Fastest Typist: Ultimate Typing Championship Final 2010 By Das Keyboard



several months ago we set out to find

the fastest typist in the land and today

right now right here in our booth we

have two of the fastest typist you have

ever seen they are going to compete

head-to-head for an opportunity to be

crowned the first ultimate typing

champion from Ithaca New York

two degrees from Cornell University and

economics and applied statistics ladies

and gentlemen let's hear it for Sean

Rhona we have an iPhone developer at

conde nast publications ladies and

gentlemen let's hear it for Nate Bowen

we have contestant they're going to go

through the first is about 500 to 600

words at their speeds that won't take

but a few minutes to type through in

addition to that since this is the

ultimate typing championship not the

mediocre typing championship we have a

more challenging typing test after that

they are going to see various numbers

words letters symbols any figure we

could come up with to test their way

around the keyboard so without further

ado let's get started with the first

ever ultimate technique champions








it was grooming first of all Shawn is a

very very fast typist and I've heard

about a lot of other competitions he's

been in so I was nervous enough to

compete against Stan but this is this is

very high pressures exciting it was very

high pressure to have the noise of the

people and the commentary behind you and

my wrists are tired as well yeah there

were only a few other people in the

United States I've seen on any of these

typing tests who may think are as fast

as me Shawn is intimidating the first

one was pretty typical that was a pretty

natural one for me the second one

clearly was not