Abraham’s Father Terah - 5/20/2018

hello everyone good afternoon hallelujah

alright thank you okay so today based

upon the text in Genesis chapter 11

verses 26 through 32 the title of the

message will be Abraham's father Terah

we talked a lot about Abraham but we

don't talk as much about his father

Terah right but I think it's very

important that we understand about him

because the the record regarding Terah

is what ends Genesis 11 okay and then

Genesis chapter 12 verse 1 begins with

the record about Abraham so who was Tara

why his his life important for us to

know Tara's life is very instructive

because he accompanied Abraham halfway

in the journey from ur of the Chaldeans

to Han but then he never made it all the

way to Canaan only Abraham did okay so

in our life of faith the most important

thing for us to remember is I think that

we must endure until the end right even

jesus said in matthew 24 verse 12 i

believe said those who endure until the

end will be saved so we may stumble we

may make mistakes we may commit sins but

we must continue on we must never give


that's the most important thing okay so

our life of faith is like a marathon

it's not a hundred meter dash okay so

some people start out going all-out

right really fast and they take first

place out the gate

but then halfway through they're too

tired they can't make it right so this

is a marathon we have to make it until

the end right so just because you came

out of the gate first doesn't mean

you're gonna win right so mean to endure

until the end and Tara is somebody who

did not do that so let's look at or

study about Tara's life so Tara was the

19th generation from Adam okay and ninth

from Shem and then the Bible tells us

that Tara was 70 years old when he had

Abraham so Tara was 70 at Abraham's

birth okay and then Genesis chapter 11

ends with saying that he died at age 205

in Quran okay very important fact we

need to know these facts because these

facts will reveal things about his life

the name Tara in Hebrew means to stay to

the meaning to stay or to delay that's

his Nate that's the meaning of his name

to delay right to postpone to delay I

don't think that's a good meaning right

so we'll see how that plays out alright

so let's look at Tara's journey with

Abraham if you look at today's text

especially in Genesis chapter 11 verse

31 and says Terah took Abram the subject

there is Tara right Terah was the one

who initiated the move out of her to go

to her on it wasn't Abraham

that's strange right we usually think it

was Abraham

but it was Tara who initiated this but

according to acts chapter 7 verses 2 & 3

it says that God appeared to Abraham and

told him to leave so think about that

God appeared to Abraham and commanded

him to leave your country and your

relatives but then it was Tara who took

Abraham and lot and Sarai out of her so

why did it happen like this what was the

reason well we could kind of guess I

mean we're not sure but we could

conjecture about a possible scenario of

what happened and in order to do that we

need to look at the genealogy in Genesis

11 okay so if you look at Genesis

chapter 11 verses verses 10 through 26

we have Shems genealogy right so the

names that appear there are Shem

arpachshad chela Eber Pell a roof

through the Terah and Abram okay

and it tells us how old there were when

they had their sons and it tells us how

much longer they lived after that so it

tells us enough to figure out when they

died so starting from the flood two

years after the flood arpachshad was

born two years after the flood and then

arpachshad was 35 winnie hlo-hlo was 30

when he had Eber Eber was 34 when he had

Pele Pele was 30 when he had Ruru was 32

Saru was 30 the was 29 Terah was

70 when he had Abraham so why don't you

no need to know all these numbers I mean

why does

Bible tell us all these numbers right

well there's a reason because we get we

could figure things out using these

numbers okay so when you add all this it

tells us that Abraham was born 292 years

after the flood okay Abe but now we're

thinking about why Terah and Abram left

right so look at Pele Pele lived to be

239 years old and if you add these

numbers here it tells us that Pele was

191 years old when Abraham was born so

that means he died 48 years later right

if you subtract one to 92 39 from 191

you get 48 right so that means Abram was

48 years old when Peleg died okay Abram

was 48 when Peleg died and then let's

look at in the horde the next person

that died in the the died at

148 okay and the was 99 years old

when Abraham was born so when you

subtract you get 49 right so that means

no whole was 49 years or I'm sorry Abram

was 49 years old when the Horde I

thoroughly confusing right so what does

all this mean Peleg died when Abraham

was 48 and the died when Abraham

was 49 every year somebody's dying

remember in the ancient times they

usually had extended families living

together or near each other right so all

these people were all living together

grandpa her leg died and then grandpa

and the died and then God appeared

to Abraham and said get out of here and

he told his father Terah and Tara's

thinking who's next in line here today

himself right Oh we'd better get out

right so that's a possible scenario of

what could have happened right looking

at the ages when they die right so

that's probably why Terah took his

family and left

in their country and their relatives so

they went to her on write her on was the

middle point but the Bible clearly says

the final destination is Canaan right

but they settled in her on that's what

it said in today's text right so her on

is not the final destination it's just a

midpoint in their journey

so at around you know when Abraham was

around forty eight forty nine maybe

fifty years old that's probably when

they left right and they came to her on

and her on was a very nice place it was

a rich city it was in near the river it

was a place of Commerce where all these

people came together so it was a very

nice place to live in and I guess Terra

must have liked it so let's look at the

the stages of their journey they started

out at it were they went to her on but

then only Abraham went to Canaan okay so

Terra and Abram together here Terra and

Abram together here but only Abram here

okay this is what happened so what what

can we learn from this journey here the

first lesson is number one is that in

our life of faith separation is painful

but necessary okay

separation is painful but necessary this

is something that everybody will have to

go through some day in their lives it

may not be their family or father or

what have you but we will go through

some kind of a separation especially

with this world in order for us to enter

into our spiritual Canaan

because Canaan for us symbolizes the

kingdom of heaven in order for us to get

to that final destination we will have

to go through some kind of a separation

Terra and Abram had to leave their home

right a home is where you're comfortable

in it's your comfort zone right but God

wants us to get out of there because if

we're too comfortable we don't need God

I'm comfortable why do I need God right

so sometimes she just drives us out of

our comfort zones so in Acts chapter 7

verse 3 God told Abram to leave your

country and your relatives in Genesis

chapter 12 verse 1 when they were in

Haran God told Abraham to leave your

country your relatives and father's

house one more is added right here it

was only country and relatives God wants

us to leave our father's house because

the Bible says before we received Christ

we were of the devil jesus said to the

Israelites in John 8:44

you are the children of the devil so we

have to leave we need to become children

of God right our identity has to change

so separation is necessary but it's

painful right listen let's all turn to

mark chapter 9 verses 43 and the

following 43 through 48 okay let's all

turn there in your Bibles mark mark is

the second book in the New Testament


mark chapter 9 verse 43 see God says

separation though it may be painful has

to happen right this is what he's saying


mark 943 says if your hand causes you to

stumble what do you do with it

cut it off it is better for you to enter

life crippled than having your two hands

to go into hell into the unquenchable

fire where their worm does not die and

the fire is not quenched if your foot

causes you to stumble cut it off I like

saying that

cut it off it is better for you to enter

life lame than having your two feet to

be cast into hell where their worm does

not die and the fire is not quenched

if your eye causes you to stumble throw

it out it's better for you to enter the

kingdom of God with one eye than having

two eyes to be cast into hell where

their worm does not die and the fire is

not quenched you're getting my point

here are we getting God's point it's

better to go into heaven with one hand

one foot and one eye than to go into

hell with everybody part in other words

it's got us saying separation is painful

but necessary whatever is hindering you

from entering into his kingdom cut it

off right get rid of it throw it out

sell it on eBay or something

no don't sell it on eBay that's illegal

okay so in our life of faith separation

is painful but necessary okay so for

Abraham Tara came with him to hit her on

but from here Tara didn't want to leave

so God told Abraham now to leave even

his father and to go into Canaan where

God's going to start his kingdom

now when Abram left her on if you look

in Acts chapter 7 verse 4 this is the

tricky part here in Acts chapter 7 verse

4 it says then he left the land of the

chaldeans and settled in Iran and from

there after his father died God had him

moved to this country in which you are

now living so in Acts chapter 7 verse 4

it says Abram moved to Canaan after his

father died but if you look in the Old

Testament that is not the case so let me

draw a little thing here so Tara Tara's

life so when he was 70 years old Abram

was born right

okay so when taro was 70 abraham was

zero okay now according to Genesis

chapter 12 verse 4 when Abram left her

on the Bible says he was 75 years old

right so Abraham was like 75 lates

around here Abraham was 75 when he left

her on that means Terah was 145 years

old and according to Genesis chapter 11

verse 32 Terah died at age 205 in her on

okay so when Abraham left her on Terah

was still alive okay he wasn't dead but

why does Acts chapter 7 verse 4 say

Abraham left her on and went to Canaan

after his father died the way we should

understand this is this Steven who's

speaking here is speaking in spiritual


physically Terah was still alive when

Abraham left but for Abraham to leave

his father and go into Canaan for him it

was like having put his father to death

in his heart Tara was dead to Abraham

now because now he had a new father and

that was God so for Abraham from this

moment God was his father

so at age 75 for Abraham Tara was dead

spiritually speaking in his heart

because Tara continued to want to stay

here he didn't want to leave he was

holding Abraham back just like the

meaning of his name right remember what

what does Terra mean it means to delay

right Terra was delaying Abraham from

going to the place where God wanted him

to go and finally God came to Abraham

and said now you need to leave you need

to eat leave even your father and when

God said that Abraham made a decision in

his heart right okay

time has come God is telling me to do

this so I have to cut this off in order

to have my relationship with God be

right so that's what happened here at

her on when he left okay

so that means we need to learn from this

because we all have Terra's in our life

so number two then let's identify our

Terrace what are our Terra's in our life

kara doesn't necessarily have to be your


just because Abraham was his father I'd

say it was Abraham's father it could be


Tara could be anything that holds you

back from doing God's will

Tara could be any kind of affection or

desire or anything that you love and

it's holding you back from doing God's

will in order to identify our terrors I

want us to think of this journey and

compare it with the Israelites journey

okay remember they went from her to her

on to Canaan this is Abraham and Tara

what about the Israelites where did they

what was their journey like they went

from Egypt

remember led by Moses they went through

the wilderness and then they went to

Canaan so you see there are three stages

in every journey and I believe this is

teaching us about our journey of faith

so there is a final destination and

there is a midpoint and her on for

Abraham was a place of training it was

training ground when your training is

finished you need to move on for the

Israelites the wilderness was also a

training ground for us the church is our

training ground today the church is not

our final destination right you guys

believe that don't you

the church is not our final destination

this is a place that we need to go

through in order to get to our final

destination which is a kingdom of heaven

right amen

the problem is there are people who died

here there's a person who died here

never made it here that's the problem

Tara died

here the first generation died here they

never made it here so we can't come to

church thinking oh I've made it I'm done

I could relax it's not like that this is

just a midpoint in our journey we have

another place to get to right so the

Israelites were comprised of the first

generation and a second generation okay

the first generation were the ones who

were born in Egypt the second generation

were either babies or born in the

wilderness and the first generation

didn't believe in God right when God

said you could go in and take Canaan

it'll be no problem but they said no

there's Giants living there or we can't

go in there they're too big for us so

because of their unbelief God told them

you're gonna all die here in the

wilderness but your children will make

it into Canaan okay that's what God said

in numbers chapter 14 verses 29 through

31 so as God said they all died here

before they cross the bridge xerath the

first generation all died in the

wilderness but the second generation

made it in okay just like Abraham and

Tara right Tara is the first generation

everyone's the second generation they

came out here but Tara cannot make it

all the way in so what is this teaching

us today about ourselves well I believe

that all of us have multiple beings

multiple identities there's the outer

man and there's the inner man okay there

is the fleshly side of us the carnal

mindedness and then there's a spiritual

side but our true identity at the core

is the spiritual being that is created

in God's image okay so in order for us

to get into Canaan we need to put off

the old self take it off put to death

the old self

and become renewed in Christ we need to

become a new being in other words we

need to be born again everybody has to

be born twice in their life right that's

what we've been learning in our Bible

studies right everybody has to be born

twice in their life once physically

through our mother second time through

the word and through the Holy Spirit so

for example taro is our our first born

fleshly side okay though the the being

that was before we were born again

before we met Christ we have teres that

want to hold us back that only like this

world they love this world too much

there's too much fondness and attachment

to the world don't want to go to Canaan

and then there's the being in us that's

renewed in Christ that's born again in

Christ like Abraham who desires to do

the will of God so who do we identify

ourselves with are we Abraham or are we


if we're Tara we're going to die in her

on if we're like the first generation

that didn't believe in God we're going

to die in the wilderness but if we're

the second generation if we're like

Abraham then we could all make it all

the way in to the final destination

which God wants us to get to right so

let's all turn to Ephesians chapter 4

verses 22 through 24 okay

this is a verse that I would like for

all of us to read together Ephesians

chapter 4 verses 22 through 24

in the New Testament Ephesians chapter 4

verses 22 through 24

so the Fijians chapter 4 verse 22 says

that in reference to your former manner

of life you lay aside the old self you

know that's your Terra

that's your first generation which is

being corrupted in accordance with the

lusts of the seat and that you be

renewed in the spirit of your mind and

put on the new self which in the

likeness of God has been created in

righteousness and holiness of the truth

right the new self that's like Abraham

that's like the second generation the

new self could enter into Canaan we all

need to become that new self we all need

to be born again once again right in

other words to put it differently

Abraham up to here on his father was

Terah here but then from after his 75th

year when he was 75 he changed his

father became God God became Abraham his

father because he was born on you

through the word if you're able at least

turn to James chapter 1 verse 18 towards

the back of the New Testament James

chapter 1 verse 18 says in the exercise

of his will

he brought us forth by the word of truth

so that we would be kind of firstfruits

among his creatures see it says God gave

birth to us through his word of truth so

you see Abraham was born anew through

God's Word and from that moment he

looked at God as his father not Tara

Tara was dead God was his father okay so

today what I'm trying to tell you is

that I'm not saying you should disobey

your parents or don't talk to them or

what have you

what I'm trying to say is God is our

Father now we are born anew in his word

in his image we need to cut off our

attachments and our affections to this

world that's holding us back

so that we can make a progress of faith

from this point forward until now our

terrors were holding us back

it was tying us down it's like trying to

drag an anchor it's really hard right

but once that is cut off then we can

make true progress of faith that's what

happened to the Israelites in the

wilderness after all the first

generation died the second generation

were able to make their progress towards

Canaan and that's what happened with

Abraham when in his heart Terra became

dead to him he was able to leave and go

to Canaan so that God could start a new

work of salvation through him and the

same thing needs to happen to all of us

there's gonna come a time in your life

in your heart where you feel like oh the

terrors are dying off I'm speaking from

personal experience we don't know why it

happens at a certain point but there

comes a time where wait a minute those

bonds aren't as strong as before I

believe I could just shake it off and

it'll break right and that's that day

will come okay it's because God's grace

has been working in your lives all that

time we didn't even realize it and there

comes a point where we could break it

off then we could go forward right so we

need to pray for that day because we

can't do it on our own are we're not

strong enough to break off our Terra's

on our own but God's grace is working in

our lives right now we don't realize it

and there will come a time where we are

able to break it off then we can make

progress of faith in our lives so I hope

and pray that we will all endure until

that day and pray for that day to come

quickly so that we could all start to

put our terrors behind us put off our

old self

and then it's all go forward from here

towards the kingdom of God may we all be

able to make our progress of faith

towards God's kingdom together amen

because we all have to make it to that

final destination we can't give up in

the middle right then all this work will

be for nothing

right we have to make it till the end

the ones who endure until the end will

be saved only wait when you make it to

the end

God's rewards and blessings will come to

us if we'd give up Midway and all of

that is gone okay so please endure until

the end and let us pray that God will

work within our hearts to give us the

strength to put off our terra's our old

selves let us be renewed in our hearts

and minds so that we could be conformed

to the image of our Lord Jesus Christ


let us pray dear Heavenly Father we

thank you once again for this Lord's Day

in which you have led us into your house

to be able to worship you father God we

have many terrors in our lives that are

holding us back

that are truly just attaching us into

this world and we've tried many times

but we have failed to break those off

for father God we know and believe that

you are still working through your grace

and through your word and through your

spirit in our hearts and we know that

that day will come father God I pray

that you will enable that day to come

quickly so that all of us will be able

to break off each of our terrors

whatever they may be so that we could

put off our old self maybe be born again

and renewed in the new self that is in

the image of Christ so they would