The Fastest Pitchers In Baseball History

here's the first pitch of the all-star


and that was a pure pure fastball goes


barely struck out for now swings and

misses and for the second time in the

ballgame Dykstra has struck out

appears so fun in the first to intercept

tremendous velocity

the policeman crossed the fishing line

and there they go bingo too fast for you

it breaks to target right through the

bullseye a few feet in front of a

motorcycle that fall was traveling

better than 100 miles an hour installed

in the framework between color and the

catcher the setup was designed to test

the velocity of shells during the war

here's our Bob delivers his cannonball

tip yeah can't breathe the label on that

one when it's covering the 60 and 1/2

feet it separates the picture from home

plate well maybe we can get Bob Feller

off the diamond long enough to show you

register the unbelievable delivery of

the ball which Rockets along


ten miles per hour it looks like he's

done with mirrors but it's guests the

old maestro

and when have 106 that would be a new


he deals the o2 he went by me Michael

went to 104

Wow video choo

that's the best for sure

his head clocked at a hundred and four

miles per hour it was and if you're



that's the winner of the night you got

your bingo card at 105 goes down to

their final out 104

Chapman deals the bat hit the ball again

but the outer story special get some fun

to pitch Chapman is fans what deep

batter's in his last eight innings of



the o-line 105 the 1 2 pitch

105 on the gun again sinker there's a

double play ball out at second Howard at

first about catching a guy like Hicks

and he said that pitch right there the

one that has sink now you had a hundred

two to it it makes it really tough Mike

was telling us he has two fingers that

that still don't feel right on his hands

from umpire at the airport what did he

tell you getting ready to go back to st.

Louis and I said there's a one two and a

swing and a Miss by Jay Bruce in the

first strikeout 1 2 pitch it is a strike

it gets away from Pena the throw off

line and Herrera does reach base


shallow left field Don Kelly is coming

on to retire the side so Maya gets the

job done pitch swung on and grounded to


Inge makes the play one down


and the one to popped him up

ninja Pierce to have room third-base

side he's drifting he's there you know

one is lifted to left field it'll be an

easy play for Anderson Tigers in the

lead tonight for nothing

swagger this city finally disposes of