America's Founding Fathers | Philosophy & History Behind the US Constitution | The Great Courses

founding fathers from any of this

this phrase brings to mind an iconic

list of names George Washington Thomas

Jefferson James Madison Alexander

Hamilton and it brings to mind the

events that shaped our early nation the

signing of the Declaration of

Independence the drafting of the United

States Constitution in my course

America's founding fathers you'll get to

know in intimate detail many of the

great men we associate with our nation's

birth but you'll also be introduced to

some less famous but no less influential

characters you'll meet William Patterson

the new jersey delegate to the

Constitutional Convention who threw a

wrench into Madison's careful plans as

we examine these and other compelling

characters you'll also have a front-row

seat for the formation of our most

important national document the

Constitution our nation was born in the

face of these struggles thanks to

perhaps the most collectively gifted

lineup of saints and sinners that ever

lived in one generation and in one place

get to know them all and revolutionize

your understanding of American history

America's founding fathers produced in

partnership with Smithsonian taught by

Professor Alan gills Oh order it now

from the great courses