Is Kaley Cuoco Really William Shatner's Daughter?

oh it was great yeah I didn't tell them

until the first one aired and they came

to me they were airing like crazy so

they came in so my guy I get to work

with scheffler they were very jealous

very excited and they thought they were

really funny

they weren't they said they thought they

were great so that always makes me feel


yes a lot on Twitter does it make your

father saya no I think he's very proud

Thank You Heather start here go ahead be

it yeah that's fine that's fine yeah my

dad is very proud for me to be his


yeah the warm out today isn't it yeah

but it was warmer yesterday I know are

you talking think she was swapped in the

market yeah yeah no but you complain

more I complained a lot yes he did not

one complaint

not one well maybe one no like oh yeah

he said away aya said annoy yes yeah

that that carries a waves of information

you guys know you know exactly what he


what's on our new pricing commercial