'Father of Rock-n-Roll' Chuck Berry dead at 90

we've been kind of rocking out in the

newsroom paying homage tributes pouring

in this morning for a bona fide rock and

roll legend Chuck Berry one of the

architects of rock and roll yeah you

were playing ding-a-ling and

specifically and Maybelline and Joanie

be good yes that's right all the hits

when the news broke overnight that Barry

had died at the age of 90 fellow music

greats began weighing in Bruce

Springsteen tweeting Chuck Berry was

rocks greatest practitioner guitarists

and the greatest pure rock and roll

writer who ever lived and then Lenny

Kravitz on Instagram writing hail hail

Chuck Berry none of us would have been

here without you rock on brother and

proving just how far his influence reach

country star Keith Urban tweeting thank

you for the poetry the passion and the

potency ABC's Chris Connolly is here

with much more on the man and his

signatures now good morning sir good

morning Dan good morning Paula Spray CD

no just one of the many musicians who at

some point played in a backing band for

Chuck Berry a monumental figure in

popular music history writer and

performer of dozens of rocks most

essential and enduring songs each one an

American classic from Johnny be good and

roll over Beethoven Beethoven damn

Goscinny moon to sweet little sixteen Oh

Chuck Berry was rock'n'roll its founding

father and warrior hero

the creator of its irresistible musical

language filled with poetic uniquely the

American images

he was the primary influence and the

musical cornerstone for the Beatles and

The Rolling Stones the slicked-back do

and duck walk made him an in concert

main stage from the 1950s an

african-american triumphing across her

racist landscape

we're in st. Louis in 1926 Chuck Berry

had trained as a hairdresser before 1955

when his first song conquered radio

about a car and label in dozens of hits

followed each one a showcase for his

guitar riffs

jukebox beat and those remarkable lyrics

up in the morning and out to school


watching is only number one single in

1972 with an audience sing-along of the

double entendre my daily but very would

continue to perform and loom large

deducted in the first ever class to the

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame lauded at the

Kennedy Center Honors in 2000 the Hall

of Fame

remembering the legend writing rock and

roll as we know it would not exist

without the war zone


actually you know that Rock and Roll

Hall of Fame building in Cleveland it

would be an Ikea it would be a Bob's Big

Boy resonator and never better

and you said he always had to be paid in


you had to pay in cash right to provide

the backing band which is white like

Bruce Springsteen played from at some

point and you had to pay him in cash and

we like and he got started pretty late

in life as compared to some people like

Justin Bieber or something like that

yeah late twenties really before he had

the Maybelline is a big hit and then he

was just on a roll and never stopped

you're a gem thanks for coming in on

luxury sorry on my tab cage so much

great information about a great man

thank you thanks Chris