The Real Father Of My Unborn Child Complete Season - Regina Daniels/Yul Edochie 2020 Nigerian Movie



every man is born with a dream the dream

be as for the desperation to conquer to

succeed that becomes the unstoppable

force in his life to rule his fate his

destiny his Fisher and no matter how

fierce dangerous impermeable the

adventures Oh distance and unfold the

journey he wouldn't be afraid to death

I dared my journey today its journey for

my future my friend my glory my dream my

name I am okay marry some of iboga d the

king of from the ago i hear my story




okay Mary sons of abuddin

why have you come before the crates



yeah I brought from the second place


okay Murray son of a bovie

your gift is favored what do you seek of

me even before you were born this was

your destiny something

speak to me I know you more than you


like pushy


my solvent memory


like in this rapture because of this

illness threat to the site into the




it's security


I sleep this night ice but I like in six




my live stories right on great king

how do I retrieve my kingdom from this

enemies record for decades

how can my Sunda victory

since my wishes six boundaries of and

daddy how do I become the envy racer of

my name every software we have to fight

by surprise your wishes are many but the

solution to your problem is very little

love and affection towards you and your

enemies this is the price return an

amend your ways

I probably see

because I was told how you had a lid for

a body even his ancestors before


I can see you are killing an ambitious

young king are you sure you can pay the

price for what you seek the blood of a

young virgin girl must be sacrificed to

me she must be from your kingdom

this ritual must be observed and won

what a [ __ ]


it's Sydenham wickedness of a king to

shed blood of his father you are not as

desperate and strong hearted as you



you may be for whatever



m-miss yeah






















I go no further my fancy do you realize

we've approached the evil for our goods

not scary to spell is about the first

time oh all laugh some of you believe

this foster is their might and the

lobbies for toddlers

I'm not big girls like us come with us

what's my presence there a lot of

exciting location for you ya know dis

cos forests like myself well it's

because I've seen all there is the same

the palace add a few head of this just

little fountain deep inside the forest

if we could just sit us and we'll return

to the palace

come on let's go


yo boy













let me see



I'll get so close goodbye my sworn out

for the very last time

let ah go yeah tada

but from one


thank you for saving my life

my name is princess a daisy from from

jackal kingdom under this these are my


I am ma thank you so what could a

princess centimeters between out here is

very dangerous


well it is true that's true it's quite a

long way from home should leave this

forest it's dangerous

what's your name my name is the king we

are you from the forest is my the forest

I don't understand once again you should

leave here it's dangerous



my precious daughter

Marisa's the most adorable of all

princesses how with a thick abstract to

tell of a tiger yes Allah touches it

elephant Tiger has impacted that tiger

by sending your waters to your majesty

someone on your community that assemble

all the waters of them we must invent ha

tomorrow my majesty did you say tomorrow

don't you think is a too short a time to

what you did your majesty

Ocelot is no match for us yes I do not

need preparations to invade us like this


ocean to feed on it oh yes mother Thomas

feel my drops the living man managed

excellent job is there blood on the land

so Majesty pleases


are you sure you're doing the writing I

know star well for this woman what not

for women


I forgot you are safe down next time if

you are visiting the forest that shall

go to God the one who is the young man

you set aside you it deserves to be

rewarded I don't know I only know is

there it can't God it didn't say where

is Felicia

he must be according to look for her

alright come on let's go in I have a

story to tell you about first ah yes



I'm a lawyer and I get appropriate

animal sacrifice you still not satisfied

with my feet

what have I done I have done so much for

you okay living your desire to become

the greatest King that ever lived I have

planted I have seen you too many

victories in many battles that other

Kings tremble at the mention of your


have I not blessed you in mercy to whom

much is given much is expected

there is no doubt you'll be very

faithful to you and I am NOT without you

ask anything even if it is five babies I

shall give it to me I do not want five

heads okay but one special one that is

worth more than every father


I want the head of your own daughter



she must be sacrificed to be my princess

she's most precious tea

and the most precious sacrifice to me -

she must be sacrificed

no man can disappoint a god whatever God

wants he gets

I am waiting for you to bring time to me

within two days if you fail I shall not

only take her by myself but I will make

you and your kingdom feel my wrath for

your disobedience












let me see




the pride of a mother I can see that

because have favoured it to do myself

yes the God favored me mother

oh it's not so big but let us money this

one you use it to prepare special on the

motion for me how's the big one ha ha ha

that reminds me the other day in the

forest I saw some those other gods

trying to adopt the princess of the

iguana meetings what happened don't you

trust me but I scared anyway and then I

saved to the princess and our Megan's ah

that was a grip on my son I don't like

to catch in yourself in dangerous

situations like that

you stay out of trouble especially when

he has to do it together


mother why do you always speak of India

in such manner why not let me to know

when the time comes you will understand

when the time comes

Azen the time also come for me to know

who my father is

we must we go through this at any given

situation yes yes we must and we will

mother as long as you keep me in the

dark we will

Thomasson I understand how you feel when

the time comes out and everything for

remember some things have a collective





welcome my friend

I have been expecting you for long what

kept you from visiting an old friend an

old friend and a God

well as you know I have been haunted

your strengths grows by the day but I

also know that my strength will be

knotted compared to the strength of a

god physical strength is for the gods

deal supernaturally exactly by points

exactly what I am saying I wish to be

stronger I wish to be powerful to have

strength to do great things like gods

like you you might not possess the

ability to show that the power of the

gods but for sure you have an

unfulfilled testing with the gods

unfulfilled destiny

what does he Kangas you do not know I

know who I am I am d kanga the great

defender the one and only agenda


son of a helpless

a man who has no knowledge a man would

have not known the man whose life is

clouded with so much

wisdom of mortals and rats of the gods

begins teach Inga a great secrets a

great destiny are what your life

revolves around but only in time will be

no optimism I understand how you feel

when the time comes I'll tell everything

I remember some please recollect really

you know I


it's what emoji and silicone happen

everywhere and we're not a big movement

man is very edgy we can end on in de

mawnin taking on a tangible and as one

of what America did you say Lambie

paranormal tango Manama kikusui Elodie I

mean it caters for near a buddha memory

actually when this Appetit liquid and

you cut resistance


magis why I summoned you

you see and act it is for us to

deliberate on our forthcoming

um festival no it's a very critical


I want everyone to feel the pulse this

time around but because we are not fully

represented here who have to define it

our next city so that very very



he's happening ahead history when I was

in a chart that is Kyra tacking and I

have no stone and then the critical to

Drago will emerge in great anger


Oh cuckoo

what about me what about me what about

what is going on the great raccoon has

been bit angry this has only happened a

few times in the blog is true of mortals

when did we dragon is with hundred he

will leave his shame and fist on top and

it must not stop until it get enough to

whoever has provoked the root of quits

people for Doom has he brought to

himself and to his family this is the

battle for course not for man

no more I can stop it not to view myself

I remember like I always told you that

some things are better left the way

they're destined to be






Your Majesty my fellow a does it have

you so many years ago since the last

attack or fukuko the dragon

Onondaga our land none of us here if you

witness we do till today it was like a

fairy tale from our ancestors the

question is this what will [ __ ] up to

the dragon to unleash this crap on us if

anything we are planning how to

celebrate our new young festive you have

the points because we all know that we

could the dragon does not act wickedly

except when provoked of course m-yeah

majesty in DC I suggest we visit Otto

from the chief pieces so that can help

us unravel this mystery you have a point

I support me they are supporting good

each year even I have had all you

secondly street view a various opinions

concerning this unfortunate incident I

don't think it is better or wise

to look for Italy as a move to help us

in this regard

yes who has already attacked my people

if we killed one of my men is it not

better we find a way of dealing with

rather than sitting here waiting for

ruthless answers from any other Your

Majesty our people say that no matter

how tall the rocketry is its history is

not concrete without giving credit to

that Chinese tea to Demeter form we

cannot dose with battle on a cuckoo

blindly without first finding out the

reason why only this water loss has

because o cuckoo the Dead Sea has always

been faithful to us I disagree with lisa

move-- was a mental types

option is for any male I cook Emily has

never been in Whitley who has taught

detail of a bygone and that means wrong

and henceforth remains an enemy to this

kingdom we must find a way to fight it

rather than sitting here waiting for

fruitless answers from I have spoken too

young for such curiosity I'm all about

fulfilled knowledge maybe but not old

enough to comprehend the riddles of a


musically with a try the ambition of

mortals gives birth to such

responsibilities often too heavy for

them to shoulder Lina I told you young


some things are not meant for you to

understand until time on poles curiosity

can kill shall we talk about other


tell me about your hunting adventures so

a good way to discharge a friend's

curiosity I can see your curiosity is

growing by each breath perhaps it's time

to retire to my resting place I beg you

okay I'll miss you

people gravy

you always have a way of making me do

your wish I will stay and ask for your

questions the transgression of one man

can cause a thousand deaths wisdom are

you sure this is going to walk worthy

because my life and that of my decline

Clinton gap DOMA harm shall come to you

know your people for who said to Balak

he never forsake him dig dot

sprinkle the black powder brandy three

untidy roof you have turned

kukuku forever go go put the dead











how dare challenge me a greater calamity

have you invoked upon yourselves I leave

tiya Indiana your blood shall quench my

thirst and I shall take what is mine












recently my daughter

Danny for how long for how long are good

to continue living in fear people

personal vanity has allowed me camp is

how they do it please wait tell me when

when this





Alliance of few my friend a Goomba is

for your warrior here which is still to

join forces with my own warrior so we

can fight off the track we tell United

force from my own volumes and we are

only general warriors we can defeat the

dragon I cannot risk the life of my

lawyer world for the fight which is not

for us if you help me I will live the

rest of my life been adapted to you for

this assistance and enmity you sick of

me I shall give it to you without

hesitation I like a bokken can go

Academy I will tread if your land

between the banner of a vehicle and the

one near you do not mind I will come and

help you kill the dragon

yes master wash

it's the unloading s2x for you know

that's all





hisses moaning about destination have

different opinions what we want now this

solution it is said that an addict does

not sit at home and what is pregnant

vote device and students with the elders

of the other the luminosity of order and

and see the situation stimulate our

mothers wives sons and daughters are

dying by date and the rot of a hookah

that is excessive sake has to be gone

something has to be done it before we

all I wiped out on the surface of this F

is single

something has to be done oh and

something is already being done anything

watch it I believe you solve those ones

oh yeah we're playing and you're so do

to be stillness at the majesty

would you respect I don't believe that

those woman we saw out there

undefeatable they are nowhere close to a

solution not your majesty

with all due respect all the Bulls Alice

expense no the soldiers in a lot you put

the tracker because of the tracker is a

god unknown man battles with the Ducks

we are 31 way studies group of course

the element he's the only one that can

construct beaucoup

- look the reason for this wicked



yes Oh beaucoup

Abdul Allah one day I shall be taking a

flight the secrets of the skies are not

meant for mortal no this this particular

motor will not mine today

I shall be going too well on initial

what mission the mission of the god

see you soon my young friend





fanciful you definitely we're gonna


today now being held responsible for

your missiles and suddenly face the





my lord I know how you feeling over the

recent situation but you cannot continue

to torture yourself emotionally

psychologically and physically I suggest

you listen to the advice of the elders

to seek a solution phone or to the body

is a moment is the mediator between man

and course he can pacify

and peacefully is thought in our land


how dare you utter such rubbish Bobby

did us wisdom been sent up it's leaking

no one sent me

I I only spoke my mind and that your

mind is not on them of the conducive to

change my own mind no one objects to my

go to

but he was worth of powers who seated me

on the job



just stop so stop

34 I don't take a call for love this is

just one person



you'll hide it today I'm gonna say it



silver speaker telling to assemble his

warriors that first of all take the

places fortunately George



I think the dragon is coming via talents


that's the taco





what they caught you brought to India go

mr. HP bar jacker

thank you [ __ ] up in my business

thank you family


I don't Justin our work again I used to

know we could give to that


please nationalist English it

please sleep

sleep sleep for a king whose hat is

problem of whose kingdom sulfide

quality strong I'm afraid I'm afraid

your strength is greater than littering

like the vegetable and it's not doing

any good to your health what have I done

- what have I done to deserve this

plague threatening me and my people

my Lords all questions are too heavy for

a man's heart

I need no man who is not just a nobody

I'm sorry

I'm sorry


come across a bit come you need some


Groucho you let go

no I rather will yield not to go in

there and sleep without you occupy us

based on the bed


thank you for being deaf

I'm sorry I sled at you

thank you and will it be a major that's

okay don't go to bed now ole-ole

save me fasting tomorrow morning you

have a meeting with the local double

German yes thank you I just I had the

guys have to see lunatic legend come



which is most radically the young man

who knows the secret of the white man

welcome sit down sit down

thank you very much majesty how is my

son he cannot his dear marvellous the

world your majesty

as a matter of fact he's one of the best

infantry soldiers and US Marine quite

impressive he took after me his father

he actually promised to return in a


no he will not come you see actually I

have been longing to have him at least

to get himself acquainted with the

culture of ways of active as the heir

apparent but from the waiting's has

turned out to be a wouldn't have been

confirmed for now

a lot has changed in Indiana I'm sure

your father has not told you as it

stands now my hands are full

I am battling to save the life of his

longest study princess and his mother

from the danger routine but I can't seem

to understand what danger is talking

about already catching you just return

go in now serve your food eat and rest

who have all day to talk about this as a

Majesty desire

they're going

- you people are the greatest or a

complicity of our time and that's why I

sent for you from your various kingdoms

to come and join force with me

so we can defeat the dragon I mean if

you help me destroy I can reward you

beyond your imaginations Your Majesty

you have spoken your mind but I wish to

remind you that a cuckoo is a deity NUMA

fights the gods and lists it in the

sunshine not even an ordinary mortal

like me that is just a servant of the


actually yes I you see if that is what

my words imply that is what is meant to

say vamoose

your majesty I can no head

you put my poncho it jobs parody

receives us little cutie too



no I'll rather die than let any how come

your way



is discourteously know what that means

look at her


I have to do something past him before

destroys my family my kingdom underline

I have to take my weight into my house
















it'd be great for hunters yes


Oh mother it's happening again

yes this rut is pony and this time

obviously our most populous topic this

leave that vessel because for the gods

one people know what I said know





Candace finally no one can destroy me






this is three days since our evil got me

see this ugly development has shown the

entire kingdom due to confusion and his

family into sure my errors what we do


hmm did you yes nothing to do until

those warriors that left in such a few

returns solution one question keeps

bothering me how could the evil lived

for walls of this palace not informing

anybody to live with as the latter is

rare about and he left before walls of

this palace with touch my body ever ah

that is more this year there's no need

for such mysteries the deed has been

done all we need now is solution to this

problem I will only put a little

remember we find you with better

Hey look I'm in a bogey

look I'm in a book I might even lose Am

I yeah well I keep it easy Bob with me




my fellow areas who moon is okay this is

no time for blames that for solution

there must be solution to this




you must conclude Q each time is angry

cookies in court and the waste of the


men cannot understand however kudos near

cake for taxi cost low cost is worth

taking a man's life

locals my son because I know stay away

from the ways of the cross


what is our next plan of action picture


good question from you my fellow elders

we have to sing for his son the prince

the hair opera to the troll who is

abroad because you must be present

before we can commute in that case let

us send for him immediately

how do that


I freeze


oh my my thing whole kingdom yeah oh my

son you're welcome oh I miss you so much


this is my friend


Oh where's my lovely princess where's

Alicia Oh idz a disease Noreen okay are

you tall as much Sun can you see how big

you are poor and never believe that I

give with you because we are almost at

some age oh come on

don't forget that I know the story I

know this turn that got married to you

on the elevator 14 the possibility most

beautiful girl that got him attracted on

the way up in his contest and you took

him just few months later I know that



Oh mom I mean with gates became many I

mean I've been in the country for like

three hours and it's nowhere to be found

and nobody's saying anything about it

did he travel he should run back and

then you must be happy that I'm back




in for the past own


if I'm a baby doll










or tend to be no attendees



where's Bennett right right that's right

oh man good doggy

Oh cuckoo



okay Kudo Oh congratulate give me with

you and you may be there guys

more dynamic you wanna mention that word

I already see a blue now Alicia


okay not a beginning oh god I feel

despair their life




the cuckoo's ghetto cuckoo thank you

once again possibly my business

thank you for a messy thank you for

smelled our people thank you for

stopping the killing thank you Peter

thank you thank you

I told you all but you want to leave me

the travel is just a [ __ ] beast he's

got it thank God vincit get scared at a

higher power flit your us breathe Prince

the dragon when it's on so what yes the

dragon at least eight ministers went

back I returned yeah I'll get it

what's up dog my prison is the dragon

has done and a few people need you I

said where do I find the best far away

and indeed a forest the assets were

forests that's where you'll get that

lease Raticate dead but I need someone

to lead us my prayers answered honorable

citizen you cannot fight the dragon see

Freddy future king of this kingdom we

cannot risk you and that is the more

reason I have to save my kingdom from

this evil beast my brain open is very

powerful your father died

this adventure don't you the eyes to

adjust my place that nettles are


you will be versa move let's not miss it

listen old man I am became a dishonor

for Camilla that is this marine universe

they do not negotiate with terrorists

and I will not make the [ __ ] you to 10


now listen I am NOT my father

I am his son for the last time I need a

volunteer that would lead me to the

forest and hear what my place







we especially clean for this I promise

you I'll be back okay ladies don't stop

crying I'll be back for you with the

head of the travel as a gift job

I just I requested you look cute on your

definitaly thank you for let's go play

some game goes








see this is really rude

and you cannot take this become so let

us go meaning meaning we will go by foot

[ __ ] University sold me you never act

[ __ ] you can do we go by feet that's the

only choice I want to save my paper from

this beast so I don't [ __ ] care what

happens you know how we will so let's go

kick some ass let's go let's rock

I have a gift for you hey my friends the



beginning from us Maori which is this is

EJ stop you have to respect it but I

don't want to fight you


















let me see

know what you are we're lazy man thank

you hard to sell you will be a free

soldier definitely a part of this and I

am tired

no grow but investor why I love you tie

the knot man can't you see that


called energy drink you don't know what

it is tight first you don't know what it

is please try it


good very good

he's good yeah as much drink some oil to


I know it takes to be a soldier our

let's go




right are you kidding me do I look like

I'm joking

this is old man little walk this far to

come and look at a tree or a den shrine

all I ask from you was to show you the

Beast the Beast lives in there and I

think I can tell you this old fool no

[ __ ] listen I'm joking it's impossible

for doggles to live in a tree sleep in a

[ __ ] rock for crying out loud

Joe listen look at me look at me don't

do anything stupid you have sisters

across now go


what's keeping us all fool I don't know

go look after him

solve Anderson wasn't job no we found




King funny okay why have you come to

disturb enough




I told you to leave but you are as

stubborn as your father

I do not intend to shed the blood of a

prince or any member of the royal

household except sheep but I so desired

for a sacrifice now goes and never shall

I see your face




m-miss yeah











I knew


let me see



it was





listen you mean you funding our forests


but what is actually wrong booty mama I

do not know that's the help of this he

will recover soon and speak to us








well you feel us I mean I like it here

relax come down I will tell you relax

my name is a kenda I found you in the

forests lifeless that brought you down

here to help you this is my mother


I am akela the Prince of India

yeah no mention them but anything any

problem are you sure

listen guys you guys need to help me get

back home okay

huh no Mike I spot somewhere in the

jungle book youtility back home Mostafa

thoughts you need to get some more rest

to get some rest

fix you something to eat after that I

believe you be strong in our future

alright so you're punishing to

shameimaru back there



a long time since the mourning period of

the lips we passed yet Thrun has

remained vacant because of the law ahead

between Tama here and kamila on who to

assume the throne of India New Kingdom

now what our decision on this according

to the new transition the multiplication

now force on otama here who is the only

milk child in not pure heart

famine laiá laiá how much time I pay you

I'm I pay you to fabricate a story okay

me too - Orestes

oh what wiII happen people he good I bet

you do block with my visa Thomas okay

melee real men do not show their

billions with physical strength but

wisdom is this way you lead your people

if you become the king what's your motto

I shut it for you coward the truth is I

remains mine by Patrick I'm not able to

tradition not a person can change that

life I don't own the food of you okay

most important fusion is time


my illness I would love still young

civil war with this reckless man

do not waste young words especially the

ones which will your blood a comma

stay off my path I hope I will keep

engaging children in that zone not at

all I want you to remain on my site in

this contest book board retreats move on

to children

yeah yeah is a sum of 10,000 all this

for me me yes and more to come

and with this my friends I assure you

you already on the throne your words are

sweet into the soul of Yama widow


what is it

I had a bad dream hyeongjun's

it has got you asking my husband you

have to give up your fight for the truth


how could you say a thing like that your

brother okay Mira is evil he will do

everything possible to stop you please

my boss fight pedo Joseph please just

give up the drone Dilys I mean I'm not

surprised that sintered lens because we

may not know for fear well let me

promise you one thing

nothing happened to me okay which is the

task if I'm to DiSpirito ambitions

from the community King but you have to

understand is that I must protect our

tradition I must protect this room

brat that's proud i'll oregon's rats

okay butum skate and I'm so scared

please give up the troll please you

don't have to be scared see very soon

everything yoga holy cow

clicking and you the Queen and the



look-look pre-soak a minute look if you

think you can stop me on my way to bribe

me you are making the worst mistake I

shall stand on the side of truth and

justice no amount of trade can change

the decision of our cars I repeat no

amount of pleasure can change the

decision of our course we shall see you

stubborn odd for we shall see all I'm

saying is that customs and traditions

man made decisions approved by the gods

our ancestors have created these customs

and traditions for us to follow which I

believe they did not even apply to so if

we critically analyze this custom and

tradition and we see that it is not to

the best of our interest we can either

amend it or better still we retain the

one that we already have

after all the gods will still approve it

Thomas inaudible or the film the channel

how dare you utter such blasphemy hey do

you want to use the words of the

guardsmen who are you to decide what

will invoke the wrath of the gods or not

or to rush your mouth as a friend I go

there are not a member of the lower

cabinets but a Sanada I still believe

the retama

is the rifle hair too are true because

prince oak embrace our guns and our new

tradition is short and the best yo-yo

kira narcotic region among fire Oh


I can see that this this this des minute

over-ambitious pissed

okay melee attack you against truth and

justice of a box but I will never be

part of it

never whether you people like it or not

okay Marie is going to be on that truck

auto Kawashima talk all of the washes

are marked otaku you talk of us finally

made things very difficult I am afraid

he has succeeded in turning the minds of

the members of the rear cabinet against

me okay me I do not want to lose it

Rondo I do not want to lose that rule at

a table or need your help from this to

do what you must


God God he will help you as long as you

reward me immensely

I promise sir what you beyond your

imagination thank you once again I mean

your word sir given me reason to smile

back to your mother's


again do you like the food there is

delicious delicious delivery

from inventive fools


the fruit

if it is for you alone it's not for you

for you um people you only say he had

you know a boy

I'm very settled by Hastings don't fail


okay let's wake up see how many







dama dama it is foolish run line that

was right each side of his home with a

battle challenger the leopard you are

the foolish one testing for a twin with

I the son of the later book is the

greatest king Adama Adama Adama this

only foolish reminder right which size

of one who is a bucket challenge'

testing for afternoon with aye

the song licked Ibuki greatest king of

india day Adam died like stupid on

foolish round stop

I think what


I was it's in my husband suddenly said

it acting like so acoustic is in pain I

tried to ask him what was wrong but

before he could speak a weird


instead this little film from his mouth

this woman's a liar she's not cynical

it's obvious ah our brother atomic died

from food poison or how can you swim

that hour but I was eaten I'm facin died

with from come out of his mouth

let us see the truth i cute my mother

the depth of my stop pretending woman

stop you tell me I tell you how does the


how does my brain do not be deceived by

50s at Rockwood ideas this woman is evil

by others you see what I don't

understand is how can she possibly kill

her own husband is that possible that is

not the point here

that is not the point at all horizon for

committing that atrocity is not

important what is important is to see

that you see there is no point for

necessary arguments and and chaos city

and let us send what needs a more

immediately what I'm sure you would tell

us what to do

yes there never sent for him okay



that of the mass of justice


i cute my prison his fruit

I said it's this one see this woman is

evil I said it people upon Thiago you

have seen what you seek for this to man

will be banished for either forest where

you have no situation from people of

India go duck in the boys of the God





thank you very much at a table

everything went as planned I told you

not to worry by Nashville oh you you're

not honest and gets extra photos and for

my rival

his body was who rot in the soil and no

one no one will stand on my pot for the

truth thank you thank you your majesty

no one is greater than my quarter my

fellow elder now that atomize dead and

the dispute is over I think it's high

time we crown a new king because we

cannot continue to have our throne

vacant and from the look of things it is

so clear that okay Miri is the chosen

one I'm sure we should go ahead and

crown him as a king I disagree with you

I disagree with you people look despite

the fact that

otama is dead we still have to look into

our traditions yes tradition


there is no motherly person are this

matter Hotel Mary is an icy way of India



and the Kitab oh but by us to give the

crime up on the able to do the God got


I'll talk my credit

yeah anger has remained on a feasible

for Diago because of that we all know

this we are bad at the inspection of

your chemistry because he was headed by

the people of the Tiago Aragon tyranny

he was oppressed he may lose his making

to happen he backed off to make him Park

walk bed in the most powerful king of

our time

our God is also angry within the Abu

Bakr there's only one way a feasel

cookie only one way to find the right

king of Gabon perfect made a covenant

with him and by the path of that capella

early him will hopefully pinky and only

hill is body to sit on the throne of on

Diago to fulfill the destiny the gospel

faithfully father that is the only way

that God we rethought their favor and

peace we want again

in the Far Away part though my vests are

very weak comfort it but I was only with

you when he found we are problems with
















reach-in service who are you and what

are you doing in middle of the forest we

came from a faraway land or from Diego

and we are looking for a certain young

man who lives in this forest would

mother well no one else lives here

except my mother and I and of course

many wild animals what is dilemma fear


why do you please my son is very

important that you tell us are cleaned

only being clear danger

don't fight it's usually not in my habit

to speak to strangers that's for the

respect I have for elders and the way

you look seems what you seek is of great

importance my mother's name is at Google

in that case do you have the amount we

are looking for why me

my son is a long story please can you

give us some water to reach our test

then we can sit down and talk

that was how it's all happened


is it true yes story is it true

is it true that my father was supposed

to be the king was killed

and I am from Delhi and have the area to

visit you you must believe me my son if

I speak not from my knowledge but that

of the gods it must also help us to talk

to cookie to stop this bloodshed well I

do not believe you only one person can

confirm your story that person is my

mother ask you again mother is it true

what is the question


really I was just into this forest we

are enabled and suffered a blow

until I met the cat alpha anomer who was

living here we are comedy TV how I

edited this hot


and it all in this one


let's book the god of the wings people's

eyes of our cities forest


helpless on wounded I am it for pregnant

we do


causes people rejected an abundance for


a graduated Tuscany's - your grace and

Missy oh great Oh cuckoo bears surviving

the jungle miss Rita fruits of my womb


all my shows said it gets up to you



I do not know if people leave the same

interstate space flower died in labor

please Gretel cuckoo

please see me to be easy


I have heard you no harm shall come to

you nor your child I shall make him my

own his voice I show here and to his

eyes I shall see this is my




it is why it's only your boys here can

you not save your people for Distortion

your majesty


oh great one aha I beg you spare their

lives they come in peace why do you wish

to save them have I cursed their people

well because life is precious not the

lives of those who inflicted pain on you

and your mother get over it wasn't their

fault for Kimura should take the blame

it wasn't their fault at all they are my


oh you already know this story yes I

know this time he told me everything I

will spare the lives of these three

according to your request for the rest

of the habitants of India you'll feel my


I have lives there with patience with

them because each time I strike he

pacifies my anger with his sacrifice but

this time around I will show your nurse

good one

which is me it is me I am begging you do

not harm anyone anymore because death is

the price of my cause I have cursed

Indians and they will be with their






I summoned you all to pick a bit for my

coronation ceremony we to respect my


the girls are chosen the heir to the

troll you cannot be crowned anymore yes

how dare you speak such blasphemy good


and by the way who did you talk us to be

the chosen one thousand won

what's a spirit see not at all and who

are you old man

I am the chief priests of Google Yahoo

they I under my piece of the gods


don't you and your gods I know him


so no you are telling me because to this

jungle fellow to the United States

Marine examine it you know what you are

fools to out of you you know what you

are just a bunch of criminals

conspirators are nice but I tell you

this phone belongs to me and no one else


know what's on the fiddle I was kind of

liking you

well you got getting on my nerves

mm this is the choice of the guts not

man I trade you let us respect the

choice of the gods and save our people

from this calamity I can see we're just

best color but I tell you I will send

you to hell just what I see


I am nobody





why enough please I beg you

enough enough no more bloodshed no more

[ __ ]

take me instead kill me take my life

spill my blood I hate to see you tears

and the taste of your blood is like sod

wine for you are a part of me I can see

how heavy your heart is that you shed

tears I swear by our company but I shall

not make you cry any more I will make

you the greatest of all kings that has

tread the surface of the earth yet

without a price

your people shall become my own and

their blood as sacred as yours

that I must never feed on I shall not

return to India go neither will my wrath

I tested for her blood but now I know

how destined you will work through the

passage of royalty with ha ha Tom glued

to yours

her breath close to yours for she is a

part of your destiny

the one you shall call your queen good

luck a kingdom good luck son of a son of

the god I am with you always even when

I'm gone

farewell King often the album in Gogol

your God is with you


ah hell then you can go from devil all

hell the son of Lee Adama for the god of



I know you sure the kind ones on the

save my life at the job

I remember your see vulnerable princess

a family action the gods are figure well

I guess you're the favored one thank you


thanks for saving my people he is the

total one their new king government


you know today we will remain that

memorable day in my life but the I was

crowned king king of this peace

community its seeds

what's film and I before I go on let me

appeal to all to hear

remember that I am you know I am doing

this just a few days ago today I'm the

king of this is my wife don't forget our

chief priestess and more like I said and

when I started I promised to meet with

so much wisdom

I am new in this so I will always

consult you and I need your support I

cannot do this alone

stand with me let us bring back peace

progress and unity and happiness to the









I knew




if it's a bit