now

his personal records are nine point

eighty eight seconds and hundred meters

and nineteen point 65 and two hundred

meters so his hundred meter record is

just three tens of a second behind balls

but we should know that ball said his

record when he was 23 and Lyles is only

21 so you might say that this guy still

has quite a bit of time to set the new

world record and become the best new

sprinter and the world miles is the 300

meter world record holder his best time

is 31 point

87 seconds don't forget to press the

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